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added by Elliott, 2 weeks ago

added by Elliott, Nov 02, 2018
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added by Elliott, Nov 02, 2018

added by Elliott, Oct 31, 2018

added by Elliott, Jul 20, 2017

added by Susie, May 15, 2011
I added the last comic for Matthew's T-Ball team here.

added by Elliott, May 12, 2011
Matthew earned his blue belt in Karate this past Saturday.

added by Susie, Apr 17, 2011
I added a comic of Matthew's 4th through 6th T-Ball games here.

added by Elliott, Mar 28, 2011
I created a comic album of Matthew's 2nd and 3rd T-Ball games here.

added by Elliott, Mar 14, 2011
Matthew had his first T-Ball game on Saturday.

added by Susie, Jan 20, 2011
Matthew went to the dentist today. The dentist said that Matthew's teeth look fine!

added by Elliott, Jan 06, 2011
Matthew's now 42 inches tall and can finally ride on the Technic Coaster at Legoland.

added by Elliott, Nov 10, 2010
Yesterday Matthew earned his white cap in swimming after doing his "Survival Test" where they throw him in the pool and he has to swim back to the edge. Before the test Matthew asked me, "If I don't survive will I not get my white cap?"

added by Elliott, Oct 22, 2010
We were watching the baseball movie "The Rookie" a couple of days ago and I was explaining that Dennis Quaid's character's Dad was telling him that he should not be so focused on baseball and should be more focused on practical stuff. Matthew said, "like tennis?"

added by Elliott, Oct 10, 2010
"A Hard Days Night" with the Beatles was on and at one point Matthew says they're playing Go Fish. I think they were playing poker.

added by Elliott, Sep 19, 2010
Matthew refers to the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh Say Can You Say?" as "Josť Can You Say?"

added by Susie, Jul 25, 2010
Matthew earned his purple belt at Karate yesterday!

added by Elliott, Jul 15, 2010
Matthew had been looking forward to getting his purple belt for a while now. Yesterday Matthew had two classes and after the second class Sensei Sam gave him two ninjas and a paper saying that he's ready to take his purple belt test. Matthew was most excited about getting two ninjas.

added by Elliott, Jul 08, 2010
Sensei Sam had been saying that Matthew's Kata 1 at Karate was awesome. Matthew told Sensei Sam that he wanted to keep practicing it so he could be "even more awesome."

added by Elliott, Jul 02, 2010
Matthew started his first day in Pre-K yesterday.

added by Elliott, Apr 13, 2010
I added a comic of our recent Holmby Park play dates here.

added by Elliott, Apr 01, 2010
Matthew went on his first 40 inch height requirement rides today at Legoland. We went on "The Dragon" and "Aqua Zone"

added by Elliott, Apr 01, 2010
Matthew is getting pretty good at buttoning up his pajama shirt.

added by Elliott, Mar 22, 2010
Matthew received a certificate and a medal for completing his first soccer class.

added by Elliott, Mar 15, 2010
Matthew wrote the song, "Potato writer...No Robots Allowed!"

added by Susie, Mar 04, 2010
This week I decided to bake Matthew some corn bread in a heart shape. I noticed that he wasn't eating it. So I asked him if he liked it and he said "No, I think it needs different ingredients".

added by Elliott, Mar 04, 2010
I added an EXIF tooltip to the picture gallery. If you leave your mouse pointer over the top of a picture, it should show a tooltip with all of the EXIF metadata.

added by Elliott, Feb 17, 2010
Check out the Team Lee blog. The user name is "teamlee" and the password is "leeteam". I'm posting stories about some of the pictures.

added by Elliott, Feb 09, 2010
Matthew passed his swimming survival test today where they threw him into the big pool with all of his clothes including his shoes. Now he's at the green cap level.

added by Elliott, Feb 03, 2010
Matthew has been listening to the Beatles a lot and says that he's going to make his own album, the Yellow Album. (Yellow is his favorite color)

added by Elliott, Jan 17, 2010
Matthew took his first soccer class today at Cheviot Hills Park.

added by Elliott, Jan 12, 2010
Matthew said that he wants to be an astronaut or doctor when he grows up.

