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December 2010
added by Susie
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BCS Championship Ticket #1

BCS Championship Ticket #2

BCS Championship Parking Pass

Matthew at music class

Playing in the sand yard at school

Drum solo

Music quiz

Playing in the sand yard

Grandpa's birthday

Practicing Pinan 3

Throwing balls up

Carrying the snare drum


Matthew and Grandpa Lee

Playing drums

At the Christmas sing-a-long


Matthew and Ashley throwing balls up

Playing guitar and singing

Guitar stance

Tossing balls up

Getting pictures taken at Karate

Playing with Grandpa's iPad

Hitting a golf ball at Castle Park

Singing at Carols by Candlelight

Fox helicopter in Century City

Matthew being an obstruction

Hitting a baseball off the tee

Hitting a golf ball

Searching for a lost golf ball

Matthew and his Christmas outfit

Teacher Nagwa and Susie

Follow through

Claire and her mom Kathryn

Matthew getting ready to hit the baseball

Carols by Candlelight

Hitting a golf ball

Popping a bubble

Look at the price tag that we forgot to take off


Matthew showing us the science experiment moldy bread in his class

Singing in the church

Mesmerized by the Grinch

Claire and her new hat knitted by Susie


Cayden and Grant

Nika and Susie

Matthew and his new hat

Sarah, Ellie, Isabella and Matthew

Matthew with his new hat


Ellie and Isabella

Matthew relaxing

Vincent talking to some friends


Andrew and his creation


Waiting for the sing-a-long

Cookies made at pre-school

Matthew getting his new hat




Alexandru and Matthew after the sing-a-long


Anne, Lola, Jacob and Sophie

Grant and Ashley

Anne and Lola

Dixon and Dixon

Matthew and Isabella entering the room

At the sing-a-long

Pre-K kids singing

Teacher Halina and the Christmas tree


Teacher Ann and her new hat made by Susie

Halina leading the music

Pre-K kids singing

Sarah and Thomas

The whole sing-a-long




More Pre-K kids

Kelly, Konrad and Karcher

Nika, Ali and Nika's cousin

Getting stuff from Santa

Teacher Halina

Claire talking to Santa

Vincent Chowing down

Anne and Lola

Grant family

Jake and mom Debbie

Grant enjoying lunch

Santa at the sing-a-long

Matthew and his new hat

Claire and Nika

Matthew comparing shoes with Konrad and Karcher

Getting ready to go singing

Keira hugging Matthew after getting her birthday present

Matthew and Elliott

Walking to the concert

Pre-K kids going to the concert

Sarah and Felix

Lining up and getting ready

Keira hugging Matthew

Claire with her hat

Looking at shoes

Matthew and Nika


Pre-K kids' new hat

Getting ready to sing


Kids playing on the Pre-K bed


Nika and her new hat

Grandpa Lee with his iPhone mouth


Playing Wii games

About to go to the sing-a-long

Playing drums

Watching Matthew playing iPad


Uncle Bill's birthday


Bubble time

Opening a Christmas Eve present

Grandpa Lee and Evan

Jason and his iPhone mouth

Playing with bubbles

Playing games

Playing with Jason

Mickey sword

Look at this!



Dennis opening a present

Lisa and Kait

Matthew's Angry Bird

Zhu Zhu Pet present

Zhu Zhu

Nolan and Debbie

Opening Xmas presents

Auntie Leona

Opening presents

A present for Susie

Darren opening a white elephant

Matthew at the Sakamoto's


Shin family

Angry Bird!

Another Zhu Zhu

Zhu Zhu's

Woohoo another present

Zhu Zhu accessory

Kids at Christmas

Playing games

Matthew opening a gift

Pokémon for Jason

Yet another Zhu Zhu

Spinning ride at Legoland


Evan opening a present

Mini-golf at Legoland

Matthew's trademark squat

Running through the jungle gym


Debbie and Nolan

Our view from Oceanside

Spinning ride

Jacquie and Dennis

Cindy's Chia Pet

Matthew's exaggerated squat


Running through the obstacles

Our view at Oceanside

Matthew at Oceanside Harbor


Playing golf

Matthew and Susie playing Lego Xbox games


Susie and Matthew at the Model Railroad Museum

Building a car

Pelican landing


Building higher

Watching model trains

At the Natural History Museum at Balboa Park

Jason playing Dr. Seuss game

Getting ready to play a game

Playing a game

Matthew wearing a Pororo hat

Evan at lunch

Playing the Dr. Seuss game

Playing a game

Evan's letter 'g'

Riding in the car together

Matthew and his sword


Elliott and Matthew

Elliott and Matthew at the yogurt place

Matthew with the fish

Elliott at lunch

Evan at lunch

Making faces

Matthew at lunch


Eating frozen yogurt

In the Bionicle ride

Walking around Miniland



Going through the jungle gym


Reading a book

Cake at Christmas

Matthew racing a car

Playing Matthew's new game Minotaurus

Playing Xbox

Where's Matthew?

Playing a game at Karate

Waterslide statue at Legoland

Putting together a car

Matthew's stuffed soccer ball

Shin Grandparents and Matthew

Doesn't want to get hit

Eating lunch at Legoland

Opening up a present

Aquazone ride

Sitting at Legoland

Smashing a penny

At the Natural History Museum in San Diego

At Legoland Aquazone

Elliott's Lego creation

Matthew enjoying himself in Oceanside

Mini golfing

Playing Harry Potter game

At the Natural History Museum in San Diego

Looking at dinosaur bones

Matthew getting a drink

Playing at Legoland

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