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April 2010
added by Susie
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Matthew at the Lego water park area

Riding the helicopter

Putting together a tower

Riding a police car

Touching a Lego guy

At the water park

On Fairy Tale Brook

Susie and the Lego guy

Matthew and his Lego guitar

Riding in a car

In the Lego jail

Matthew and Elliott on the Fairy Tale Brook ride

Matthew with the scuba wolf in the background

Looking at a book

Playing at the water park area

Matthew's guitar

At the play area at Legoland

Building a tower


Jumping to the music

Playing mini-golf

Trying to win a prize

Riding the airplane with Ricky Rat

Riding on the Aqua Zone

Airplane ride

Picking a duck for a prize

Going for a prize

Riding the boat ride


Climbing the big fort

Loading the foam ball machine

Riding Aqua Zone

Shooting foam balls

Loading foam balls


Getting ready for the pirate boat ride

Trying not to get hit by foam balls

Looking at the foam ball machine

Getting on Aqua Zone

Matthew at Legoland

Nika and her pirate mask

Matthew reading

Kids making music at the water park

Matthew and Alexandru playing with the table at Thomas' birthday


Shooting some frogs

Building something

Shooting something on the bike


Learning about fish

At the water park

In the Lego car

Matthew and his pirate mask

Matthew and some kids at Thomas' birthday party

Playing with a water toy

Looking for something at Legoland

Inside the lion's mouth

Running in the play area at Legoland

In a Lego car

Shooting water

Kids at Thomas' birthday party

Sabrina, Carol, Barbara and Susie

Isabella after eating some cake


Thomas and his cake

Keira playing with puppets

At the puppet area

Thomas' birthday party

Lining up for some fun

Eating fruit

Blowing out the candles

Isabella and her hat

Hiding behind something

Thomas and a sea cucumber

Licking some frosting

Keira and Matthew hiding

Holding up a whale bone

Ready for fun

Alexandru playing with puppets

Eating lunch

Blowing bubbles

Adding to his Easter egg collection

I found it!

Keira reading

Matthew enjoying bubbles

Another egg found

Thomas and a puppet

Looking at some fish

Matthew's eggs

Getting ready to make bubbles

Woohoo! Easter egg!

Making bubbles

Fancy egg

A bubble got onto Matthew's arm

Bakugan in the Easter egg


Looking for fish

Blowing bubbles

Looking surprised

Reaching for an egg

Elliott and Matthew make bubbles

Big bubble

Matthew and Susie making bubbles

Susie's big bubble

Matthew made a big one

Look at that!

There it is!

Admiring a nice bubble

Bubble curling around Matthew

Another big one

Looking at a bubble

Big bubble from Matthew

Enjoying bubbles

Susie's bubble

Elliott's big bubble

Looking at a big one

Fun with bubbles

Misty enjoying a bubble

Zachary loading up a rocket

On an adventure

Keira launching a rocket

Matthew fishing

Ian launching a rocket

At the ocean of Holmby Park

Rocket launch

Fun at Holmby Park

Keira launching a rocket

In the jungle

Kids fishing

Looking up at the rocket

Zachary going for it

Matthew's new headband

Keira's footprints after she took her rain boots off

Matthew making music

Susie with two kids Matthew met in Huntington Beach

Weird face

Team meeting

Playing Congas

Making a face

Happy face

Taking a picture face

Sitting on Mom

Curled tongue face

Art gallery from pre-school

Grandparents Shin and Matthew

Another goofy face

Learning Bongos from Teacher Jason

Drinking a juice

Running at soccer

Susie feeding kids from Huntington Beach

Matthew and Zachary sitting on the ladder

Rocking out face

Grandma Shin and her friend at Disneyland

Running at soccer

Fun at soccer

Matthew at soccer class

Looking through binoculars

First day of soccer class

Matthew's class and the new teacher

Getting a high-5 from Coach Keith

Enjoying soccer class

Block one

Getting some strategy

Team hug

Fun at soccer

Trying to sit on a ball

Soccer drill

More fun at soccer


Matthew and Justin


Matthew and Coach Keith

Matthew and Justin playing goalies

Showing off his new soccer shoes

Matthew looking up

Matthew and Alexandru at Kidspace

Matthew at the Bug Cafe

Riding tricycles

Fitting shoes into the survival kit

Snoodle fight

Matthew after swimming

Alexandru getting a stamp at Kidspace


Serving food

Alexandru and Matthew playing with water

Swimming lessons

Susie waiting for some food

Floating on his back with his tongue out

Matthew and Alexandru driving


Climbing out of the ant hole

Matthew and his headband at Karate

Alexandru coming out of the ant hole

Riding on a car

Playing at Kidspace

Looking at the map at Kidspace

Having a snack

Playing with water

Climbing the spider web

Having fun at Kidspace

Looking through something at each other

Relaxing at Kidspace

Testing the water

Looking through the back of a chair

Fun at Kidspace

Getting an eyeful of water

Making a big bubble

Rock climbing

Looking at the water

Matthew and Aidan


Matthew, Harrison, Elena and Isabel at soccer

Alexandru in the pool

Matthew and Alexandru on Susie in the pool

Matthew looking at his toes

Matthew in the pool

Matthew sharing at soccer

Chasing Andrew

Alexandru and Matthew

Zachary on the slide

Relaxing at soccer

Having fun at soccer

Learning about soccer

Floating in the pool at Andrew's


Andrew sliding into the pool

Team meeting

Going up the slide

Happy running

Lucy swimming

Matthew and Susie swimming

Andrew and his brother Thomas

Andrew blowing out his candles

Listing to music by Halina

Pass the parcel

Andrew and his cake

Kids participating in music

Collyns family


Ashley and Luke

Zachary playing

Eating a big cookie


Nika swimming

Ashley in the pool

Birdie song

Nika eating cake

Andrew and Matthew playing with Thomas trains

Grant eating cake

Luke playing with a car

Matthew playing with trains

Getting ready for Pin the tail on the donkey

Luke playing

Sue, Andrew's Mom


Andrew and Matthew looking at a computer


Nika and her Mom


Matthew placing the tail


Zachary drinking juice

Matthew at swim class

Matthew and his headband

Playing at Holmby Park

Keira and Zachary at Holmby Park

Pelican on Redondo Beach Pier

Playing in the creek area at Holmby Park

Matthew's hand

Squirrel at Holmby Park


Matthew's art and description

Kicking a ball


Matthew talking to his coach

Running at soccer

Drinking through the net in the bouncer

Hitting a kite with a balloon sword

Snow White and Gabi

Pelican at Redondo Beach Pier

Matthew and Carter at soccer

Drinking at Gabi's birthday party

Relaxing at soccer

Parachute time at Gabi's party



Matthew made the number 4 out of pine needles

Matthew's profile

Marching lights

Eating cake at Gabi's party

Gabi getting her face painted

Bird at the Redondo Beach Pier (maybe a heron)

Kids at Holmby Park

At Grandma's Orange Grove

Modifying his car at Legoland


Racing at Legoland

Golfing at Legoland

With Napping Lego

Grandma Shin and Matthew

Matthew and his new friend Luke

Claire, Isabella and Ashley have a talk

Getting ready for a water ride at Legoland

Putting at Legoland

Grandma and Grandpa Shin with Matthew

Driving at Legoland

Grandma Shin and Matthew


Relaxing after Soccer

Matthew singing in the band

Matthew on the piano

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