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November 2009
added by Susie
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Matthew getting some air

Having fun in Karate with William

Matthew's tower

Having fun at swimming class

Building something

Lauren making art

Putting together a puzzle at pre-school

Launching a rocket at California Science Center

Blue Room kids

Konrad playing doctor

Blue Room kids making faces

Reading with Teacher Rachel

Girls playing

Karcher, Konrad and Will

This line goes around the block for quite a ways for H1N1 shots

Driving a space shuttle

Matthew and Alexandru putting a puzzle together

Solving the Rubik's Cube


Singing into a microphone and looking through a kaleidoscope

Hello in there!

Spinning tops with Teacher Rory

Kids doing fun activities at pre-school

Making a goofy face

Teacher Rachel and kids making something


Isabella with a magnifying glass

Vincent playing with a puzzle


Thomas' sword

Swordfighting pose

Andrew and Alexandru doing a puzzle

Lola at pre-school

Matthew holding his sifter

Claire and Ashley

WUMC through the sandyard tree

Karcher and Konrad

Kids making a marble maze

Halloween art

Thomas playing with silly putty

Alexandru and Andrew building

Matthew rolling up his sleeves

Kneeding some silly putty

Look at my hands

Heather, Karcher, Konrad, Dillon and Matthew on the boat

Rowing the boat

Mixing up some silly putty

Jason blowing out his birthday cake candle

Kids at Grandma's birthday brunch at Mission Inn

New Pre-K kid David

Jason's birthday gift

Jason showing off his Hot Wheels toy

At the Mission Inn

Team Lee

Running to Junior's after Music Class

Eating Jason's birthday cake

Teacher Jason tickling Matthew

Evan and Matthew

In front of a big Chinese bell

Nika and the bucket-hat

Matthew firing a cannon

Matthew behind the big bell

Eating some ice cream


Opening Grandma's gift

Blue Room kids making sad faces

Making a cake

Blue Room kids

Thomas inside the bucket

Sending Freddy down the slide

Kaitlyn making a tower

Thomas on the slide

Matthew filling up the bucket

Kids at Holmby Park playing a game

Pretend sleeping

Riding a two-wheeled scooter

Climbing the ladder

Nika on a bucket on the slide

Riding in the sand

Anirudh and Ellie

What's gonna work? Teamwork!

Reading a book

Isabella talking on the phone

Matthew riding a dinosaur

Climbing sideways

Lauren making a turkey

Matthew and Alexandru playing with the marble maze

Thomas admiring his art

Nika playing with a baby doll

Thomas showing off his art

Matthew working on a puzzle

Matthew, Isabella, and Teacher Rachel

Isabella making a turkey

Rocking out

Matthew and his turkey

About to dig into a banana split

Kaitlin building a marble tower

Matthew sleeping with Freddy

Isabella showing something off

Lauren, Teacher Rory and Lauren's Mom

Alexandru in a new car

Ellie in the car

Matthew building a train track with Teacher Rachel

Thomas playing with legos

Matthew dropping off some food into for the food drive

Sitting in the wagon

Teacher Rory and Lauren

Keira building

Making an outline of Lauren's foot

Look at those drum set skills

Playing with a Lego train

Juliette working on a puzzle

Isabella working on a puzzle

Participating in music class

Alexandru and his train

Having fun at the aquarium

Lauren enjoying a story

Making a foot outline for Thomas' turkey

Getting a bug's-eye view

Washing hands

Matthew's creation

Keira making art

Matthew, Alexandru and Vincent making a train track

Alexandru's train

Matthew making some art


Lauren, Teacher Rachel, and Matthew


Matthew showing me something

Lauren and her cat friend

Matthew and Zachary on a ride at Giggles and Hugs

Claire painting

Zachary, Konrad and Keira on the slide

Matthew building a car track

Sidekick to Sensei Sam

Zachary and Freddy

Teacher Rachel reading a book

Heather cleaning the table

Lola and friend in the Blue Room

Blue Room boys

Fun at karate

Thomas sitting in the bucket

Jenna reading

Pushing the car around the track

Doing some art

Kaitlin flying a plane

Matthew's tower

Resting on the ground

Konrad riding a trike

What the kids in Red Room are thankful for

Red Room turkey art

Riding at Knotts

Riding on a plane ride

The Huff and Puff

Matthew huffing and puffing

Circle time with Teacher Rory

Getting a haircut

Kids participating in a song

Crazy car ride at Knotts


Saying Hi from the plane

Kameline and Anirudh

Reading a book in the afternoon

Riding on the dizzying ride

Kicking a ball

Matthew at swimming class

Listening to the story of Pinnochio

Listening to a story

Susie, Matthew and Grandpa Shin at the California Academy of Science

Matthew and Isabella sweeping

Fun at swimming

Sunshine from the show at the Chabot Space Museum

Heather relaxing in the sandyard

Resting on a perfect-sized bench

About to swim

Talking to his sub-teacher Jovany

Zachary, Kaitlyn and Matthew

Maren partly buried

Mixing some sand

Looking at a castle at Fairyland

Sitting in the crack in the couch

In the space capsule

Practicing his kicking

Squeezing through a small tunnel

Playing with water at Habitot in Berkeley

Fun with water

Listening to the Three Little Pigs story

Mom and Matthew

Matthew as a witch

Taking a picture of the family

Matthew as the tin man

Getting flipped in swimming (he said it was fun!)

Playing with water

Putting out a fire

Fun in jail at Fairyland

Spraying some water out the top

In jail

Floating in swimming class

Fun at Fairyland

Going down the water slide

Matthew eating at Giggles and Hugs

Looking at the dinosaur water fountain on 3rd Street

Playing with Play Doh

Reading a Dora book

Kaitlyn and Zachary

Freddy on the Bearcolounger

Ellie riding in a wagon

Zachary sliding on his knees

Vincent and Matthew

After taking a bath

Zachary and Matthew riding the wacky bikes

Walking around on 3rd Street

Making pancakes

Playing with the Hot Wheels at school

At the California Academy of Sciences

Riding a horse

Fun on the ride to San Francisco

Playing the memory game

Balancing on one foot on the bridge

Relaxing at Fairyland

Matthew's big marble tower

On the fire truck

Shopping at Habitot

Making a gear creation

Watching Backyardigans in bed

On a bridge at Fairyland

Squeezing through the jail doors

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