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January 2011
added by Susie
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Matthew upside-down

Playing with bubbles

Riding the boat

At swimming class

About to be tossed in the water

Fun at swimming

Playing with bubbles

Matthew at the dentist

Matthew at the Da Vinci exhibit

Elliott and Matthew exercising at Roxbury Park

Matthew at the top of the Century City Mall jungle gym

Shin Grandparents and Matthew riding in the car

Matthew's muddy legs after soccer class

Testing the ball ramp

Mini golf

Matthew and Elliott in front of the wooden bike

Getting a haircut

Playing air hockey

Riding in the car

In the mirror room

Enjoying lunch

Testing pulleys


Playing mini golf with the Shin grandparents

Climbing at the mall

In the mirror room

Doing crafts at the Da Vinci exhibit

Going under the portable bridge we created

Matthew in front of a mural of Italy

Harry Potter imprints at Grauman's

Matthew putting together the bass drum

Playing soccer

Coach Justin getting a drink

Soccer ball

Matthew playing keyboards

Kicking a ball

Soccer class


Matthew and Miles


Matthew with Julian and Tyler

Running at soccer

Fun at soccer class

Carrying the drums

Getting ready for a snack

Running at soccer

Matthew practicing sparring

Water break

Hollywood sign from our local park on a clear day

Matthew at soccer

Matthew controlling the ball

Our bridge

Matthew and Alex at soccer

Rainy soccer class

Waiting for a snack

Playing with pulleys

Mirror room

Pulling on the rope

Susie and Matthew

Pulling the 10 pound bag up

Soccer class

Rainy soccer

Matthew running in the rain

Dribbling the ball

Matthew at Karate

Soccer drill


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