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November 2010
added by Susie
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Getting ready to swim

Thrown into the pool

Ashley making the swing go around

Pushing the swing

Matthew climbing the jungle gym at school

Matthew at Holmby Park

Ashley and Luke's Au Pair Julia

Ashley and Matthew swinging

About to practice the survival test


Kids on the tire swing

Matthew thrown into the pool


Ashley and Matthew swinging

Jason's birthday cake

Matthew playing Wii

Bubbles at music class

Playing The Creeps

Matthew at Karate

Dribbling a soccer ball

Playing the Creeps

Jason blowing out his candles

Assembling the Hi-Hat

Playing guitar at music class

Playing a game with Evan and Jason

Matthew laying on top of Susie

Jason making faces

Putting together the drum set

Jason's cake

Matthew covering his face

Playing Wii boxing

Bubbles at music class

Laying on Jason's Wiggles couch

Putting together the drum set

Running at soccer

Kicking a soccer ball

Matthew's survival test

Pointing at something at soccer

Matthew's survival test

Dribbling a soccer ball

Trying to get the ball from Coach Keith

Running at soccer

Kicking the ball

Jumping jacks

Running with Andrew

Thumbs up!

Crazy Tushy Light

Bubbles at music class

Putting at Rancho Park Golf Course

Resting at Junior's

Soccer drill

Kicking a ball


Matthew at soccer

Matthew at soccer

Smiling before a drill

Kicking the ball


Fun at soccer

Matthew with crayons on his ears

Getting ready to run

Matthew and Miles and bubbles

Listening to instructions

Sneaking around bubbles


Kicking the ball


Getting his medal

Back punch

Sensei Mario teaching self defense against Senpai Ben


Congratulations Day

Senpai Ben

Getting ready to meditate

Nasib punching

Senpai Ben stretching

Team cheer

Senpai Sam stretching

Kicking the ball

In need of some juice


Matthew controlling the ball during a scrimmage

Matthew rocking out


Kids at pre-school

Trying to avoid bubbles

Showing Benjamin an iPhone game

Learning science at Discovery Science Center

Miles playing with bubbles

Making art at school

Making a gravity ball maze

At a demonstration at Discovery Science Center

Making the maze

Touching something gooey

Miles rocking out

Kids at school

Matthew singing and playing guitar

Duck Duck Goose

Playing with the castle set at school

Playing keyboard

Kids at school

Kids at school

Playing soccer at Auntie Amy's house

Shin family at Thanksgiving

Pulling the bowling ball up

Looking at the computer

About to kick the ball

Making a funny face while eating a snack

Throwing the ball in

Grace making Thanksgiving dinner

Matthew trying to go around Uncle Mike

In the Tornado tube

Pulling hard

At Andersen's in Santa Nella

Setting up the robots

Playing on the computer at Discovery Science Center

Watching Busytown with Grandma Shin

Making a pattern on the screen

Setting up the robots

Playing Trigon Blokus

Pulling the bowling ball

Globe at Discovery Science Center

Looking at an ornament up close

Looking for something inside a tank

Matthew's turkey mask

Decorating the Christmas tree

Fun at school

Building a tower

In San Francisco

Carrying a lot of stuff


Rocking at school

Building a tower

Decorating the tree

Pikachu ornament

Uncle Mike doing a fancy move

Rain forest at California Academy of Science

There's something in there

Looking for an animal

Frogs on a plant inside the rain forest dome


At the Academy of Sciences

Matthew playing with an iPhone at the Apple Store

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