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Picture NameGallery Name
Building a dinosaur     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Chris and Matthew     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Matthew swinging     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Kick!     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Rainbow over Century City     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Swinging     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Matthew walking with Thomas     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Matthew carrying a big pad     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Being thrown into the pool     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Matthew having fun in the jumpy     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Nika making a funny face     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Matthew and Eric racing     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Nika on a bucket on the slide     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Matthew getting his new cap     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Medieval podium     Remove BookmarkChicago Trip 2010
Matthew carrying a toy     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Siting in the Ferris Wheel     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Wheeeee!     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Matthew looking at goats     Remove BookmarkOctober 2007
Matthew and Elliott in front of the fire truck     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Rocking out     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Getting a new hat and shirt     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Matthew feeding himself     Remove BookmarkOctober 2007
Matthew showing off     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Matthew flying the helicopter     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Kids riding in the new cars     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Sit and Spin     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Looking at birds     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Susie taking a nap during the NST     Remove BookmarkHospital Visits
Hugging a Penguin     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Huge jungle gym     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Another goofy face     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Matthew laughing in the ballpit     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Playing iPhone on Mom's shoulders     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
Waiting to go to music class     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Michael, Joseph, and Matthew     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Pendulum at Griffith Observatory     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Block 5     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
In Malibu for tidepools     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Keira has that book     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Talking to the ref     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Sparring gear     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew after a swim     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew with food on his mouth     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Running the bases     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Matthew trying to hold onto his corns     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Telescope     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
View of Kailua from the glass-bottom boat     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Floating with no assistance (look at the toes)     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2009
Sensei Jason putting on Matthew's new belt     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Computer Time again at Pre-K     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Daddy and Matthew     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Here I go!     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Looking through a telescope     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Eating     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
First Meal in Boston - Durgin Park     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Matthew carrying golf clubs     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew giving mommy the ball     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2007
Playing with a water machine     Remove BookmarkOregon Trip 2009
Going for par     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Nika waiting for face painting     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Koreatown Parade     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Running to the ball     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Dribbling the ball     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2011
Playing hide and seek in his robe     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Swinging     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Elliott and Matthew and a real hippo     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2008
Matthew and Maya on the swing     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Riding on a dolphin     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Matthew eating     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Running around at Toddle Tunes     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Helicopter over the park     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Matthew and Daddy covering their eyes     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Geez, mommy just combed my hair     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Matthew on a motorcycle     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Climbing the web     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Matthew crawling     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Vrooooom!     Remove BookmarkDecember 2006
Sparring gear     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew sleeping through the game     Remove BookmarkOklahoma v. Oregon 2006
Mirror room     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2011
Mom pushing Matthew around     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Brownie     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Taking a nap at Child's Play     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Tunnel Time     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Mom and Matthew at the tidepools     Remove BookmarkOregon Trip 2009
Diving into the pool     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Singing     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Matthew with Grandma Shin     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2007
2nd floor of the jungle gym     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Claire sliding     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Making something at school     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Evan, Jason and Matthew playing with the car ramp     Remove BookmarkOctober 2007
Block one     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
After graduation     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Matthew at the Westside Pavilion's Kid's Club     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
I'm thirsty!     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Matthew looking at water     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
View of beach at Zihuatanejo     Remove BookmarkMexico 2007
Matthew laying on top of mommy to get to the window     Remove BookmarkCal vs. Oregon 9/29/07
Touchdown Ducks!     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Reaching for some food in the bag     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Getting ready to blow out the candles     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Eating at Nika's birthday party     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Matthew playing with a ball     Remove BookmarkDecember 2007
Matthew's big marble tower     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Doing a drill     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew building     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Matthew and Elliott and track coach Bill Bowerman     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Matthew talking through the snoodle to Sensei Kirk     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Matthew and Daddy on a boat     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Matthew keeping his mouth shut     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
