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Picture NameGallery Name
Matthew's nose patch     Remove BookmarkAugust 2011
Climbing at the jungle gym     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Teacher Seseh making art with kids     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Susie and Matthew with a hula dancer     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew and Avery reading a book     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew pointing at a hole in the carpet     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Matthew playing with his feet     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
Matthew licking Grandma's shirt     Remove BookmarkMexico 2007
Matthew writing out the word "Power Rangers"     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
My new outfit from Joan and Peter Jones     Remove BookmarkAugust 2006
Making Music     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2007
Telling the birds to keep quiet     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
Zachary, Alexandru and Matthew     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Dad, Matthew and Walter Thurmond III     Remove BookmarkOregon Trip 2009
Lots of people with expensive camera equipment watching the launch     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2013
Making a goofy face     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Matthew in his Maestro music class     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Matthew and his pre-school friends at Ghirardelli Square     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Three surfers competing for a wave     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Lauren jumping     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Riding across the aerial tramway     Remove BookmarkOregon Trip 2009
Ringing the bell     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Matthew reaching for a ball     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Getting a stamp     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Isabella and Sarah     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Matthew looking at the Santa radar     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Four more times     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Soccer     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Matthew swinging at Santa Monica Beach     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2007
Running at soccer     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Andrew blowing out his candles     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Peek-a-boo     Remove BookmarkSymantec Kids Christmas Party 2006
Matthew and Carter at soccer     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Playing xylophone     Remove BookmarkChicago Trip 2010
Looking at his sand tools     Remove BookmarkAugust 2007
Alexandru's mom     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Ariel and Giselle     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew and Gabi playing with a Slinky     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
Chasing Andrew     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew and Susie at the beach     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Riding the low-seat bike     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Caliburger again     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Posing for the camera     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Matthew taking a nap     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Birthday Party Drink     Remove BookmarkMatthew's First Year
Surprised face     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
George     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Matthew showing is napping style     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Matthew blocking and punching     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Misty is thinking of joining the sleep fest     Remove BookmarkAugust 2006
Light saber fight at Haley's party     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Matthew and Cali     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Running around having fun     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew sitting with Grandpa Lee     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
Pre-K kids     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Susie sliding     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Matthew and Zoe on the boat     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2007
Ashley     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Hanging out in the North End     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Matthew going for a ball     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Matthew wearing a racer's helmet     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Matthew on horse     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Mommy and Matthew at the circus     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
I'm alert!     Remove BookmarkJuly 2006
Don't play yet!     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Making something at pre-school     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Matthew intensely playing with a toy     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2007
Matthew sitting and waiting for Alexandru     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Matthew making art     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Playing with Uncle Mike     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Matthew and Konrad doing art with Teacher Katelyn     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Caliburger     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Matthew playing the Spiderman video game     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Under a bridge     Remove BookmarkChicago Trip 2010
Susie     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew bowling     Remove BookmarkNovember 2011
Riding the trolley at the Grove     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Looking through the "kaleidoscope"     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Kicking it in the goal     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Almost flipping over     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Matthew going up the stairs     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Matthew's snowman     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Running after the class     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Kids at Ashley's birthday party     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew and Haley at school     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2013
Matthew smiling in the pool     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Running across a bridge     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Who wants cake?     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Can someone wipe the milk off my face?     Remove BookmarkJuly 2006
Kicking the ball     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Poor Dad!     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Running     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Laughing because the schedule has two goodbye's     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
In front of the Rose Bowl     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Cali reacting to some funny TV     Remove BookmarkPre-Kids
Making the water come down     Remove BookmarkOregon Trip 2009
Eating pasta     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Matthew working on a puzzle     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Making faces     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Playing at Nika's birthday party     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Matthew and his new hat     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Pre-K class at the Easter egg hunt     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Teacher Rory flipping Maren     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Hitting a kite with a balloon sword     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Jake     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Who knows how to dance?     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Ethan     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Playing in the house in the sand area     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Reading at Barnes & Noble     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Playing with a kid     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
On Matthew's class board     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2012
Matthew with his pen     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Nolan about to dive in     Remove BookmarkLew Pool Party
Matthew inside of a big fort     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Sea turtle     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Mesmerized by the table     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Big castle     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Matthew building     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Fun at soccer     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew posing with a shark statue     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew, Jason and Evan eating     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Sitting at Legoland     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Police escort for the first place runner     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Matthew with Grandpa Lee     Remove Bookmark100 Day Celebration
Matthew painting     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Walking around on 3rd Street     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Giving the eye     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Huge 7-up waiting for Dad when we got home from our trip     Remove BookmarkOregon Trip 2009
Pooh and Piglet     Remove BookmarkSymantec Baby Shower
Andrew and his Dad     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Showing us some swimming technique     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Bubbles at music class     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Getting ready to go out in a new outfit     Remove BookmarkJuly 2006
Matthew in glasses     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Making art at school     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Matthew looking under the Christmas Tree     Remove BookmarkChristmas 2007
Infielders     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Grandma and Grandpa Shin with Matthew     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew kicking a ball     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Mommy and Matthew     Remove BookmarkDecember 2006
Watching a game     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Auntie Debbie advertising Lisa Yee     Remove BookmarkLew Pool Party
A radio controlled Garbage truck from Joshua and Jonah     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
At Rainbow Falls     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew holding Gaby's hand     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2008
