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June 2010
added by Susie
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Holding his breath

Sleeping at school

Matthew and Nika pretend sleeping at school

Floating on his back

Thomas and his sheriff's badge

Matthew playing with sand and wearing his badge

Karate class

Matthew talking to Nika

Looking at Ian slide

The jungle gym

Nika sleeping on the ground

Andrew playing with cars

Zachary, Vincent and Teacher Rachel


Keita, Tej and Andrew


Keita's share toy


Lauren coloring her chef's hat

Keita and his brother making pizza

Nika designing her hat

Tour of California Pizza Kitchen

Matthew making pizza

Isabella's Mom, Chung and brother

Keita and his hat

Picture of the tour of the kitchen from the outside

Matthew at music class

Sliding on the new jungle gym slide

Andrew and Zachary

Driving the pirate ship

Swinging his favorite way

Matthew looking through his chef's hat

Alexandru washing dishes

Starting the tour of the kitchen

Isabella and her hat

Keira making pizza

Nika making a funny face


Under the monkey bars

Playing iPad

Matthew and Mom enjoying the great outdoors

Grabbing candy under the piņata

Kids under the table

Juliette and Isabella

Getting ready for the cake

Piņata time

2nd floor of the jungle gym

Heather sliding

Grant coloring his hat

Matthew and Mom relaxing at the Bel Air Bay Club

Our gang

Heather opening up a present

Vincent eating pizza

Matthew going under Coach Alexa

Trying to get the ball from the tall coach

Running as fast as possible after tagging the coach



Going under Coach Alexa

Talking while playing soccer

Red light

Kicking the ball

Running and smiling

Red team

Concentrating on the game

Coach Keith talking to Matthew

Running to the ball

Kids enjoying soccer

Kicking the ball

Matthew sitting next to the tall coach

Team huddle


Racing Carter

Claire in the parachute

The mermaid talking to Claire

Lauren and Nika

Talking to the mermaid

Kids playing dodge ball

Ashley going down the slide

Eating lunch

Making a face

Lauren riding

Running after class

Keira sliding

The mermaid showing a magic trick

Claire sliding

Claire's birthday party


Entertained by the mermaid

Catching bubbles

Vincent sliding

Watching a magic trick

Waiting for the fun to start


Vincent and Keira playing air hockey

Juliette getting her face painted

Matthew's hole in his sock

Lauren getting her face painted

Zachary as a leopard


Air Hockey

Matthew getting his face painted


Keira playing air hockey

Eating cake

Riding horses

Claire getting her face painted

Looks like they're looking at something scary

Claire playing with the parachute

Keira as a tiger

Ian and Matthew playing a game

Ashley getting her face painted

Nika waiting for face painting

Swinging on the big swing

Making faces on the swing

More swinging

Isabella and Teacher Rachel

Matthew sitting on the window

Diving into the pool

Alexandru cutting something

Thomas playing with Play Doh

Washing babies


Reading a book

Kitty flipping Alexandru

Coach Michelle putting on an orange shirt for Matthew

Running happy

Grandpa Shin's 76th birthday

Matthew received his medal for his soccer class

Coach Keith must have said something funny

Playing a game at Karate



Trying to work as a team

Playing belt tag

Soccer game

Belt tag

Receiving his medal

Snoodle fight

Matthew with his arm around Elena

Playing iPad with grandparents

Matthew at Karate


White pigeon in front of our house

Caught practicing Kata 1 at soccer

Snoodle fight with a purple belt

Learning from Sensei Mario


Trying to avoid someone

Maren's tower

Matthew and Maren showing off the tower

Matthew and Grandma Shin and stacking robots

Matthew in his old-school Kobe Bryant jersey

Sitting in a tire

Swimming with Teacher Nathan

Swimming class

Matthew and Grandma Shin

Getting ready to run

Sliding on the new jungle gym

Riding the glider

Juliette eating yogurt

Matthew's birthday poster

Father's Day soccer cheer

Matthew talking about his poster

Red Light

Carrying a chair

Ready to run at soccer

Eating some birthday yogurt

Matthew's birthday in the Red Room

Before swimming class

Talking about his poster

Eating yogurt

Running fast

Keira and Matthew making art

Team meeting


Talking to Andrew and Alex


Swinging with Alexandru

Belly swinging

Holding on to something while swinging

Ian making art

Matthew laughing with Andrew

Getting a water break

Throwing away trash

Making art


Jumping at school

Ian making Matthew some art

Making art at school

Coaches at soccer

Matthew explaining something

Team meeting

Blowing out his second Junior's cupcake candle

Operating a garbage truck

Making art at school

Sleeping at soccer

Looking for something


Running fast


Lee's with room parent gift painting by Red Room kids

Matthew looking out the window

Singing a song

Getting ready to sing the song

Matthew and Keita yelling at Andrew outside

Watching the slideshow

Watching the slideshow at the Red Room party

Hugging Heather

Matthew on the computer at DSC

Sword Fighting

Matthew getting Dad on the defensive

Ice Hockey... "GOAL"

Tinker-toy exhibit at DSC

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