added by Elliott, Dec 19, 2009
Matthew earned his orange belt today in Karate. Matthew's orange belt test was about 1.5 hours with about 50 other kids.

added by Elliott, Dec 19, 2009
Matthew says "I like cars."

added by Elliott, Dec 18, 2009
I added a "Picture of the week" in the bulletin board section. I hope to add a new one about once a week.

added by Elliott, Dec 13, 2009
Matthew was in his first concert yesterday singing with pre-school kids at Carols by Candlelight.

added by Elliott, Nov 09, 2009
We managed to get the H1N1 mist on November 7. I got there at 4:45am and was about 10th in line. Now we have to find it again in 4 weeks.

added by Susie, Nov 01, 2009
We went to the Santa Monica Airport for Halloween. Matthew dressed up as Spider-man, Elliott was Batman and Susie was a witch.

added by Elliott, Oct 26, 2009
We had our first camp-out in Matthew's room three days ago. The tent was so big that there wasn't space to walk around it.

added by Elliott, Oct 23, 2009
Sorry Dad, but Matthew changed the name of his goldfish to Seventoes.

added by Elliott, Oct 18, 2009
The Harvest Festival was today and Matthew won a goldfish, Otto.

added by Susie, Oct 12, 2009
Last Friday, I went to WUMP for circle time. I played my violin for the kids and played name that tune. It was so much fun. The kids were great.

added by Elliott, Sep 21, 2009
We just got back from our annual trip to Oregon. We went to Portland, Newport and Eugene and watched the Ducks play against Utah and Purdue.

added by Elliott, Sep 02, 2009
Matthew moved up to the second level (Orange Floaters) in his swim class yesterday.

added by Susie, Aug 17, 2009
Today Matthew said "It makes sense if you believe it makes sense."

added by Susie, Aug 04, 2009
Matthew had his first Dentist appointment this week. Matthew also had his 3 year Doctor's checkup and he's 32 pounds and 37.5 inches tall.

added by Susie, Jul 26, 2009
We saw the Wiggles at the Universal Amphitheater yesterday and Matthew got to High-Five Sam.

added by Elliott, Jul 14, 2009
Matthew took his first swim lesson today at the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim School.

added by Susie, Jul 07, 2009
Matthew started Pre-school at WUMP in the Red Room on July 1.

added by Elliott, Jun 30, 2009
Today is Matthew's last day at Jenny's Fun Care.

added by Elliott, Jun 20, 2009
Matthew's favorite part of his birthday party at Travel Town was the magic tricks... at another kids party.

added by Elliott, Jun 13, 2009
Matthew was awarded his yellow belt today at Karate.

added by Elliott, Jun 02, 2009
I said the word "mosquitos" the other day and Matthew said that rhymed with "Cheetos"

added by Elliott, May 25, 2009
Matthew rocks out to Rockaway Beach and I Fought the Law

added by Elliott, May 24, 2009
Matthew has his own unique style of eating Cheetos

added by Elliott, May 17, 2009
Matthew encourages some kids playing soccer in this movie.

added by Elliott, May 11, 2009
Matthew's been taking Karate classes for six months now.

added by Elliott, May 07, 2009
I added a movie of Matthew drumming and a movie of Matthew at Jacob and Sophie's Birthday Party

added by Elliott, Apr 23, 2009
We returned from our trip from Boston about two weeks ago.

added by Elliott, Apr 23, 2009
I added a link in the Fun Stuff area of a map of places Matthew's been.

added by Elliott, Apr 23, 2009
I added 8 new movies of Matthew here.

added by Elliott, Apr 03, 2009
Another movie of Matthew performing on stage.

added by Elliott, Apr 03, 2009
Here's a new movie showing off a Karate combination move.

added by Susie, Mar 30, 2009
Matthew plays mostly with Harbor and Riley at Fun Care.

added by Elliott, Mar 17, 2009
There's a new movie of Matthew rocking out.

added by Elliott, Feb 28, 2009
I posted a new movie of Matthew singing in the snow at Big Bear.

added by Elliott, Feb 22, 2009
Matthew was accepted to his first school today, Westwood United Methodist Pre-school. Matthew will likely start on July 1.