Driving at Legoland     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Auntie Verna     Remove BookmarkLew Pool Party
Matthew as a witch     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Matthew and Camilla napping     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
May 12, 2007 10+ months     Remove BookmarkMatthew's First Year
Matthew and a cacao pod     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew carrying around a strawberry     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
I can't wait to get real food     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
Swim class     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Gymbo the clown goes twist twist twist     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
At the Ice Cream Social     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
Susie and Matthew     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Making sushi-like art     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Blowing out the candle     Remove BookmarkMatthew's 2nd Birthday
Baseball tackle     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Rainbow Falls     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Astronaut bus     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Another view of the walkway     Remove BookmarkOur Eucalyptus Tree fell & hit the power lines
Matthew with Auntie Amy     Remove BookmarkThanksgiving 2006
Kicking a ball     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Climbing the ladder     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Another Lego guy     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Matthew just relaxing     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Matthew making a Lego tower     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Matthew swing like a monkey     Remove BookmarkOctober 2007
Playing at Child's Play     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Having fun at Kidspace     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew at school     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Bowling     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Making crepes     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Running in Karate     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Eating some food     Remove BookmarkAugust 2007
Matthew in front of a gorilla     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Thumbs up     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Smiles     Remove BookmarkMatthew's First Year
Matthew at Fun Care with Tandy and Kayla     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Eating a cookie     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
My Lips Are Sealed     Remove BookmarkMatthew's First Year
Keira jumping     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Matthew on his toes to paint     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Playing drums at Music class     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Kids at Claire's party     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Listening to the bass     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
Matthew eating     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
On the apparatus     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Balls!     Remove BookmarkDecember 2006
Touching a turtle     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Grant     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Kids were told to fold their hands on the tour     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Music at Grant's     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Shopping at Koreatown Galleria     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Matthew with a horse tail at Gymboree     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Matthew watching Gabi paint     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Looking at a shoe mirror     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Watching the gorillas     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Conga line     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Matthew looking up at the parachute     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Matthew, Ashley and Luke making faces     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Dinner at Kau Kan     Remove BookmarkMexico 2007
Matthew and Brayden and two star balls     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Matthew riding a motorcycle     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Tigers at the circus     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Matthew leaning     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Gabi and Matthew at the circus     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Daddy and Matthew in front of a water fountain at Knotts     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Inside the lion's mouth     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew eating corn     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Grandpa cleaning his first poopie diaper     Remove BookmarkAugust 2006
Matthew walking past a Peacock     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Grandparents, Jason and Matthew     Remove BookmarkHappy 0th Birthday
Matthew showing off his fishes     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew playing with sand and wearing his badge     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Daddy and Matthew riding in a race car     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Locked up     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Matthew drawing     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Watching Backyardigans on the way to Salem     Remove BookmarkOregon Trip 2009
Matthew in the famous squat position wearing a baseball helmet     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Commando Matthew     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew trying on some headsets     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew having fun     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Charlie and Matthew playing math game     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Matthew's mesmerized by the performers at the circus     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Matthew driving the fire engine     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Flowers from Symantec Localization Team in Dublin     Remove BookmarkJuly 2006
Nika at school     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Wheeeeee     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Claire thinking     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew and Gabi fishing     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew sitting on a tree     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Looking at a mouse     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Susie with glasses     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
An impression of a walrus     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew turning right     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
After purchasing Piggy Tiggy     Remove BookmarkAugust 2011
Making a shirt     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Enjoying bubbles     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Huge jungle gym     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Matthew getting a high five from Sam     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Happy Matthew     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Gabi on the Parachute     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
In the mirror room     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2011
Matthew resting     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew pushing     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Rainbow over Century City     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Matthew sharing at soccer     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
My first Cheerio     Remove BookmarkMarch 2007
Matthew drinking Tang     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew inside a helicopter at the California Science Center     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Matthew building a tower at LACMA     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Making art with Mom     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew making his first purchase -- Angry Bird pig     Remove BookmarkAugust 2011
Matthew's nose patch     Remove BookmarkAugust 2011
Matthew watching Evan     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew getting raisins for a school project     Remove BookmarkNovember 2011
Matthew, Jason and Evan having fun in the pool     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
At daycare: Matthew's messy face     Remove BookmarkMatthew's 2nd Birthday
Running to the ball     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Doing a project at school     Remove BookmarkNovember 2011
Riding on the half-circle     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Turning     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Modifying his car at Legoland     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Joanne posing     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Matthew with Sensei Sam     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2012
Reindeer Matthew     Remove BookmarkSymantec Kids Christmas Party 2006
People at the NASA Social     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2013
Emulating Prairie Dawn     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Alexandru watching intently     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Look at that tower!     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Cake Walk     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Nika gorilla crawling     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Sliding at Aidan's Place     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Checking out his bag of goodies     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Big kick     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Up and down     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Matthew and Christopher at school     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Riding in the boat     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Climbing on a watermelon     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Climbing the stairs     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Playing in the sandyard     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Using a computer in the yellow room     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Matthew and Eric     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
about to pop the bubble     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Lee's and the big duck     Remove BookmarkOklahoma v. Oregon 2006
Matthew watching Eric Jump     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Sliding down head-first     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Matthew looking in the scope     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Elliott playing hockey     Remove BookmarkPre-Kids
Playing soccer     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
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