More flipping     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Matthew with balls on his fingers     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Rolling around at the park     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Riding     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Tyler     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew's flower drum at music class     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
Matthew with his best friend Christopher     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Doing yoga with Teacher Nancy from Pre-school     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Kids getting ready to run at soccer     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Pretending to eat a melon     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Matthew at Gymbo     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Matthew playing hide and seek     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Kicking the big ball     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew making art     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Matthew in the shell     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Throwing a ball     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
High wire     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Jason and Evan riding a hippo     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Resting at Junior's     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Zachary, Alexandru and Matthew     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Matthew and Grandma     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Claire talking to Santa     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
David making a funny face     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Floating     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2009
Matthew winning a race     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Feeding fish and turtles     Remove BookmarkAugust 2012
Matthew Eating     Remove BookmarkMarch 2007
Putting out a fire     Remove BookmarkChicago Trip 2010
Matthew's Bionicle     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Inside the Pep Rally. See all of the people on the garage     Remove BookmarkBCS Championship Trip 2010
Matthew and Lola in the preschool "orphanage"     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Oregon running on the field     Remove BookmarkBCS Championship Trip 2010
Hanging out in his circle     Remove BookmarkAugust 2007
On the teeter-totter     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Sifting     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Taking a nap     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Getting ready to catch the garter     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Eric and Matthew testing it out     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
On a banana with a kid     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Matthew looking at a bottle     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
wow... look at this pumpkin     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
Matthew driving the fire engine     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Bracing for a Big Kiss...     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2007
Ringing the fire station's doorbell     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Matthew riding on a train with his Star Wars toys     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Jumping like crazy     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Matthew talking Lack Mallard     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Running through the Hot Wheels arch     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
I want to buy this!     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
At Victory Lane     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Matthew and bubbles     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Jumping at school     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
All the sharks are snapping in the water...     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Susie and Matthew in the snow     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Matthew jumping     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Getting ready for the slot car race at the Halloween Hoot     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
You can see Matthew's smile     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Jason's cake     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
At Petersen's     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Frog hopping!     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew flying to pick a friend     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Climbing up at Noah's Ark     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Playing guitar at music class     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Looking at a big one     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Relaxing at the park     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Matthew and Nika     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Playing soccer     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew and Chloe     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Kee Yiiiiiii!     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
At the Rose Bowl     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2012
Matthew at Rainbow Falls     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Bubbles and stairs     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Matthew climbing around the jungle gym at Child's Play     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Matthew digging for a toy     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2007
Riding in a submarine     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Matthew having fun     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Anakin     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Matthew doing Susie's video     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Elliott and Matthew with QB Dennis Dixon after the game     Remove BookmarkCal vs. Oregon 9/29/07
Riding on the spinning ride     Remove BookmarkMatthew's 4th Birthday
Sensei Sarina     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Matthew squatting     Remove BookmarkOctober 2007
Matthew     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Keira     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
bouncing a ball     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Going to see the sharks     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Brandon     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Me in front of SpaceX capsule     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Happy Matthew     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Matthew and Eric setting up food     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Matthew taking a nap after a meal     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2006
Elliott and Matthew at the Cherry Blossom Festival     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Matthew kicking the ball     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Matthew and Gabi comparing iPhones     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Learning some dance moves     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Hanging out at pre-school     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Charlie and Matthew at Charlie's birthday party     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Sea Lions with fleas     Remove BookmarkThanksgiving 2006
Matthew playing with Keira     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Having fun at swimming     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Dunkin' Donuts     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Matthew wearing a Pororo hat     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Showing Dad's team how to really relax     Remove BookmarkVisit to Symantec
Kaitlin's soup     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Susie and Matthew and our tree     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Mousing around at Orlando Science Center     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Chris, Gibson and Logan     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Running around a tree at soccer with Isabel     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Karate kick     Remove BookmarkMarch 2013
Mom and Matthew on the copter     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Matthew eating a raspberry and drinking his milk     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Running from the water break     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Wide awake     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Wheeeeeee!     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Making stuff at pre-school     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Matthew's hole in his sock     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Enjoying the ride     Remove BookmarkMatthew's 4th Birthday