added by Elliott, Jan 16, 2009
Matthew had his 2 and 1/2 year checkup and he's 30.4 pounds and 36 inches tall. He also used a toilet for the first time 3 days ago.

added by Elliott, Dec 29, 2008
Matthew started sleeping in a regular bed a few weeks ago.

added by Elliott, Nov 16, 2008
There are two more movies posted: First, Matthew riding around at Pre-school and second, a really large (100MB) movie of Matthew at Karate.

added by Elliott, Nov 11, 2008
I was talking to a kid at Matthew's Karate class and telling him that my two year-old son is taking a class. He said, "Wow! He's going to be a black belt by the time he's seven!"

added by Elliott, Nov 09, 2008
I posted two movies of Matthew in Karate class. The first is of him hitting a pad with his fists and the second is a really long movie

added by Elliott, Nov 09, 2008
Here's a movie of Matthew playing Dance Dance Revolution

added by Elliott, Jul 19, 2008
Team Lee's website has been improved to work better on iPhones and Blackberry's.

added by Susie, Jul 10, 2008
I added a new movie of Matthew at Pre-pre-school in the "Fun Stuff" section.

added by Elliott, Jul 07, 2008
Matthew had his two year doctor's appointment today and he's 28 pounds and 34 inches tall. And he got a shot and didn't cry.

added by Susie, Jul 05, 2008
Matthew can sing (partially) some of his favorite songs like Row Row Row Your Boat, Anthony's Workshop, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the ABC song.

added by Susie, Jun 21, 2008
Happy Birthday Matthew! Matthew celebrated his second birthday at the Petersen's Automotive Museum.

added by Elliott, Jun 04, 2008
Susie looked it up, and the last time Matthew wore a non-Wiggles shirt was May 8.

added by Susie, May 09, 2008
Matthew is able to say the last words of some of his favorite books like The Cat In the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. For example, "I am..." and Matthew says "Sam".

added by Susie, May 07, 2008
Matthew's said a few three syllable words or phrases like "Wake up Jeff" or "Bob Pants Please"

added by Susie, May 03, 2008
Matthew can count to 8 now.

added by Susie, Apr 27, 2008
Forgot the most consistent two words Matthew says is "Good Day"

added by Susie, Apr 27, 2008
Matthew's been saying two words together recently, e.g. "," "Wake Jeff," "Water..fall," "Po..tato," and "Hot..tato."

added by Susie, Mar 30, 2008
Matthew went to the Wiggly Concert yesterday. Murray waved at Matthew after the show.

added by Susie, Mar 08, 2008
Matthew is now 27 1/2 lbs and 33 1/2 inches

added by Susie, Mar 03, 2008
Matthew just returned from his first trip to Austin Texas for his Aunt Liza and Uncle Joe's wedding.

added by Susie, Feb 26, 2008
A month ago, Matthew said his first full sentence... "You sit there"

added by Susie, Feb 10, 2008
Matthew and family played in the snow for the first time while staying in Big Bear

added by Susie, Feb 06, 2008
Matthew voted with his Mom yesterday. When asked what are you going to vote for, Matthew said "Money"

added by Elliott, Jan 22, 2008
Matthew went to both the Aquarium of the Pacific and Griffith Observatory two days ago.

added by Susie, Jan 16, 2008
Matthew has 14 teeth now!

added by Susie, Dec 28, 2007
Matthew and family spent the last two days at Cedar's Sinai Hospital to treat Matthew's Kawasaki Disease.

added by Susie, Dec 02, 2007
Here's a movie of Matthew enjoying breakfast.

added by Susie, Nov 19, 2007
I added a new 8MB movie of Matthew here.

added by Elliott, Oct 31, 2007
Matthew dressed up as an astronaut yesterday and is Superman today for Halloween.

added by Elliott, Oct 15, 2007
Matthew enjoys finding a place to sit down and sitting.

added by Elliott, Oct 05, 2007
Matthew can now get up without anybody's assistance.

added by Elliott, Oct 05, 2007
Matthew had his 15-month checkup and he's 25 pounds 12 ounces, 32 inches tall, and his head is 49 centimeters.

