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February 2010
added by Susie
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Jumping into the pool

Punching with Sensei Sam

Big jump!

Matthew and Dillon in front of WUMP after school

Playing tambourine

Trying to hit a ball

Listening to a story

Kids outside at circle time

Matthew standing in front of WUMP after school

Putting together a puzzle

Mean face

Lifting weights

Matthew and Alexandru at Holmby Park

Isabella singing

Matthew creating something at school

Grant singing

Listening to a book

Matthew defeated Sensei Sam

Kids putting together a puzzle

Reading a story

Playing with the castle

Sadie and Elle reading a book




Surprised face

Singing a Beatles song

Susie with glasses

Teacher Rory reading a book

Matthew singing

Seeing what the weather is like outside

Alexandru creating

Matthew's glasses

Zachary blowing out his candles

Spider-man at Zachary's party

Grabbing goodies from the pinata


Under the parachute

All of the candy falling out

Matthew trying to break out the pinata

Sliding down the stairs

Juliette and Thomas laughing

Matthew enjoying Zachary's birthday party

Playing with a crane

Zachary and Bonnie at the party

Spider-man and a puppet

Eating lunch


Kids enjoying the party

A lot of kids in bed

Alexandru's bounty

Alexandru watching intently

Pulling on the pinata string

Playing with the parachute

Matthew in a soccer team meeting

Matthew telling a kid in Karate that he's fast

Getting ready for soccer


Playing Beatles Rock Band

Soccer team

Matthew sitting on a ball

Listening to the coaches

Matthew and Alex running

Fun at soccer

Running around a tree at soccer with Isabel

High-fiving Coach Alexa

Wondering what's happening next


Teacher Jason and Matthew playing accordion

Matthew shielding

Matthew eating a snack


Zachary giving a valentine



Matthew handing out his cards

Zachary and his cookie

Matthew playing music

Matthew giving high-fives to the team

Swimming class

High steps


Matthew making something

Matthew's goodies

Look what I got

Snoodle fight


Team building

Enjoying soccer

Something fun is happening

5 more times

Running to the ball


Making a scary face

Kicking the ball


Four more times

Playing ring toss

Doing the step strategy

Level 5

iPhoning in the car

Susie pulling Matthew up the slope

Playing music

Singing and playing guitar

Thomas, Zachary and Zachary's Mom Bonnie making a snack

Matthew and Jason hugging


Riding down the slope

Kicking the ball

Starting Matthew down the hill

Ring toss

Matthew's technique

Making a snack

Practicing soccer

Building at pre-school

Ring toss

Sitting on the ball


Ashley and Stella

Claire, Ashley and Stella


Fun at the snow

Riding down on his back

Fun at the snow

Oh boy candy!

Susie doing a jump

Getting ready to do a jump

The world's biggest snowball

Elliott sliding down


Going for a jump

About to jump

Big snowball


In front of the candy store

Matthew's snowman

Digging snow

Riding down the hill


Trying to stop

Soccer class meeting

Chasing kids


Matthew posing in front of the Mach 5

Eating at Nika's birthday party

Team picture


Playing the Melodica

Riding a big scooter



Playing a game

Playing music

Keira and Alexandru as tigers

Matthew running


Watching Teacher Matthew

Making a marble tower at Petersen's



Making mean faces

At Petersen's

Matthew and Tej

Running through the Hot Wheels arch


Team picture

Hanging from the rings

Matthew and Juliette surfing

Fun at Juliette's party

Matthew's square


Crawling like babies

Birthday parade

Lots of fun

Jumping with Alexandru

Kids at Juliette's party

The guys playing with their water game

Playing at Nika's birthday party

Enjoying the game at the party

Matthew and Zachary

Mermaid doing magic tricks

Watching face-painting

Lauren jumping

Alexandru's tiger face

Lauren's face


Alexandru eating


Matthew eating pizza

Blowing out the candle

Laughing at dinner

Alexandru and Keira as tigers

Dancing to the music

Big bite


I know!

Running at soccer

Kicking the ball


Telling Coach Andrea where he's going


Jumping a cone

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