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July 2010
added by Susie
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At Holmby Park on 4th of July with Lola and her Mom

Using the Pre-K computer


Making faces at school

Nika playing with Matthew's golf set

Making art at school

Eating watermelon at the Warner 4th of July parade

Nika playing with Matthew's play sets

Singing a song

Getting ready to go to the Warner parade

Making art at school

Matthew in his new room, Pre-K

Matthew and Lola at Holmby Park

Playing with Nika at home

Grant looking at worms

Making art


Computing at school

Sliding with weapons

Swordfight with Nika

Team cheer

Don't play yet!

Tushy light

Running and smiling

Watching Ryan and Dennis playing hockey

Sifting sand with Keira

Waiting for a high-5 from Harrison


Playing goalie

Elliott with Matthew's hat

Playing with his new Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots he got from the Lew's

Matthew at school with his hat

Getting ready to race

Fun at soccer

Team cheer

Computer Time at Pre-K

Computer Time again at Pre-K

Ashley and Nika in Pre-K

Getting ready to go home... first week at Pre-K

Matthew doing art with his pal Ian

Matthew at the circus

Susie and Matthew watching the circus


Matthew at school

Circus is too loud

Alexandru and Matthew watching the circus

Matthew and his name

Acrobats flipping

Watching with sunglasses


Matthew, Nika, Luke and Ashley

High wire


Matthew at the doctor's office

Matthew and Rory


Acrobats at the circus

Flying trapeze

More flipping


Pre-K kids

Matthew and Alexandru playing iPhone

Soccer meeting

Carrying stuff from school

Stilt flying

Running at soccer

Being thrown at swimming



Ashley at school

Isaac and Matthew

Flipping onto three levels of people

Matthew and his new teacher Nagwa

Carrying stuff to school

Having fun at swimming

Playing on the computer

Team cheer

Look over there

Matthew and Teacher Sharen

Being thrown

Matthew meditating after his purple belt test

Checking out his new gear

Susie leading "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Teacher Rory reading

Balancing at school

Karcher spinning Ivy

Matthew in the sand yard

Bubbles at school

Circle time at school


Matthew's new stuff

Practicing earthquake drill

Earthquake drill

After getting his purple belt

Elliott reading to kids at school

Matthew at school

Blowing bubbles at Holmby Park

Making faces at soccer

Luke blowing bubbles

Painting a handkerchief

Running as a team

Tiger's Mouth

Coach Alexa worried about Matthew's kick

Being thrown into the pool


Leopard's Paw


Being thrown

Swimming class

Making art



Team meeting


Kicking the ball

Squatting and waiting

Team cheer

Team meeting

Dancing around at soccer

Susie's parents and Aunt with Matthew

Elliott with Curious George hat

Matthew's cowboy outfit

Matthew in line at Universal Studios

Picking up balls

Racing Andrew

Shooting balls

Playing dodge ball

Wearing donkey ears

Waiting for the Simpsons ride

Soccer group picture

Making a Spongebob

Shooting balls

Running away from the ball

Karate drill

Dodge ball

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