Matthew holding onto his ball     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Naboo scene     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Carrying a bass drum     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Having a tea     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Matthew and Jason looking at the fountain     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2008
Matthew and his new teacher Nagwa     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Matthew in his new suit     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Meditating     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Shifting gears     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Trying to get the ball from Coach Keith     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Matthew eating a cookie     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Taking a picture face     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Susie     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Luke     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Kicking Sensei Diego     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Teacher Jason and Matthew     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew pushing the Oregon cube     Remove BookmarkCal vs. Oregon 9/29/07
Matthew clapping     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Alejandro and Isabella     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Floating in swimming class     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Matthew handing mommy a big leaf     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2007
Rolling the big ball     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Charlie, Matthew and I with Ken Landreaux     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2013
Matthew eating another raspberry     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Nolan and Debbie     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Matthew dumping more balls     Remove BookmarkDecember 2007
Setting up the schedule for the day     Remove BookmarkNovember 2011
Brandon     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Charlie winning his prize for slot car racing     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Oregon's first offensive formation     Remove BookmarkCal vs. Oregon 9/29/07
Holding on to the net     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Matthew trying to pick up two balls     Remove BookmarkDecember 2007
Kee-Yiiiii     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
These glasses look a little small     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew's car     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Gabi's art     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Zoe and fellow elephant     Remove BookmarkOctober 2007
Matthew's favorite way of swinging     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Zachary looking at his car     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Vincent and Claire eating a cookie     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Playing my air piano     Remove BookmarkAugust 2006
Making swirly paint art     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Matthew and Gabi     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Dillon     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Having fun in the bouncy     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
I can reach this far!     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
At the sing-a-long     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Matthew and his toy     Remove BookmarkDecember 2007
Teacher Rachel and Matthew     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Building something with Legos     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
So Happy... I know how to crawl...     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2007
Matthew eating the icing off the cupcake     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Keira sliding     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Ian in the sandyard     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Matthew enjoying a cookie     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Using his small cup     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Setting up a goal for soccer     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Chris, Shane and Matthew     Remove BookmarkMay 2012
Susie and Jennie (family friends since 1974)     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Susie and Haley H     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Running down the ramp     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Playing at Holmby Park     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Big car track     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2012
Vertical Pano of the VAB     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
When first entering Magic Kingdom     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Nap time     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Downed AT AT     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Smiling on the train     Remove BookmarkChicago Trip 2010
Playing in the sandyard     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Matthew and Charlie on the Expo train     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Crash!     Remove BookmarkMatthew's 4th Birthday
Birthday girls Kayla and Gabi     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Nika at school     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Listening to the story of Pinnochio     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Matthew, Brayden and Gavin posing for a picture     Remove BookmarkOctober 2007
Wheeeee!     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Robot arms     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew is too sexy for his jacket     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Laying on Jason's Wiggles couch     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Putting something on top of his bowl     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Sarah shooting an arrow     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Matthew and his name     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Matthew and a wheel on the DC-3     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Kicking     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2009
Matthew and Grandpa Shin     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Look at this toy     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2006
Bounce bounce     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Matthew found Whoville from Horton Hears a Who     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Playing     Remove BookmarkAugust 2006
Matthew in a jungle gym     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Matthew opening the oven     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Grayson     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Koreatown Parade     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Matthew getting a drink     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Climbing at the mall     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2011
Matthew hanging out with Beary     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2008
There are many ways to play with slinkys     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Feeding alligators     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Zachary sliding on his knees     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Matthew laughing     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew wearing his drum     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Team meeting     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Matthew in the bouncy     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Huge crane inside the VAB     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Matthew sniffing the plastic box     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Playing with water     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Matthew and Susie at the Hoot     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Carols by Candlelight     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Will enjoying his drink     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Matthew and Teacher Alex     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Matthew and Andrew at Holmby Park     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Matthew showing off his fishes     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew and his headband     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Wearing a pirate hat, arrrrrr!     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Matthew playing air hockey     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Kids at soccer     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Brushing teeth     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Zachary and Matthew     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Looks like it could be cars...     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Meditating     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew making stuff at Pre-preschool     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Operating a garbage truck     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Listing to instructions     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Making a shark face     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Matthew connecting beads     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Washing     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Matthew and Santa     Remove BookmarkSymantec Kids Christmas Party 2006
