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August 2010
added by Susie
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Hopping on one foot

Matthew and Ashley putting together Legos

Hanging from the jungle gym

Nika and some play people

Moving around the sandyard with his feet in the bowl

Playing at school

Making some light art at school

Laying on the sand

Soccer group activity

Getting ready to run


Running at the end of soccer class


Matthew with a face mask on his head

The new outdoor furniture

Karcher and friend carrying toys


Andrew sliding


Running in place

Sammi with a doll

Konrad upside down

Matthew and Ashley putting together a house

Receiving a high-five

Looking back

Jumping jacks

Rory and Gerard

Teacher Sharen

Rory and his going away cake

Nika, Claire and Tyler

Matthew barbecuing

Making funny faces

Matthew and Ashley eating cake

Ashley making art


Ellie, Keira and Matthew barbecuing

Seventoes and Sixtoes

Matthew playing basketball

Watermelon plant

Making art

Keira and Matthew making something on the barbecue

Rachel and Rory on Rory's last day

Matthew at Karate in black

Making a funny face

Who wants cake?

Matthew enjoying pre-school

Teacher Lita, Susie and Rory's wife Monica and Gerard

Matthew doing the tree pose

Ivy eating cake

Matthew and Teacher Rory

Karcher eating cake

Climbing a tree

Keira hanging out

Helicopter that was flying over Westwood

Matthew swimming with no goggles

Crazy Tushy Light

About to go under the water

Swinging at Holmby Park

Raising hands at soccer

Running at soccer

Watermelon growing in our Earth Box

Matthew and Susie enjoying a game of Blokus

Konrad finger and face painting

Matthew leading everyone in jumping jacks

Practicing his tiger claw grip

Matthew playing on the computer with Sarah

Water break

More crazy tushy light

Leopard's paw

Trying to score on the three coaches

Listening at the team meeting

Lola talking on the phone in the play house

Lola and Matthew playing hockey

Swinging while standing

Matthew, Ashley, and Luke enjoying cake


Going for a goal

Matthew in his swim clothes for water day

Who wants cake?

Hawaiian shirt day

Swim clothes for water day

Going in for a goal

Looking through rose colored bottles

Making a face

Matthew, Ashley and Luke making faces

Is the President in there?

Presidential escort

Ambulance following along

Probably some Secret Service cars

More Secret Service

More Secret Service

Police escort

Presidential escort

Something I'll probably never see again - empty Wilshire Blvd at Beverly Glen

Grant, Lauren, and Ellie

Keira making a campfire

Helicopter over Century City

Making sand angels

Matthew standing next to the campfire

Jumping in the sand

Being thrown into the cold pool

Jumping at school

Practicing a crane's beak

Fish outside of the Yellow Room

Keira jumping

Playing in the sandyard

Playing drums


Matthew at swimming

Long jump

Playing Lite Brite

Matthew learning punch techniques

Eagle at the Zoo

Riding on the train

Matthew looking at his robot tower

Matthew and Alexandru

Sitting on an alligator

Looking around on the train

Riding at the Zoo

Waiting for the bird show to start

Nika jumping at school

Getting their tickets ready for the train ride

Matthew sweating at the Zoo

Look up there!

At the hot zoo

Looking at Reggie the alligator

Riding the train

Matthew's robot tower

Macaw flying at the Zoo

At the Zoo

Water break at soccer

Practicing a header

High five

Running at soccer

Learning how to do a header

Coming back from water break


Fun at soccer


Crazy Tushy Light


Getting ready to race


Making faces

Controlling the ball

Log roll

Celebrating scoring a goal


Matthew with Susie's parents

Ridley and Matthew at soccer

Susie on the wacky ride

Fun at soccer

Start of the awards ceremony

Riding on the Royal Joust


Talking strategy

Getting ready for Red Rover

Fun at soccer

Getting ready to take off

Pointing at something at soccer

Matthew getting his medal

Talking to Coach AJ

Running from the water break

Flipping upside-down

Royal Joust

Crazy Tushy Light

Talking at soccer

Another picture of the crazy ride

Secret meeting

Inside the dinosaur egg

Resting after going in the jungle gym

In jail

Shooting water

Shooting water

Inside the jungle gym

On Kid Power Tower

Matthew's car racing


Matthew and Susie playing with the water toys


Shooting water

Matthew getting his caricature done


Climbing at the jungle gym

Last ride of the day

Shooting water up at Aquazone

Waiting in line at Kid Power Tower

Driving school


Elliott and Matthew on the arm ride

Matthew fighting Darth Vader

Susie and Matthew on the arm ride

Matthew carrying his newly won stuffies

Matthew sitting on my foot

Matthew in his harness for the arm ride

Locked up

Susie and Matthew on the arm ride

Our Bionicle

Matthew and another kid playing a Lego Star Wars game

Matthew and our Bionicle

Making a wooden airplane with a hammer

Conference with the Soccer Team

Eek... HEADER...

Playing with Claire, Ashley, and Teacher Kitty


Train ride at the zoo

Racing against Coat Alexa

Matthew wooden plane

Everyone making a wooden plane with a hammer... EEK!!!

Another Header

Talking about their wooden planes

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