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BCS Championship Trip 2010
added by Susie
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Elliott and Matthew with Supwitchugirl

Susie and Matthew with Oregon cheerleaders

Smaller version of pic of us with Supwitchugirl

Us with Supwitchugirl

Us with a big picture of the Duck

Matthew on the ride to Arizona

People watching the Pep Rally from the garage

Inside the Pep Rally. See all of the people on the garage

Matthew playing at the Pep Rally

Line to get into the Pep Rally

BCS Game ticket

On our way to Arizona, in Downtown LA

In the desert

Matthew and Susie riding to the game

Passing by the stadium

Car on fire on the 60 in Walnut

At the Arizona border

Ducked out car

Somewhere near Blythe

Inside the Pep Rally

Our first view of the stadium as we arrived in Phoenix

Sign on our bus

Elliott and Matthew at the game


Susie, Matthew and some cheerleaders

Crawling under


Players warming up

Oregon running on the field

Elliott and Matthew about to enter the stadium

Far side of the stadium from our seats

Us with Supwitchugirl

Elliott at the game

Matthew looking at a mirror at Chick Fil A

Matthew enjoying the game

Tailgate party we didn't go to

Auburn band

National anthem

Our view

Joey Harrington at the pep rally

Matthew playing at Chick Fil A

Taco Bell hat

Section where our bus was parked

Matthew at the game

Riding to Arizona

Ducks getting ready

Susie and Matthew in front of the stadium

Line to get into tailgate party

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