added by Elliott, Oct 04, 2007
Matthew jumped into the ball pit at Child's Play today... twice!

added by Susie, Oct 02, 2007
Matthew just finished his second trip to Oregon yesterday to see Oregon play Cal in football. Matthew got to meet QB Dennis Dixon, WR Jaison Williams, and head coach Mike Bellotti.

added by Elliott, Sep 19, 2007
Matthew is officially walking now!

added by Susie, Sep 05, 2007
Matthew has eight teeth now!

added by Susie, Aug 19, 2007
Matthew went to Universal Studios today for the first time.

added by Susie, Jul 18, 2007
On Sunday, July 15th Matthew had an entire banana and 16 raspberry for a snack.

added by Elliott, Jul 17, 2007
Matthew has seven teeth now!

added by Elliott, Jul 15, 2007
Matthew has six teeth now.

added by Elliott, Jul 02, 2007
A new dramatization of our times at Gymboree is here.

added by Elliott, Jun 29, 2007
Matthew had his 1 year checkup and he's 30.5 inches tall, 24 pounds 14.5 ounces, and his head is 48 cm.

added by Elliott, Jun 28, 2007
Matthew now has five teeth! We're going to get him his first pack of gum soon.

added by Susie, Jun 21, 2007

added by Susie, Jun 21, 2007
Matthew pointed at Mama, when we asked "Where is Mama?" twice

added by Susie, Jun 21, 2007
Matthew pointed at Dada, when we asked "Where's Dada?

added by Susie, May 30, 2007
Matthew woke up this morning, rolled over, sat up, and started clapping immediately

added by Elliott, May 28, 2007
Matthew grew his third tooth out in the upper-right front corner of his mouth.

added by Susie, Apr 27, 2007
Matthew tasted McDonalds fries yesterday (Bad Mommy)

added by Elliott, Apr 24, 2007
Matthew learned how to kneel.

added by Elliott, Apr 22, 2007
Matthew learned how to clap a few days ago.

added by Susie, Apr 08, 2007
Matthew saw the President's helicopter and helicopter entourage 4 days ago.

added by Susie, Mar 31, 2007
Mommy gave Matthew his first haircut

added by Elliott, Mar 30, 2007
Matthew had his 9 month check-up and he's 23.85 pounds, 28.5 inches long, and has a 47 centimeter head.

added by Elliott, Mar 28, 2007
Matthew took his first plane rides on March 22 and March 27 to Zihuatanejo, Mexico. He also went swimming for the first time on that trip.

added by Elliott, Mar 21, 2007
Matthew's started crawling fairly decently today.

added by Elliott, Feb 19, 2007
Matthew's first tooth came through yesterday.

added by Elliott, Feb 02, 2007
Here's a video of Matthew having fun

added by Elliott, Dec 31, 2006
Check out Matthew's Christmas video (Smaller File   Larger File)

added by Susie, Dec 22, 2006
Matthew had his 6 month checkup on Dec. 22 and he's 19lbs 13.5 oz, 27.5 inches tall and 45.5 cm head

added by Elliott, Nov 29, 2006
Matthew started eating solids on November 20

added by Elliott, Nov 12, 2006
Check out Matthew with the Oregon cheerleaders here

added by Elliott, Oct 22, 2006
Matthew had his 4 month checkup on Oct. 20 and he's 17.65 pounds, 25.5 inches tall, and has a 44.5 centimeter head

added by Elliott, Oct 14, 2006
See Matthew's favorite new toy here.

added by Elliott, Sep 20, 2006
Buying something online? Buy through the Team Lee web site to help contribute to Matthew's CollegeFund.

added by Elliott, Sep 18, 2006
Matthew attended his first football game on September 16, Oregon vs Oklahoma

added by Susie, Aug 24, 2006
As of 8/24/2006, Matthew is now 13 lbs 9 ozs and 23.5 inches.

added by Elliott, Aug 19, 2006
Click here to check out the new action story starring Matthew

added by Susie, Jul 13, 2006
As of 7/12/2006, Matthew is now 8 lbs 3 oz and 20.5 inches.

added by Elliott, May 09, 2006
Team Lee is now open and ready for critical acclaim!

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