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January 2010
added by Susie
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"Old" picture of Matthew and Lola

Sliding down a slide before the Rose Bowl game

Playing catch

Mom and Matthew making some crafts

In front of the Rose Bowl

Posing with some Duck fans

A perfect day for football


All Ducked Out!

Matthew and his duck lips

Posing with cheerleaders

Going into the game

Thrust Punch!

Matthew and Maren making funny faces


Making a goofy face

Another funny face

Goofy face

Fun at swimming


Playing a game a pre-school

Laughing with Sensei Sam

Fun at Karate

Matthew and Grandma Shin

Jogging in place

Hugging Grandma Shin

Fun with Sensei Sam

Kameline, Maren and Matthew

Matthew and Grandpa Shin

Playing a game in the Red Room

Maren holding Matthew

Matthew and Teacher Rachel making something

Pre-school field trip to Kidspace

Jumping at Keira's birthday party

Putting together a puzzle

Matthew and Sarah riding trikes

Matthew and Alexandru

Art that Matthew made at school

Opening a present from Mr. Zachary from Junior's

Matthew smiling

A bunch of kids at Keira's birthday party

Listening to a pail

Enjoying a snack at Kidspace

Making something at school

Matthew smiling

Alexandru riding

Matthew and Mr. Zachary

Surfing with Keira

Eating lunch at Kidspace

Getting all wet

Matthew's monkey

Dan the Man and Alexandru and Matthew

Playing a game at soccer class

Running as a team at soccer

Doing a soccer drill

Talking about soccer

Giving Coach Carl a high-five

Running at soccer

Matthew smiling

Kicking a soccer ball

Playing a game at soccer class

Matthew holding a soccer ball

Playing violin

Yelling at soccer

Matthew excited that he got his new soccer shirt

Getting coached

Strategy meeting

Using binoculars to see the other team


Talking strategy

Enjoying his first soccer class

Driving the Zamboni

Crab crawling

Having fun at the Discovery Science Center

Matthew and Gabi at Century City Mall

Juliette, Teacher Rachel and Grant

Matthew and Gabi comparing iPhones

Grant playing with gak

Four more times

Matthew as a statue

Teachers Rory and Rachel hugging

Jumping into the pool

Isabel, Claire's Mom Kathryn, Claire and Matthew

Hugging a column

Rocking out


At Teacher Rory's baby shower


Zachary, Alexandru and Matthew

Opening Mr. Zachary's gift

Hiding for the surprise party

Swimming class

Shopping at Koreatown Galleria

Teacher Rory flipping Maren

Matthew pushing Zachary

Ellie trying to hug Matthew



Opening gifts at the baby shower

Tickle tickle tickle

Playing at pre-school

Koji upside-down

Baby shower gift

Keira has that book

Matthew showing Teacher Rory his gift

Hanging out at pre-school

Koji flipping

Sarah trying to flip

Sarah upside-down

Are you looking at me?

Keira's Mom, Sabrina reading a story

Elle pushing Matthew

Zachary thinking

Talking strategy

Kicking the ball

Using binoculars to find something

Kicking the ball between Coach Andrea's legs

Riding at Knott's



Demonstrating soccer technique

Enjoying the ride

Boat ride

Roller coaster

Huff and Puff

Doing a soccer drill

Riding the train at Knott's

Kicking the ball

Running after a coach

Bear crawling

Team meeting

We're going that way!

Where's the other team?


Matthew showing off his toy

Kids at pre-school

Teacher Denise in science class

The new kid Keita

Tyler showing off a toy

Back punch

Experimenting in science class

Matthew learned this from Tej

Looking at something

Diving into the pool

William and Kameline making faces

Playing with snow

William and Kameline


Zachary and Matthew

Floating in the pool


Playing with Alexandru

Matthew on the Soccer Kids web site

Matthew on Karate Illustrated

Walking his scooter around the park

Sitting on a soccer ball

Marching light

Looking for something on the soccer field

Not sure what this is called

Playing soccer

Matthew and his soccer class


Kicking a soccer ball

Swinging at the park with Alexandru

Looking across the field

Matthew, Zachary and Maren

Balancing on a soccer ball

Zachary, Matthew and Alexandru at Holmby Park

Making new friends at soccer

Soccer class

Punching at Karate

Doing a soccer exercise

Running again

Snoodle fighting


Playing soccer

Kicking a ball

Team meeting

Matthew making the girl next to him laugh

Coach Justin making kids laugh

Getting his red jersey on

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