Fun!     Remove BookmarkMatthew's First Year
Up!     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Matthew trying to go around Uncle Mike     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Playing at the water park area     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew, Lola and Teacher Nancy singing about what's in the water     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Matthew made a big one     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
On top of the steps     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Grandpa Shin     Remove BookmarkD-Day (Discharge)
Elliott and Matthew with ESPN Gameday in the background (Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit in the background)     Remove BookmarkCal vs. Oregon 9/29/07
Matthew and Zachary     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Crawling through     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Matthew trying to get by     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Happy     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Matthew in a team meeting     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2013
Holding five balls!     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Matthew at music class     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Making a boat     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Marching lights     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Auntie Joanne     Remove BookmarkHappy 0th Birthday
Hanging out     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Susie at school     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Sensei Jason getting his 2nd place trophy for forms     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Peek-a-boo     Remove BookmarkAugust 2007
Looking at the water fountain     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Cake walk     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Thrust punch     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Matthew's profile     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Skye and Giselle     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Race     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Kylie     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Four helicopters (out of five at least) that were following the royal couple     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
At group karate class     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Matthew playing the Xylophone at Zilker Park     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Reading some books     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Matthew on the piano     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Mike and Grace at University of Texas     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Running at the Wild Animal Park     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Ashley and Claire at school     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Pinata     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Pfft     Remove BookmarkMatthew's First Year
Matthew in a policeman cap     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Matthew smiling     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Dad and Matthew and Long Beach     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Eek... HEADER...     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Matthew and Daddy     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Riding a scooter     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Matthew playing Nolan in air hockey     Remove BookmarkNovember 2011
Wheeeeee!     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew kicking a ball at Skinner's Butte park     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Learning Bongos from Teacher Jason     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
On a blue dog     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Having fun with the ducks     Remove BookmarkOctober 2007
Roller coaster     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Matthew on a net     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Matthew and Grandparents Shin     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Matthew sleeping in Grandpa Shin's arms     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
Watermelon growing in our Earth Box     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Climbing the hot dog     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Matthew and Alex running     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Grabbing goodies     Remove BookmarkMatthew's 4th Birthday
Trying out a New Hairstyle     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2007
Look at my cheeks     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
Sensei Bobby and Sensei Sarina judging sparring     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Butt Paste     Remove BookmarkSymantec Baby Shower
Light bulb Lego     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Riding the air log     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Wearing his hat Darth Vader style     Remove BookmarkOregon Trip 2009
Matthew and Mom at Music class     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Matthew in front of the Catawampus     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew with a plastic apple     Remove BookmarkDecember 2007
Talking to Elena     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
On the Long Beach Grand Prix track     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Kicking     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Matthew picking a sad Nika in the bird song     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Pirate Matthew     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Darren opening a white elephant     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Grandma Shin and Matthew taking a nap     Remove BookmarkJuly 2006
Up the jungle gym     Remove BookmarkOregon Trip 2009
Matthew playing with Emma     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
Matthew in the pool     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Building at Sea Life     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Fun ball     Remove BookmarkMarch 2007
The new outdoor furniture     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Celebrating a goal     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2013
Matthew and Maren catching olives     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Matthew getting ready to sing     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Zhu Zhu     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Matthew looking up     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Zachary and Freddy     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Guitar playing with Teacher Jason     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Matthew hugging his bear     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Matthew relaxing     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Gabi and Matthew on the Westside Pavilion carousel     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Swinging with Keira     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Driving the pirate ship     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Nika on Halloween     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Sensei Sarina     Remove BookmarkJune 2012
Carrying stuff from Gymboree     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Matthew and Teacher Rachel     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Hitting a golf ball     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Holding on     Remove BookmarkAugust 2012
