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Picture NameGallery Name
Susie and Elliott     Remove BookmarkSymantec Baby Shower
Hello folks     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
Mini golf     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Kicking Sensei Bobby     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Karate     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2013
Listening to the story of Pinnochio     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Hurrying to get the smashed penny     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Seif     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Space ship     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Grandma Lee soothing Matthew     Remove BookmarkAugust 2006
Looking at dinosaur fossils     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Hailey O     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Interesting looking fish     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Matthew     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew and Miss Brandy     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Judge at tournament getting the winners names     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Running down the stairs     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
At the Big Island Candies factory     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
    Remove Bookmark
Ava's Dad and Isabella's Mom     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Swimming     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Eating some birthday yogurt     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Red Room kids working on puzzles     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Chris     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Huge kick!     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Swimming     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Matthew and Alexandru working on a puzzle     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew riding     Remove BookmarkMatthew's 4th Birthday
Enjoying the ride     Remove BookmarkMatthew's 4th Birthday
Red Light     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Matthew building     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Matthew making a sandwich     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Matthew and Heather sliding     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Riding on the frog     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Matthew showing off his cape     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
About to dive in     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew and Jack     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Nika and her Mom     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew, Kiana and Nika swinging     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Taking a big bite     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Charlie playing hockey     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Logan     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Another Lego guy     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Matthew playing against Chris     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Swimming     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Nika     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Astronaut Matthew     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
MMMMMMM.....     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Isabella     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Playing on the jungle gym     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Chris enjoying cake     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2012
On Matthew's class board     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2012
Race car at Daytona     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Making a man out of shape pieces     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
At tide pools near Kona     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Seif running for it     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Endeavour flys past     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Keira jumping     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Dancing     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Playing The Creeps     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Andrew and Matthew looking at a computer     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew driving while sitting Indian-style     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Matthew and his name     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Matthew behind the screen     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Debbie, Uncle Frank, and Uncle Bill     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Keita and Claire     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Back punch     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Riding on a horse     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Sliding     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Washing machine stretch     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Personal birthday card     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Jumping at school     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Kilauea     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Zachary's party     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Matthew going through the tunnel     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Chris, Shane and Matthew     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Drinking from the fountain     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Matthew about to kick it     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Flowers from Grant's family thanking us for helping     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Kamehameha statue     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Butterfly search     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Running with the ball     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Lego person     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Running fast     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Matthew sitting on the bench     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Matthew popping bubbles     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Anakin     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Learning some dance moves     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Jumping at the water fountain outside the Aquarium     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
Trying to find the next thing to grab     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Riding on the bouncy ride     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Shin family Thanksgiving     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
People running for their lives because of the speeding police     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Putting sunscreen on     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
T-Ball cupcakes     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Fish and sea life at the tide pools     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Darth Maul     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Starfish     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Plane ride     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
Performing on stage     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Matthew picking out a pumpkin     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
    Remove Bookmark
Space ship     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Getting ready to swim     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Grandma Shin and Matthew     Remove BookmarkHappy 0th Birthday
Matthew enjoying a cookie     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Reading a story     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
One of my favorite activities -- sleep     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Camilla still having fun     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Darth Matthew waiting for cake     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Matthew picking the pumpkin to buy     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
"Check it out!!!"     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Grandmas     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Ariel     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Matthew and Gabi iPhoning     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Caliburger again     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Kicking a ball     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Lego Mosaic     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
More sleep     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Father's Day soccer cheer     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Matthew and Elliott at Autzen     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Matthew playing air hockey     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Nap time     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Tyler     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Collyns family     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Dancing     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Bowling at the Hoot     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Matthew at his first AYSO soccer game     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
Matthew after he had a green lollipop     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Hockey again     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
    Remove Bookmark
Isabella's Mom, Chung, carving a pumpkin at school     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Sunset at our house     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Clone troops     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Climbing through the hole     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Chris eating lunch     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Kids at soccer     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Balancing on the balance beam     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Making a gear creation     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Chris bowling     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Lots of sand toys     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Evan, Matthew and Jason     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Soccer     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
The jungle gym     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Napping     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Claire pouring oil     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Getting ready to race     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Zachary     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Trick or treating     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Flamingo and then kick     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Matthew having fun at soccer     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Susie and Matthew with a hula dancer     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Kids lining up     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Chris     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew on a reindeer     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Matthew on the slide     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Matthew and Mrs. Higa     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Matthew at school     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Sensei Sam getting his first place trophy for sparring     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Running in circles     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Keita     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Matthew in front of a ninja at Legoland     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
Skye and Giselle     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Playing Wii     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Thrown into the pool     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Matthew smiling in the pool     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Climbing the jungle gym     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
