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February 2011
added by Susie
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Matthew and Nika hiding

Matthew at the Chinese New Year's parade


Matthew at school


Nika hiding

Susie and Matthew in Chinatown

Matthew at Zachary's birthday party

Climbing the jungle gym at school

Dragon at the Chinatown new year's parade

Zachary's birthday party


Pirate entertainment

Nika at school

Our mayor at the parade

Matthew making a funny face

Matthew playing a game


Hide and seek (Susie didn't notice Matthew here when she sat down)

Zachary's party

Matthew at swimming

Wearing one of the socks Susie made

Playing at Keira's house

Pajama Day at school

Playing soccer at Keira's

Pre-K Pajama Day

Matthew and Konrad

Pre-K room laying down

Matthew at Karate

Matthew is Karate's Student of the Month

Wearing the socks Susie made

Hide and seek

Matthew running


Matthew going through a soccer obstacle course

Practicing Kata 1

Matthew and Nika at Karate

Getting his picture taken

Picture Day at soccer

Chasing the kid with the tiger

Matthew practicing Kata 1

Soccer meeting

At Karate

Resting at soccer

Kids at soccer

Face painting at school

Matthew posing at soccer

Matthew talking at Karate

Practicing Pinan 3

Making a goofy face

Celebrating at soccer

Practicing Pinan 3

Trying to catch a ball

Goofy face

Jumping at soccer

Running for cookies at soccer

Getting ready to play

Doing an exercise at Karate

Nika running

Follow the leader

Gorilla crawls

Nika running


Crescent kick

Frog hops

Nika gorilla crawling

Nika high-stepping

Matthew, Kiana and Nika swinging

Board at Pre-K

Susie and Matthew sledding

Matthew and his huge gloves

Susie sliding

Talking about Karate homework


Elliott sliding

Pulling Matthew back up

Matthew's snowy hands

Matthew in the snow

Walking to the snowy hill

Nika swinging upside-down

Walking in the snow

Matthew swinging

Susie and Matthew sliding

Susie in the snow

Matthew all bundled up

Swinging at the park


Alexandru and his Dad in the snow

Susie and Matthew sliding

Susie going down the hill

Riding the tube

Matthew sitting and waiting for Alexandru

Playing iPad in bed

Watching the snow come down

Matthew and Alexandru sliding down hill

Susie and Matthew in the snow

Heavy snowfall

Sliding down

Matthew and Alexandru


Getting a push

Riding down

At the cabin in Big Bear

Matthew fell out as Susie was pulling him up

Matthew and Alexandru

Riding down

Sliding down

Lots of snow coming down

Team Lee in the snow

Riding down the hill

Eating lunch

Susie getting snowy

Riding in a sled

Alexandru making a snow angel

Alexandru falling off the tube

Icicles in front of our cabin


Susie riding a tube

Alexandru sliding down

Susie covered in snow

Alexandru after falling in the snow

Alexandru and his Dad

Fun in the snow

Alexandru's Mom in the snow

From the front of our cabin

My Mario snow face

Fun times in the snow

Matthew posing

Alexandru playing hide-and-seek

Matthew playing hide-and-seek

Goomba (Mario mushroom) snowman

Playing iPad

Lucian trying to get his chains out

Protecting themselves from getting hit by a sled

Susie's snowman

My snow iPad

Susie playing the dancing game

Snow from the soccer park

Matthew at swimming

Joanne dancing

Nika at Karate


Nika meditating


Harrison, Carter, Matthew and Alec at the park

Swimming with Teacher Nathan



Dancing game

Smiling at swimming


Running at soccer



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