Matthew getting some art supplies     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Keira     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Swinging with Tej, Andrew and Keira     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Talking at soccer     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Stairs to nowhere at Vandenberg at the launch pad     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2013
Sliding     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
On top of a big tree trunk     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Front of Kennedy Space Center     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Trying to do the wheelbarrow     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Ryan playing Matthew in air hockey     Remove BookmarkNovember 2011
Playing golf     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
In front of the Challenger Memorial in Little Tokyo     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Matthew and Eric on the obstacle course     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Team meeting     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Eating a corn dog at the zoo     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2007
Matthew playing with his sand toys     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
At Sea Life     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Going for a jump     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Matthew, Keira and Ian racing     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Lola talking on the phone in the play house     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Wow... look at all those balloons     Remove Bookmark1 Year Old
    Remove Bookmark
At the Boston Children Museum's bubble room     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
It's hot at Disneyworld     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Matthew and Shin Grandparents     Remove BookmarkMatthew's 4th Birthday
Teacher Nancy reading the Big Green Monster book     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Spinning     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Matthew trying to eat a twig     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Riding on the double bike     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Matthew playing with Caesar     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Sifting sand with Mom     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2009
Matthew getting his new belt     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Playing at Charlie's     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Matthew's smile     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Matthew's really flexible     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2009
At the lava tube     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew with a better view     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Kaityn     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Sliding head-first down the slide     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Matthew shooting some water     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Arthur     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
La la la     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew hanging with Ashley     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Riding on a train at the train show in Anaheim     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Waiting for that little rocket to lift off     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Kids enjoying the song     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2009
Mrs. Higa with Akira and Kylie     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Looking at the wacky mirror     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Claire thinking     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Reading a book     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
At the zoo with a raccoon     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Mimicking Alex     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew reaching for Daddy     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2008
Matthew covering his eyes for hide-and-seek     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Soccer meeting     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Kicking a ball     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Racing     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
DirecTV runners     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Matthew at a construction site     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Kids at Holmby Park playing a game     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Hopping     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Waiting for the opening ceremonies     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Charlie     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Playing ukelele     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Matthew sleeping in the Baby Bjorn     Remove BookmarkAugust 2006
Tractor set     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Isabella's Mom cleaning     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2012
Running in place     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Matthew at Karate in black     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Matthew and his pre-school friend Claire who's selling Girl Scout cookies     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2013
Carrying a bag     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Pushing     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Team cheer     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Matthew and Lola     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Matthew on his Octopus Chair     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2007
At Legoland     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Throwing foam balls at people     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Matthew waving     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Matthew and the pirate sign     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Having fun in the sand yard     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew having fun with Pengy Pengy (Penguin Penguin) and Underbear     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
Watching kids play soccer     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Konrad     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Watching Karate     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Ballpit... so comfortable     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Grandpa Shin, Matthew and Elliott     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Waiting at soccer     Remove BookmarkMarch 2013
Push me higher Mommy     Remove BookmarkNovember 2006
Jumping     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Carrying the Queen     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
I hope I don't drool     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
I caught another bubble     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Rocking in the bucket     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Dancing with Chuck E. Cheese     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Cooking     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Bay that we saw on our first morning in Hawaii     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Elliott riding     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Chris at first base     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Matthew's snowman     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
On the bridge at Under the Sea     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Tushy light     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Matthew trying to find where the rain comes from     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Daddy and Matthew in a tunnel     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Playing at George's party     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Pointing at a starfish at the Aquarium     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2008
Matthew on a wagon     Remove BookmarkOctober 2007
Nasib punching     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Matthew playing in the sand yard     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
One Handed Pushup     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
TaDa     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2007