After class     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Light bulb Lego     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Matthew and Herbie     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Pirate ride     Remove BookmarkAugust 2011
Matthew and Justin at soccer     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Shane     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Mentos and Coke     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Running     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Matthew running away from someone     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Grandpa Lee     Remove BookmarkHappy 0th Birthday
Teacher Linda     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Wheeeeee     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Sparring in the match that Matthew won     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Matthew jumping     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Susie giving out cakes a the cake walk     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Claire playing with the parachute     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Pokemon battle set     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Learning from Sensei Kirk     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
"That's tight!"     Remove BookmarkHappy 0th Birthday
Arthur     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Keira getting her trophy     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Group picture with family     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Matthew and Gabi hanging out     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Chris and Matthew looking for sea lions     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Matthew looking around     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Soccer game with Christopher     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Ashley punching     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Uncle Frank opening a gift     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Flying helicopter     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Endor antenna     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Lots of vines on a tree     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Running with the ball     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Vincent and Matthew     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew and Mrs. Higa     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Auntie Verna     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
First hair-do     Remove BookmarkHappy 0th Birthday
Blue Room kids     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Dev     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
I hear something     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Rainy soccer     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2011
Wheeee!     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2009
Tej     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Matthew and Susie at the beach     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Christopher playing hockey     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Matthew and Miss Melanie     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Gift exchange     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Racing against Coat Alexa     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Nika running     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Swimming     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Foot     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Our watermelon     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Austin running     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Playing Connect 4 at UCLA camp     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Matthew getting his prize     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Sensei Sarina kicking     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Popcorn     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Sixtoes     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Lee and Shin families     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Matthew and Grant playing soccer     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Matthew with Susie's parents     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2012
Riding the horsey     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Nika hiding     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Jake     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
More birthday presents     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Team Lee at the Rose Bowl     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2012
Putting together a tower     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Skye and Alejandro     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
B2 flying over Rose Bowl     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2012
Brett hitting     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Pictures at school     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Keeping an Eye on Evan     Remove BookmarkMatthew's First Year
Skeleton at Pirates of the Carribean     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Seif hitting     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Matthew and Charlie     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Coffee after it was roasted     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Eating a brownie     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew making his lava lamp     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Matthew and his friends watching     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
    Remove Bookmark
Matthew's favorite part     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Blocking     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Matthew relaxing     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Floating with no assistance (look at the toes)     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2009
Chris, Matthew and Shane     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Matthew and Shane playing Skee-Ball     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Matthew in the STAR show     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Susie     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
In front of some big Hot Wheels     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Susie sliding     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Pre-K Circle Time     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Aaron     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Jumping     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
Matthew playing with a ball     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Lunar Lander     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Who knows how to dance?     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Talking about their trophies     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Passing the puck with an older kid     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
On the fire truck     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Uncle Frank, Auntie Marylin, and Uncle Bill     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Ariel and Matthew playing a Spongebob game     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Bird in Del Mar     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Susie getting snowy     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Sitting at Sesame Street waiting for Elmo     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Matthew crawling     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Drumming     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Playing a game at the Harvest Festival     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Laurie and Susie     Remove BookmarkSusie's Sisters' Baby Shower
Logan     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Volunteering at the sea otter show     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Trick-or-treating     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Walkway to Apollo     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Riding in the fire truck     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Christopher     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Top of Rainbow Falls     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Susie and Evan at Micah's 1st Birthday     Remove BookmarkPre-Kids
Playing at Keira's house     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
    Remove Bookmark
Getting ready for a water ride at Legoland     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew playing in the Sandbox     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Matthew and a pirate water bottle     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Small slide     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Susie riding a tube     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Playing drums     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Running the bases     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Good game     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Watching a magic trick     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Riding a scooter at Kidspace     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Jump!     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Auntie Marylin     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Girls at the STAR show     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Waiting for the field trip     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Matthew playing mini golf at Congo River     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Arthur throwing someone out     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
On the apparatus     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Holding on to something while swinging     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Monarch Butterfly     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew on the glass-bottom boat     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Trying to get that puzzle piece off     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Kids eating chess cake     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Resting at soccer     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Matthew and Grant as sharks     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Grant playing with a crane     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
T-Ball party     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Han Solo     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Kids at the party     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Kicking the ball     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
Trying to get the puzzle piece off     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Obama Lego head     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Matthew and a big Lego dude     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Riding the train     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Teachers     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Picture Matthew made     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Sue, Andrew's Mom     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Joanne dancing     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Andrew blowing out his candle     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Anne, Sophie and some other kids at Lola's birthday party     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Brett throwing someone out at first     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Matthew and Miles     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
At Castle Park in Sherman Oaks     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Ian making art     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Passing with Grant     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Fish from our dock     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
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