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Matthew's 4th Birthday
added by Susie
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Matthew and Alexandru weighing themselves (75 pounds)

Matthew's birthday cupcakes

Matthew and Andrew waiting in line

Riding on the spinning ride

Isabella in a bumper car

Tej in a bumper car

Heather and her brother

Matthew riding

On the bumper car



Alexandru riding in the bumper car

Matthew's cake

Spinning ride

Andrew enjoying himself

Thomas, Matthew, and Andrew on the Dragon swing

Lots of kids on the bumper cars

Matthew at his birthday party

Vincent on the ride

Blowing on a horn

Eating pizza

Ashley on the bumper car

Andrew and Claire

Pulling the pinata strings

Claire on the bumper car

Gabi eating chips

Matthew and his Transformers ring

Alexandru eating cake

Blowing out the candles

Playing ring toss with Tej's dad


Eating a cupcake

Bumper cars

Louise and Claire eating

Thomas making noise

Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday"



Matthew and Zachary eating

Matthew and a big octopus

Ashley and her mother

Riding with Keira and Nika

Pinata madness

Vincent shooting water

Matthew and Shin Grandparents

Matthew's pinata bounty

Getting off a ride

Grabbing goodies

Markatos' playing a game

Keira's goodies

Nika showing off her snake

All the kids playing the game

Gabi pulling the pinata string

Looking out for Vincent

Enjoying the ride

Heading to play the water shooting game

About to play the shooting game

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