Hurrying to get the smashed penny     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Loading the foam ball machine     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Claire talking to Grant     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Zachary playing     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Auntie Amy with Matthew     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Lauren     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Matthew at Gymboree     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Matthew's Friend Braydon     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Art gallery from pre-school     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Swinging     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Matthew licking his bowl     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Matthew and Matthew     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Grandparents, Jason and Matthew     Remove BookmarkHappy 0th Birthday
Matthew pretending to eat a sandwich     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Racing     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Matthew pretending to taking a nap at pre-school     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Playing with the sun     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Doing a magic trick     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Pictures at school     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Miles playing with bubbles     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Listening at Cub Scouts     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Goofy face     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Looking at the tide pools     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Matthew running     Remove BookmarkDecember 2007
We win!     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Matthew putting a ball into the bucket     Remove BookmarkAugust 2007
Sammi's art     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Having fun swimming     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Wheeeeeeee!     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Running to the ball     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Grrrrr!     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Getting ready to make a shirt     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Eating some noodles     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Eating in the car     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Scene after the game     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2012
Ashley, Luke and Matthew playing Chutes and Ladders     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Look out!     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Sarah upside-down     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Matthew still pushing his train     Remove BookmarkOctober 2007
Music at school     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Climbing out of the ant hole     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Walking like daddy     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Getting ready for the train     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Using chopsticks     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
The church from the sand yard     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Trading gifts     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Andrew     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Kicking the ball     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
Using binoculars to see the other team     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Looking at pictures     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Climbing Sammy the Seal     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Eric giving Matthew a ball     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Matthew getting his car     Remove BookmarkDecember 2007
Matthew in his U of O basketball outfit     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Matthew on the swing     Remove BookmarkJune 2006
Matthew on horse     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Dad ordering food from Matthew     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Learning from Sensei Mario     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Lola taking a picture     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Sliding     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Matthew making pizza     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
The Zoo is fun!     Remove BookmarkApril 2007
Matthew putting his art on the wall     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
Ashley making art     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Skeeball at the Pier     Remove BookmarkJuly 2012
Having fun at the Wiggly Concert     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Matthew, Teacher Rory and Freddy     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Freddy on the Bearcolounger     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Gangnam Style kid     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Climbing the hot dog     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Riding with Mom     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Playing Beatles Rock Band     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Matthew looking at towers     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Matthew showing off his tummy     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2008
Keira and Zachary at Holmby Park     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew and Michael     Remove BookmarkJuly 2012
Matthew jumping     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Getting ready to go to the Warner parade     Remove BookmarkJuly 2010
Sleeping     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Thomas playing with silly putty     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Zachary     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Funny face     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Hugging Tandi     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Ninjago battle     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
Matthew and Christopher     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Running around like a crazy fool     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Matthew putting money in his pocket     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew in a pumpkin patch     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
Limbo     Remove BookmarkFound Photos (from Grandpa Lee)
Matthew in a soccer team meeting     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Computer game at school     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Sliding down     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Cooling Off     Remove BookmarkMatthew's Second Year
Going through the tunnel     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Matthew palming a ball     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Crash!     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Matthew in his boat     Remove BookmarkMexico 2007
Matthew's school work     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2013
Maren eating     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Blue Room kids     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew with his ball in the tunnel     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2007
Juliette making her lava lamp     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Matthew and Eric running around the zoo     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
On the third level of the tower     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Matthew and Miles     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Picking a prize     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew and Jason     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Andrew sliding     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
We don't know this kid. He just sat on my chair because Matthew was playing with a Thomas train     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Matthew and Daddy and the Wild Animal Park balloon     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
The Assemblers     Remove BookmarkMatthew's First Year
Lifting weights     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Matthew is Clapping     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Nika making art     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Playground equipment     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2009
Shuto     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Book from Mrs. Oschack     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Riding on a ship     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Drinking lemonade     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Matthew Crawling     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Matthew playing doctor     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Eating lunch at OMSI     Remove BookmarkOregon trip 2008
