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Chicago Trip 2010
added by Susie
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Eating a cookie while playing with iPad on the plane

Playing iPad

At the Field Museum about to watch a 3D movie

Mammoth tusks

Matthew on the double-decker bus

Willis Tower and three other buildings

Matthew digging for bones

Looking through a log

Playing the Japanese drum

Riding on the tour bus

Susie playing drums


Matthew and Susie at the Field Museum

Buckingham Fountain

Looking in the hole on the bus seat

Picking up some mastodon food

Playing a drum

Playing on the computer

Residential buildings

Playing xylophone

Chicago Theater

Wave skyscraper

Matthew's miniature golf follow-through

Riding on the train

Transformers 3 prop

Smiling on the train

Under a bridge

Looking back

Old building

Pumping stuffing into Cubby

Transformers 3 prop

Smiling at a lady who's blowing bubbles at the train

Chicago Tribune building

Matthew wearing his sunglasses

Hanging out behind the U-505 submarine

Church in the Loop

U-505 submarine

Matthew and Susie in a combine tractor

Driving the combine

Looking through the periscope

Matthew projected onto a mannequin's face

Back of the submarine

Driving a tractor

Experimenting with colors

Matthew and Susie in front of submariners


Front of the submarine

Mixing colors

Susie projected onto the mannequin

Matthew in a sailor's cap

Looking through the periscope

Smashing a penny

Susie and Matthew as clowns

In front of an anti-aircraft machine gun

Matthew dancing around on the big dance pad

A street sign that came close to hitting our bus

Fountain over the Chicago River

Dressed in medieval student's clothes

Medieval podium

Putting together a puzzle

A view from our tour bus

Watching the gravity well

Airplane over Chicago

Shedd Aquarium

At the Adler Planetarium

Fun at the planetarium

Navy Pier sign


Susie at the planetarium

Outside the planetarium

Window washers

At a planetarium exhibit

Measuring something

On the lighthouse ride at Navy Pier

Matthew's robot/frame

Show at the Navy Pier

Lighthouse ride

At a statue outside Navy Pier

Matthew drinking water out of the fountain


Matthew's robot that he built


Putting away screwdrivers

Matthew on top of a floor full of coins

Pulling out a stick from the middle

Making faces

Tower falling

Under the bean at Millennium Park

Susie eating the bean

Watching a ball machine

Matthew standing next to a million dollars at the Federal Reserve Bank

The Bean

Susie in a 100 dollar bill


Standing on the ledge at Willis Tower

Playing bean bag toss

Sitting on coins

Under the Bean

Holding up the bean

View from Willis Tower

Hula hooping

Making faces

Matthew's robot bird

Hula hoop

Matthew climbing at the Children's Museum

Putting some digging tools in his belt

Matthew watching a show

At a crosswalk at the Children's Museum

Putting out a fire

Matthew in the tent we all made

Fireman Matthew

Climbing the tube

Inside the tent

Closing up the tent



Digging for dinosaur bones

Matthew's fish

Inside the tent

At the miniature golf place

In front of the Navy Pier stage that we've spent so much time at

At the Children's Museum

Matthew as a dalmatian

The pirate show

Putting out a fire

Trying to catch some fish and lizards

Cleaning the car

Trying to catch fish

Changing a tire

Putting some gas in the car

Matthew at the Hershey store

At the Children's Museum

Hershey ad

Putting out the fire

Accumulating virtual stuff

Trump Tower

Wrigley Building

Matthew and Elliott at Chicago River

Fountain going over the river

Vietnam War memorial on the river

Building at the Chicago Children's Museum

Showing off his Robot and Smile

Matthew's new hat, he made himself


Infamous Pirate Show

Ah Ha

Hula Hooping

Soldier Field

Looks stressed about golfing

Sue the Dinosaur at Field's Museum

Elliott Hula Hooping

Carousel on Navy Pier


In front of a Million Dollars

Crossing a rope bridge three stories high

Playing around in front of the Bean

U-Boat sailor hat

Polar Bear

Learning about the sights in Willis Tower

On top of money

Fishing at the Chicago Children's Museum

Canoeing at the Chicago Children's Museum

Thirsty at being at the Chocolate Factory

Changing the tire

Fishing in a Rain Coat

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