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May 2010
added by Susie
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Toddle Tunes playing music at the Spring Social

Pre-K kids and Charlie Russell watching the band

Susie selling yearbooks

Kids watching the band

Pre-K kids

Matthew blocking and punching

Jumping at music class

Matthew took this picture of Sensei Sam

Matthew and Lauren at music

Using a computer in the yellow room

Eating bubbles


Susie selling shirts, CD's and yearbooks


Sparring with Sensei Sam

Amy and Kathryn and her two daughters

Toddle Tunes rocking out

Matthew having fun

Sitting with Keira, Luke and Luke's mom Alison

Matthew at music class

Keira and Nika dancing

Making a scary look

Trying to get away from the dance guy

Conga line


Group dancing

Jumping for joy

Too much fun


Dance move

Getting ready to dance

Dancing like a fool

Alexandru dancing

Matthew and Ashan

Sarah dancing


Dance moves


Having fun dancing

Dancing in a circle

Following the dance guy

Limbo dancing

Trying to catch a bubble

Another dance move

Low Limbo

Popping a bubble

Conga line


About to pop the bubble

Matthew bubbling

Making bubbles at Cheviot Hills Park

Matthew and Zachary resting

Taking the team group picture

Getting ready for a drill

Grandkids with Grandpa Lee

Pointing to where they're going

Running as a team

Resting before a drill

Coach Justin making kids laugh


A team activity

Running to the ball

All eyes on Matthew

Enjoying a nice day at soccer


Matthew telling Coach Keith where they're going

Fun at soccer

Doing a soccer drill

Over there!

Ian jumping from up high

Keira sliding down the pole

Matthew jumping

Nika and Matthew at Holmby Park

Nika jumping

Ian jumping

DirecTV runner

DirecTV runner

Matthew and his team getting water

Kicking the ball

Playing drums

Second DirecTV finisher

Police escort for the first place runner

Coliseum flame

Men's first place runner

Men's first place runner again

Inside the Coliseum

Matthew as an astronaut

First DirecTV finisher

Swim class

DirecTV runner

DirecTV runners

First place woman

Susie and Matthew after the Revlon run

Matthew running through a tunnel at the Coliseum

Jumping a soccer ball

Team and parents huddle at soccer

Playing soccer against moms (and a few dads)

Celebrating after class


Soccer Kids website #1

Soccer Kids website #2

Soccer Kids website #3

Soccer Kids website #4

Soccer Kids website #5

Zachary playing with his truck

Matthew and his ice cream machine

Jumping into the pool

Matthew's toes

Keita, Zachary, Alexandru and Matthew at Holmby Park

Jumping in

Looking at Zachary's truck

Susie and Barbara

Having a discussion

Alexandru, Matthew and Zachary

Alexandru and Zachary about to slide

Red Room collage

Jumping into the pool

Andrew and Keita

Teacher Rory

Kitty reading a book

Ashley and Claire

Playing with water

Rory playing with Ashley and Lauren

Facial expressions

Kitty reading a book

Matthew and Maren catching olives

Isabella playing in the sand

Matthew in a tree

Watching Karate

Hanging out

Getting his orange belt on

Lydia and Ellie

Susie making crepes with kids in the Red Room

Teacher appreciation food

Making crepes

Kids waiting for their crepes

Making crepes at school

Making crepes for the morning snack

Susie at school

Making crepes

More food for teacher appreciation week

Teacher appreciation food

Teacher appreciation week sign

Matthew in his Maestro music class

Nika with something on her head

Matthew talking to Isabel

Matthew with something on his head

Zachary looking at his car

Matthew sitting

Kicking a ball

Matthew's soccer class

Talking to Isabel

Nika in the sandyard

Carter, Isabel and Matthew

Matthew and Mom at Huntington Beach

Soccer class

Talking to Elena

Running with Justin

Smiling at the beach

Running in Karate

Carter and Matthew

Ian in the sandyard

Sitting at school

Having fun with a little piece of wood

Water break

Talking to Elena

Broccoli in the Earth Box

Matthew in the rear-view mirror

Close-up of our broccoli

Playing musical chairs with Maren

Teacher Jilla and Lauren making art

Musical chairs

Red Room art

Looking at Ashley's snail collection

Zachary with a baseball


Teacher Rory with Matthew's baseball glove



Girls reading

Teacher Jilla and Nika

Matthew in his music class

Red Room art

Dropping parachutes down the jungle gym

Teacher Jilla and Ashley

Matthew with his glasses

Claire, Teacher Jilla, Matthew and Ashley

Reading a book

Lauren making art


Matthew and Grant

Playing at the Zoo

Lauren and Grant

Juliette and Lauren having fun

Matthew riding a crocodile

Keira blowing out her horn

Eating dinner

Crazy kids

Juliette exercising

Maestro class

Playing guitar

Grant falling out of the bouncer

Climbing through the spiderweb

A lot of kids in the bouncer

Grant making bubbles

Zachary and Grant

Grant kissing his brother

Grant on the bouncer

Matthew smiling

Showing Mom how to breakdance

Susie having fun with the kids

Music at Grant's birthday party

Grant blowing out his candles

Grant's party

Music at Grant's

Birdie song

Butterfly song

Getting ready to blow out the candles

Teacher Halina talking to Lauren

Listening to music

In their cocoons for the Butterfly song

Grant picking Ashley for the Birdie song

Teacher Halina playing the banjo

Relaxing before soccer class

Telling Coach Keith that he's wrong

Running at soccer

Matthew playing his favorite hiding game

Acting like a monster

Running and having fun

Hiding under the blanket

Looking at a plane

Coach Keith talking to Matthew

Playing Uno

Matthew's new play house

Matthew's art

Sensei Sam carrying Matthew to his class

Running around the putting green at Holmby Park

Fun at swimming

Matthew found Whoville from Horton Hears a Who


Rolling on the grass

Running again

Matthew's new sparring gear

Red Room art (Matthew's is orange)

More Red Room art


Being carried to Karate class

Monkey Airplane Rocket

More art

Showing off the sparring gear

Teacher Jilla making art with Isabella and Ashley

Zachary making a lava lamp

Juliette making her lava lamp

Matthew making his lava lamp

Keita and Claire

Claire pouring oil


Lauren, Ashley and her grandmother making art

Ashley and Claire showing Teacher Rory a book

Claire talking to Grant

Matthew and his friends watching

Grant playing with a crane


Alexandru's big bottle


Ashley and her grandmother and some kid in the background

Flowers from Grant's family thanking us for helping

Big kick for a goal

Susie and Matthew at school

Jumping jacks

Having fun at school

After his team scored a goal


Matthew and Isabel

Dance Dance Revolution in the Red Room

Getting ready for the ride

Jason and Evan on the roller coaster

Spinning the wheel for a prize

Riding on the roller coaster

Fun on the ride


Crowded ride


Matthew in the strawberry

Eating a big ice cream cone

Hands up for the ride

Matthew with Grandpa Shin and Grandma Shin

Matthew iPading

Talking about space


On the Alligator

Laughing on the Alligator

Building at CSC

Astronaut Matthew

"Hello, are you there?"

Watching out for Butterflies

Matthew with Grandpa Shin and Grandma Shin

Thanking Grandma Shin for the Cookies

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