Nika throwing the ball     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Jun family picture     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2012
Matthew about to fall off     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Hexbugs     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
"This is your pilot..."     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Matthew watching fishes     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Matthew caught a bubble with his finger     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Matthew flirting with Grandma     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Scooting     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Bison in the distance     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Michael and Matthew     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Trick-or-treating     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Testing out his water gun     Remove BookmarkAugust 2012
Pinata     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Looking through the Griffith Observatory telescope     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Wooo... balls....     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Uncle Frank and Cindy     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew getting ready to do his form     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2012
Looking for butterflies     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Matthew looking through daddy's hands     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
At the Central Library     Remove BookmarkMarch 2012
Andrew blowing out his candle     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Nika     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Grandpa     Remove BookmarkApril 2007
Magic     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Old building     Remove BookmarkChicago Trip 2010
Selling popcorn at Ralphs     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Matthew staring at the bubbles     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Mixing colors     Remove BookmarkChicago Trip 2010
Matthew at LAX     Remove BookmarkMexico 2007
Matthew and Brayden going for a ball     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Inside the California Science Center     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2013
Kids playing     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Mom.. Dad... Can you do this?     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2007
Matthew's bear     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Caricature of Matthew from Olvera Street from April 2008     Remove BookmarkJune 2008
Just hanging out     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Matthew trying to take the ball home     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2008
In the petting zoo     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Carrying the pumpkins to the car     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew and a Daddy in an RV     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Matthew at the Westwood Charter Halloween Hoot     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
With Elmo     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
Saturn Center     Remove BookmarkFlorida Trip 2011
Kicking it     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Matthew and his new swimming cap     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Another goofy face     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Grandparents Shin and Matthew     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Riding the train at Matthew's birthday party     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Ahoy there me hearties!     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Washing     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Matthew waiting his turn     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Trying to avoid someone     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Parrot     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Matthew in front of a people globe     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Matthew and Sensei Jason after Matthew got his blue belt     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
More fun with Dylan     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Evan at lunch     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Running at soccer     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Riding tricycles     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew playing hide-and-seek     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Playing the pepperoni pizza instrument     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Pre-K kids     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Reading a book by myself     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2008
Eating breakfast at school with Isaiah     Remove BookmarkMarch 2013
Zachary hugging mom     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Doing a circle     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
"I think my arms are still too short"     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Matthew and his new blue belt     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Chess club     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2011
Entertainment at Nasib's birthday party     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Bridge near Carmel     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Riding on a tractor at Kids Land     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Matthew and Susie in the surrey     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Tej riding     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Fireworks before the game     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2012
I'm so happy...     Remove BookmarkAugust 2006
Super Matthew and tongue     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Posing     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Matthew at school     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
About to Smile     Remove BookmarkJuly 2006
Playing in the ball pit     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2009
Sliding     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
Matthew tracking Santa on the Santa Tracker     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
Hailey O     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Alexandru     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Atlantis' home     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Matthew and his bag on a hook at Star camp     Remove BookmarkAugust 2011
Matthew showing off his belly     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Spinning     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Playing at Clover Park     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Jumping     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Matthew and Dillon     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Thomas playing with Play Doh     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Opening gifts     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Swinging at Holmby Park with Zack     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Matthew sitting on Daddy     Remove BookmarkNovember 2007
I sense someone behind me     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
Throwing planes at California Science Center     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2013
A bubble got onto Matthew's arm     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Susie and Matthew at the LA Zoo     Remove BookmarkApril 2007
Matthew playing in a kitchen     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
High jump     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Matthew and a group of kids at Star summer camp     Remove BookmarkAugust 2011
Matthew picking an orange     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Gymbo the Clown song     Remove BookmarkDecember 2008
Trying out new ways to play with the tube     Remove BookmarkAugust 2012
Matthew in front of the shark air blower     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Heavy snowfall     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2011
A present for Susie     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Matthew filling his name out     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
At Claire birthday party     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Playing a game at the Harvest Festival     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Making a big bubble     Remove BookmarkAugust 2012
Evan, Taylor, Auntie Joanne, and Jason     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2006
Matthew eating soup at Koreatown Plaza     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Matthew sitting on a ball     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Matthew showing off his goggles     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Matthew driving a car at HEB     Remove BookmarkMarch 2008
