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March 2010
added by Susie
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Picking oranges

Riding on a tractor

Running after the ball

Shifting gears

Soccer kids


Jason at Grandpa's


Sliding down the stairs

Matthew at swimming



Matthew and his belt

Sparring gear

Ring toss equipment

Running after the class

Sparring gear

Alexandru hanging out

Picking oranges


Jumping on the mattress on Pajama Day

A lot of kids on the swing

Teacher Rory making French toast

Ready to fight

Matthew after he got the ring from the bottom of the pool


Kameline at Holmby Park


Kids swinging

Coming up for air




Keira airborne

Kameline took this picture of me

Claire, Ashley and Teacher Rachel


The gang


Fun at Holmby Park

Claire on Pajama Day

Relaxing on Pajama Day

Director Linda

Ashley, Keira and Alexandru

Zachary and Alexandru

Robot arms

Pajama Day Circle Time

Listening to Coach Justin

Looking for something

Mimicking Alex


2009 USSD Poster (Matthew's just to the left of the tree)

Fun at soccer

Kicking the ball


Getting flipped at music class by Mom


Soccer drill

Susie and Matthew looking at animals at the Zoo

Close-up of Matthew on the Karate Poster


Elliott and Matthew at the Zoo

Showing off his two-pack

Kicking the ball

Doing a drill

Trying to get his pajamas off

Matthew's iPod ad

Music with Halina

Matthew getting a ring from the bottom of the pool

Isabella, Lauren and Zachary

Scary ABC song with kids screaming

Teacher Halina

Listening to the song

Dancing to the pirate song

Dancing like crazy

Traffic in the pool

Scary faces


Goldfish taken with bellows

Mosh pit

Blue Room and Teacher Halina

Our new corn plant through the bellows

Red Room and music

Funny smiles

Teacher Halina

More crazy dancing

Lola, Seif, Ali, Lucy and Konrad

Matthew and Teacher Shane

Blowing bubbles

Clapping to the music at Ashley's birthday party

Pop and lock

Enjoying the music show

Matthew, Zachary and Keita

Pillow fight

Matthew and Mom playing music

Blowing bubbles

Keita blowing a bubble

Making music

Family in the Red Room

Upside down

Shaking the maracas

Keira's face paint



More bubbles

Music at Ashley's birthday party

Getting ready to hit me with a pillow

Kicking the big ball

Huge soccer ball

After Matthew got his certificate and medal

Kids at Ashley's birthday party

Getting his certificate and medal

Playing soccer

Jumping the huge ball

Playing soccer

Juliette, Ashley and Claire with noise makers

Jumping the huge ball

We need to go there!

Team meeting

Looking towards the other coaches

Running to the ball

Fun at soccer

Talking strategy


Kicking the big ball

Running in a circle

Ashley and Claire

Alexandru, Tej and Matthew looking at a big lizard

Matthew and Alexandru at Holmby Park

Zachary, Tej and Matthew at Tej's birthday party

Kids exploring at Holmby Park

Sensei Sam telling Matthew of the secret level four

Side kicks

Practicing a side kick

Fun at school

Taking a picture of the tree

Kids in the jungle at Holmby Park

Fun at Tej's party

Matthew looking at a picture on Ian's camera

Looking at pictures

Kids gathering around the lizard

Eating at Tej's party

Practicing Karate

Looking at loud birds

Rocking out at Music Class

Attacking in the jungle at Holmby Park

Music Class

At Elizabeth and Tommy's wedding

Taking a tour of the Star ECO station

Looking at birds

What's that smell?

Matthew at the wedding

Matthew showing off Plants vs. Zombies

Mom and Matthew

Waiting for the tour to begin

Matthew and Jason


After the wedding

Touching a feather

Looking at the fountain

Grabbing ears

Some Lee family

Kids were told to fold their hands on the tour

Matthew and Jason

Drinking during the ceremony

Ryan, Nolan, Matthew and Jason

Running outside the church

Grace, Matthew and Jason looking at a game

Matthew's ribbon "tie"

Daddy and Matthew

Jason after Pinkberry

Rocking out

Playing music on his guitar

Jason and Matthew

Susie, Dennis and Cindy

Nolan, Elliott, Matthew and Ryan

Uncle Frank and Cindy

Matthew playing a game

Playing with the ribbon

Kids love games

Kiana, Joanne and Evan

Matthew looking at Susie from above

Rock out!

Riding in a wagon

Zachary, Matthew, Ian and Keira on the swing

Nika and Konrad

5 kids on the swing

Konrad pulling the wagon

Susie, Bonnie and Sabrina at Holmby Park

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