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December 2009
added by Susie
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Scarecrow at pre-school

Matthew sleeping with Yedda and Freddy

Teacher Rachel reading a book

Yellow Room art

Matthew making faces at swimming

Koji and Maren

Grant, the new kid in Red Room

Front of WUMP

Matthew and Elliott at the huge park we found in Buttonwillow

Matthew in his swim cap

Growing some bulbs



Matthew playing with Tinker Toys

Isabella putting together a puzzle

Matthew looking up

Front of WUMC

Ian "playing" with Keira

Matthew and his sand equipment

Zachary climbing

Matthew listening to a story

Playing in the sand

Playing with the castle

Koji, Elle, and Sadie

Zachary making a funny face

Koji playing with cars

Drinking a juice

Pre-K Matthew and friend in the sandyard

Wearing a hardhat

Pre-K Matthew

Teacher Rory reading a book

Red Room art

Pre-K Matthew posing

Maren with fun stuff

Heather riding a scooter

Playing with castles

Eating a Latke

Teacher Rachel reading a story


Knocking down a bag

WUMP Christmas Tree

Matthew at pre-school

Thomas playing with cake toys

Teacher Rachel reading a story

Eating a snack

Kids eating

Teacher Rory reading

Dancing like a fool


Matthew playing with blocks

Teacher Seseh making art with kids

Maren drawing

Heather and Matthew making a cake out of sand

Teacher Ann

Matthew just finished the puzzle

Thomas working on a puzzle

Listening to a story

Zachary hugging mom

Isabella playing in the sand

Lots of kids

Maren's art

Teacher Linda crying in a song

Heather and Isabella playing

Dillon and mom

Koji and Elle reading a book

Red Room kids cooking with Grant's mom

Matthew acting goofy

Making a pizza (notice Thomas eating the pepperoni)

Blue Room's box fort

Blue Room kids

Playing picture bingo

Dillon drumming

Keira drinking at the Carols by Candlelight

Making art


Matthew's gingerbread man

Teacher Ann about to do some magic

Matthew and Ethan


Ellie clapping to the song

Matthew and Mom making a gingerbread man

Going through the magic paper

Matthew playing bingo

Dillon and William

Matthew and Ethan snacking

Pre-K kids eating

Teachers Seseh and Sharon

Eating the gingerbread cookie


Teacher Linda preparing the kids for the concert

Zachary playing with gears

Halina playing Christmas songs

Teacher Ann with a lot of kids

Singing Christmas songs

Teacher Sharon and Dillon

Matthew making a gear tower

Kids practicing their song

Teachers Rory and Georgina singing

Holiday music

Gettin' down

The concert

Kids playing

Teacher Seseh

Practicing their song

Matthew and company singing at the concert


Maren eating

Matthew talking to Sensei Sam


Fun at Karate

Stylized picture of the teachers rocking out

Grant making a slightly goofy face

Pre-K Matthew posing

Zachary working on a puzzle

Matthew doing the seal clap

David making a funny face

Thomas wearing a rubber band

Seal clap

Over there

Andrew smiling



Seal clap with Matthew and Sadie

Pre-K Matthew

Matthew's blast-off he learned from Alexandru


Making faces

Doing push-ups

Wanting to ask a question

Kameline and Maren wearing the same shirt

Matthew at pre-school

Matthew picking a sad Nika in the bird song

Kids at the Christmas sing-a-long

The whole crowd at the WUMP sing-a-long

Teacher Halina leading the sing-a-long

Teacher Rachel reading a book

Matthew and his new hat

Matthew flying to pick a friend

Juliette and Teacher Rory

Matthew and Ashley at the sing-a-long

People singing

Alexandru and Dad came back for the Sing-a-long

Grant drawing

Red Room kids singing

Susie giving kids their new hat

Red Room kids and their new hat

Pre-K kids at the sing-a-long

The WUMP Christmas sing-a-long

Rose Bowl Ticket!!!

Matthew dancing

Climbing the spider web

Kids doing a train down the slide

Shooting water

Getting ready for the train

Koji leading the train

Climbing the spiderweb

Isabella and her tree

Matthew's orange belt test

Dumping some water

Matthew happy at music class

Riding a tricycle

Elliott riding

Climbing the web

Mom and Matthew dumping water


Fun at Kidspace

Teacher Rachel sliding with Ian

Riding a tricycle

Matthew after he was awarded his orange belt

Heather climbing


Digging for treasure

Some fun before karate class starts

Putting an ornament on the tree

Looking for a fire truck at pre-school

Looking at a fire truck outside of pre-school

Matthew and our tree


Flamingo stance

Teacher Rory reading a book

Stretching at karate


A lot of kids

Some people hanging out at a building near our house

Matthew being awarded his orange belt

Climbing the ladder

Heather putting together a puzzle

Ashley and Heather playing

Matthew with a tube-arm

Heather hugging Matthew on Heather's last day of school

Heather climbing


Along came the spider...


Putting together a puzzle

Heather's the spider

Making a goofy face

The woman who ate stuff

Reading a Christmas story to all of the kids


Jacob and Sophie

Matthew being the spider

Goofy face

Christmas story

Opening his first Christmas present


"What's gonna work? Team-work"

Matthew playing iPhone inside the tent

Matthew playing Bakugan

Jason scooting

Kids playing games

Matthew showing off his Beatles Rockband present

Fun swinging


Opening a present from Santa

Looking at his present

Lego fire ship

Matthew getting a present

Making stuff with Moon Sand


Playing Scaterpillar



Matthew at Christmas

Kids playing

Matthew scooting

Taking pictures at Christmas

Playing Beatles Rock Band

Kenny on the drums

Joanne posing

Auntie Marylin


Linda playing guitar


Auntie Harriet and Debbie



Matthew watching his race car

Shooting some water

Shooting at some alligators

Going through the obstacle course

George Washington getting his ear cleaned

Susie dancing

Elliott and Matthew on the helicopter ride

Matthew playing Batman and Robin

Santa flying around the MetLife building


Matthew and Elliott riding on the log ride

Susie and Matthew enjoying the plane ride

Climbing the jungle gym

Reaching for the top

Going down the huge slide


Matthew in the fire show

Going down the log ride

Matthew dumping water at Kidspace

Heather's art

Matthew climbing a wall

Hula hooping

Grant showing off his hard hat

Having fun with Andrew

Lauren and Claire playing with Play Doh

Juliette and Teacher Rachel

Playing keyboard with Teacher Shane

Matthew and Teacher Jilla

Thomas made a mess

Matthew pushing

Matthew inside his fort

Elliott reading to the Red Room

Listening for the ocean

Heather and Lauren making art

Claire and Isabella

Alexandru, Zachary and Vincent

Cranking a penny

Matthew all bundled up

Andrew looking at Matthew

Matthew and his puzzle

Matthew having fun in his room

Elliott and Matthew going to the Ducks Pep Rally at the Pier

Matthew's Christmas gift

Smiling at Under the Sea

Posing with Tuba players

Matthew as a pirate

Mt. Rushmore at Legoland

Heather hugging Matthew

Posing with the Oregon Green Guy

Riding a motorcycle

Susie and Matthew at the Pep Rally

Getting ready for the Bob the Builder show

Having fun at the Pier

We saw Chad Peppars at the Century City Mall

Putting together a car

Matthew opening Beatles Rock Band

On the bridge at Under the Sea

Getting ready to ride

Eating some good stuff

Matthew as a mermaid

Circle time!

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