Running around     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
    Remove Bookmark
Jumping at Under the Sea     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Matthew having a picnic     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Swinging     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Orange team     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
    Remove Bookmark
Oh boy     Remove BookmarkSymantec Kids Christmas Party 2006
Mom and Matthew on a ride     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Looking through his telescope     Remove BookmarkOctober 2008
Flower at Huntington Library     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Building     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Doing funny poses     Remove BookmarkFound Photos (from Grandpa Lee)
Green team     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Matthew with Grandpa Shin and Grandma Shin     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
At the LA Auto Show     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Lots of sand toys     Remove BookmarkApril 2009
Frogs on a plant inside the rain forest dome     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Matthew grabbing a ball     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Blowing out the candle     Remove BookmarkJune 2011
Sleeping     Remove BookmarkApril 2007
Floating on his back     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
Gecko licking cacao seeds     Remove BookmarkApril 2012
Playing the game show with Guy Smiley     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
My camera car     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Air Hockey     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Fancy egg     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Santa at the sing-a-long     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Bonchew     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2012
Matthew playing with Dad's iPhone     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Matthew in a Fire Truck     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Matthew's creation     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2012
Matthew getting raisins for a school project     Remove BookmarkNovember 2011
On the boat     Remove BookmarkApril 2008
Playing with construction toys     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2008
    Remove Bookmark
Block one     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Trying to catch a car in a bucket on the slide at school     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Jump kick     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Matthew and Dillon playing     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
"OH, NO!!!"     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2008
Sign on our bus     Remove BookmarkBCS Championship Trip 2010
Matthew and Alexandru     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Toddle Tunes playing music at the Spring Social     Remove BookmarkMay 2010
Lola at pre-school     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Matthew and Daddy helping animals get on the Ark     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2008
Playing with other Elmo Balloon     Remove Bookmark1 Year Old
Matthew enjoying Zachary's birthday party     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Under Endeavour     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Matthew's creation     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Matthew crawling into the bouncer     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Team Lee at the Getty Center     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Matthew putting the rectangle back     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
Playing keyboard     Remove BookmarkNovember 2010
Getting into picking oranges     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Matthew and his walker     Remove BookmarkThanksgiving 2006
Matthew and Dad at the Portland Children's Museum     Remove BookmarkOregon Trip 2009
Matthew hitting the ball     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Hoth battle     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Matthew eating a snack     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Eating the gingerbread cookie     Remove BookmarkDecember 2009
Pinata time     Remove BookmarkOctober 2010
Matthew pondering     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2008
Alexandru's tiger face     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Nobody on the freeway at the entrance to the 405 from the 10     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Alexandru did this on purpose     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Block 1     Remove BookmarkJuly 2009
Isabella cleaning     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2012
Matthew and Dillon in front of WUMP after school     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Thomas coaching Matthew     Remove BookmarkMarch 2011
Family in the Red Room     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Matthew's ribbon "tie"     Remove BookmarkMarch 2010
Waiting for rock climbing     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
More hugging     Remove BookmarkAugust 2009
Playing with the knights and castle     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2009
Matthew looking at Clownfish     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Matthew digging for bones     Remove BookmarkChicago Trip 2010
Fighting for the ball     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Vincent     Remove BookmarkNovember 2009
Pirate fighting in the Lego store     Remove BookmarkDecember 2011
Matthew satisfied with his raspberry     Remove BookmarkJuly 2007
    Remove Bookmark
Transport ship on Endor     Remove BookmarkApril 2011
Matthew on a John Deere     Remove BookmarkAugust 2008
Brandon     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2012
Seif's mom     Remove BookmarkMay 2011
Running     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Eating a cookie while playing with iPad on the plane     Remove BookmarkChicago Trip 2010
Playing with Alexandru     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Bubbles and stairs     Remove BookmarkMay 2007
Playing with a hula hoop at Toys r us     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Matthew and Mr. Zachary     Remove BookmarkJanuary 2010
Carrying two chairs and a blanket     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Enjoying a slice of pizza     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
Matthew kicking a ball     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Somewhere near Blythe     Remove BookmarkBCS Championship Trip 2010
Playing a game at Karate     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Giving a show     Remove BookmarkMarch 2009
Matthew having a good ol' time at Karate     Remove BookmarkNovember 2008
Atlantis looks like it's hovering     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Carrying the tube around     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2008
Matthew in his Winnie the Pooh costume     Remove BookmarkOctober 2006
Floating     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Tej and Matthew meditating     Remove BookmarkJuly 2011
Wheeee!     Remove BookmarkJune 2009
John and Mary with Matthew     Remove BookmarkMatthew's 1st Birthday Party
Running from the wave     Remove BookmarkNovember 2012
Can I keep the lens cap?     Remove BookmarkJune 2007
Matthew and Ashley on our glider     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Grant family     Remove BookmarkDecember 2010
Vincent and Matthew     Remove BookmarkOctober 2009
Team cheer     Remove BookmarkOctober 2011
Rory and his going away cake     Remove BookmarkAugust 2010
Eating the pizza     Remove BookmarkJuly 2008
Matthew and Nika in the sand yard     Remove BookmarkSeptember 2010
Under the parachute     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2010
Matthew smiling at Grandma Shin     Remove BookmarkAugust 2006
Cheeeeeeeeese!     Remove BookmarkFebruary 2008
Let's Eat     Remove BookmarkMatthew's First Year
Looking through a telescope     Remove BookmarkMay 2009
Oregon football players coming onto the field     Remove BookmarkCal vs. Oregon 9/29/07
Vandenberg AFB space sign     Remove BookmarkDecember 2012
Hitting a kite with a balloon sword     Remove BookmarkApril 2010
Matthew after getting an achievement patch     Remove BookmarkOctober 2012
Matthew on the giant chair at the EMU (student union)     Remove BookmarkCal vs. Oregon 9/29/07
Matthew carrying around a strawberry     Remove BookmarkMay 2008
Lauren riding     Remove BookmarkJune 2010
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