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September 2010
added by Susie
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Matthew riding the Royal Joust

On the airplane ride

Bouncy ride

Elliott's Bionicle

Reading the map

Matthew looking at fish at the Sea Life aquarium

With one of the stars of the Lego shows

At Sea Life

Riding on the bouncy ride

Putting sunscreen on

Susie's Bionicle

Airplane ride

Matthew's Bionicle

Elliott's Bionicle

Bouncy ride

Inside the aquarium

Applying sunscreen

Matthew and Claire looking inside the piano

Waiting for circle time

Matthew and Nika in the sand yard

Leading the kids outside

Trying to get the puzzle piece off


Matthew showing off his cape

Trying to get that puzzle piece off

Music class

Hanging out on the jungle gym

Pre-K board

Sarah and Konrad

Waiting to go to music class

Matthew and Nika in the sand yard

Almost got the puzzle piece off

Circle time in Pre-K

Playing on the jungle gym


Playing piano

Whale in Pre-K room

Team clean up

Playing on the jungle gym

Pretend sleeping

Strong kids

Maybe we can use chopsticks

Matthew's cape

Pre-K Circle Time

Matthew and Ashley singing the "Friend Song"

Matthew hanging with Ashley

Matthew in jail

Luke and Mira

Matthew drawing on his airplane

At Castle Park in Sherman Oaks

Lee and Shin families

Kids at pre-school

Matthew drawing


Playing guitar

Playing guitar at play date with Alexandru

Making a man out of shape pieces


Putt putt

Playing Wii

Looking under the jungle gym at school

Riding the train with Lola

Sitting on a hippo

Matthew's sock

Grant playing soccer

Matthew running

On the zoo train

Matthew and Lola on the train

Playing keyboard



Running at the zoo


Climbing a camel

Matthew at the zoo

Matthew and Lola

Running at soccer

Talking to Coach Keith

Riding the train

Climbing an elephant

Sitting at soccer

Playing water balloon toss at Luke's birthday party

Talking to Coach Keith

Pinata at Luke's birthday

Egg hunt

Looking for something

Matthew's dinosaur tattoo

Making a shark face

Coach Keith carrying Matthew

Having fun

Ashley tossing a balloon to Claire

Matthew as a caveman

Scramble for candy

Matthew and Grant as sharks

Jason driving the space shuttle

Matthew with his substitute swim teacher

Matthew and Jason on the Thunderbird


Carrying a bass drum

Matthew and Jason on the space shuttle

Elijah from Red Room

Matthew and Miles in music class

Riding the space shuttle

Matthew and Susie at the March Air Field Museum

B-29 bomber

Matthew and Miles

Running at music

Matthew and Jason sitting in pilot's chairs

Susie and Matthew

Carrying a bass drum

Relaxing at the hot March Air Field Museum

Taking apart the bass drum

Refueling plane

Matthew and Evan

Carrying the bass drum

Matthew and Jason

Computer schedule at pre-school

Matthew and Andrew at Holmby Park

Matthew relaxing

After scoring a goal

Team meeting

Computer game at school


Elena and Matthew after soccer

Evan putting together his plane

Matthew and his swimming teacher Nathan

Teddy bears having a slumber party at school

Crawling on the hopscotch

Running at soccer

Matthew, Julian and Elijah

Making swirly paint art

Hanging out

Swirling the art

B-17 nose gun

Pictures at school

Playing soccer

Matthew and Grant playing soccer

Relaxing at soccer

Slinking across the field

Jumping over a cone

Celebrating a goal

Going around the coach

After class

High five

Getting ready to race

Our watermelon

Barrel roll

Kicking a ball

Jump kick

Pointing towards Elena

Matthew and Andrew

Kicking the ball

Helicopter over our house

Jumping a cone

Team strategy

Chasing the coach

Running at soccer

Matthew and Ashley on our glider

Soccer class


Falling at soccer

Starting a shuto

Luke taking off his belt


Ashley doing a front punch


Meditating again

Lined up

Putting their belts on

Matthew, Ashley and Lukie

Tiger's eye

Ashley stretching


Ashley stretching

Matthew stretching

Meditating again

Doing a karate exercise

Ashley punching

Making faces

More funny faces

Matthew and Elliott

Sunset at our house

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