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October 2009
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Bad Boys III

Matthew and Zachary

Putting something on top of the play house

Stacking some blocks

Ellie carrying a heavy box

Matthew reading a book

Playing inside the house

Snack time!

Eating a snack

Matthew at swimming class

Playing with Karcher

The play area from the front of the church

Matthew and Heather on the jungle gym

Playing with knights

Playing with cars

Claire and Andrew reading books

Matthew and Claire reading

Maren and her plant

Matthew inside the block

Jumping off the slide

Koji and Jenna with hats

Jenna's hat

Matthew dumping some sand on the plant

Kids helping the plant

Jenna adding sand to the plant

Kids working together on the plant

Everybody fixing the plant up

Kaitlin posing

Matthew and Elle

Maren and her hat

Kaitlin's hat

Matthew's hat

Bubble time at music class

Matthew enjoying bubbles

Looking at sea lions

Squirting some water

Matthew and Dad at the aquarium

Looking for fishies

Feeding time

Feeding a ray

Jumping at the waves

Sliding at Mr. Bones

Going through the hay maze

Matthew fits in the hay maze with ease

Poor Dad!

There's hay in my pants!

Matthew making it out of the maze

Picking a pumpkin

Matthew and some pumpkins

Bouncing inside the pumpkin bouncy

Shooting a canon

Row row row your boat

Mom and Matthew on the boat at Mr. Bones

Having fun at the pumpkin patch

Picking a pumpkin

This is the one!

Carrying the pumpkins to the car


Getting ready to frog hop

Frog hopping!


Acting silly for 5 seconds

Matthew and Zachary on the plane

Having fun in the Red Room

Maren and a goofy face

Zachary and his goofy face

Koji trying to do something dangerous

Maren sitting in a chair

Koji sitting

Matthew and Matthew playing

Matthew, Teacher Rory and Freddy

Making a potato head


Konrad and Karcher

Having fun in the sand yard

Matthew and Zachary in hoods


Matthew and his car

Alexandru making a tower

Kids from pre-school

Elliott showing kids a video

Matthew floating

Diving into the water

Getting ready to dive




Swimming from platform to platform


Practicing kicking

Having fun again

Matthew's favorite part of swimming

Pouring water on Alex's head


Hanging out with Freddy on the new recliner

Reading a book in comfort

Matthew's Hot Wheels form

Making stuff at pre-school

Kaleidoscope room rules

Yearbook committee minus Christina

Kids in the play yard

Climbing the ladder

Big jump!

Dillon jumping

Matthew jumping

Kaitlin jumping

Matthew trying to get by

Let me through!

Dillon jumping

Kaitlin, Karcher and Dillon

Konrad wanted to pose for this picture

On top of the steps

Konrad and Karcher

Matthew and Keira

This isn't as comfortable for adults

Having fun on swings

Matthew and Keira making sand castles

Playing at Holmby Park

Swinging with Keira

Will and Dillon riding


Matthew and Dillon swinging


Fun swinging

Kids riding cars, bikes, trikes

Riding around the park

Zachary on his fire truck

Will riding the motorcycle

The image that inspired a movie

Matthew trying to scoot with his eyes closed

This doesn't seem safe

Eating a snack

Having a drink break

Tej riding

Matthew and Tej on the swing

Matthew, Tej and Zachary going crazy


Alexandru and Matthew building

Playing with blocks and cars

Making a snack

Matthew and Alexandru

Heather reading

Susie playing violin for the kids

Playing the violin

Showing how to play



Matthew and Heather


Dillon sliding

Zachary on the slide

Matthew showing Zachary his pal

Matthew and Freddy sliding

Playing on the bench

Zachary playing with a shovel


The church from the sand yard

Kaitlin's soup

Elliott playing with the water

Matthew shooting some water

Building something at Legoland

Looking for something

Building something with Legos

Riding on a boat

Elliott and Matthew on a boat

Susie and Matthew on the pirate ship ride

Log ride!

Putting at Legoland

Big swing

Trick or treat

Matthew getting some treats at Legoland

Trick or treat

Climbing the jungle gym

Reading the map

Matthew and Elliott with crowns

Susie and Matthew sliding

Big bionicle

Matthew building with big Legos

Racing Lego cars

Modifying his car


Elliott and Matthew on the cruise

Looking at Miniland

Racing some cars

The airplane ride

In front of the huge clown


Susie and Matthew waiting in line

On the sky cruise

Susie and Matthew riding


In the kids play area

Playing with the water crank

Shooting some water

Playing with water


Building a Bionicle

Building some stuff

Teacher Rory and Heather

Kaitlin making art

Nika and Lauren

Riding bikes


Putting the bikes away

Everybody going back inside

Teacher Wendy reading

Kids listening to the story

Riding at the park with Nika

Ian, Zachary and Keira

Riding a fire truck


Riding in the sand

Alexandru did this on purpose

Eating some raisins

Riding on a jeep

Riding in the jeep

Playing with cars

Kids in the Red Room

Look at my hat!

Big tower

Wearing a Mr. Potato hat

These glasses look a little small

Kaitlin's tower

Making a goofy face

Look at that face

Playing with cars

Nika's hat

Rubber band toy

Matthew's creation

Koji, Nika and Matthew playing with trains

Teacher Rachel and Matthew

Red Room art

Teacher Rachel and Matthew's mask

Matthew playing with Legos

Zachary and Alexandru having fun on a trampoline

Lola playing golf

Matthew putting

Playing golf at Holmby Park

Making something out of clay

Building a Lego train

Girls having a slumber party

Sleeping in the Red Room

Matthew, Freddy and Teacher Rory

Matthew and Teacher Lita

Balancing on a tire

Konrad driving down the slide

Kids digging in the sand

Koji jumping off the jungle gym

Sadie with a big jump

Dillon cooling off

Matthew and Teacher Matthew

Having fun at music class

Popping bubbles

Riding on a strange bike

Riding at Giggles n Hugs

Playing with trains

Konrad and Matthew playing with trains

Will at Lola's birthday party

On the teeter-totter

Matthew and Dillon having fun

Lola's 3rd birthday party cake

Mmmm cupcakes

Sugar high!

Lola with three different cakes

Eating some cake

Will after eating cake (I think he ate some)

Matthew and Elliott on duck teeter totter

Jumping at the Harvest Festival

Playing games at the Harvest Festival

Trying to knock over some paint cans

Picking a prize

Trying to catch a duck in a net

Dropping something into a jar for a prize

Goldfish contest where we won Seventoes the goldfish

Pumpkins decorated by the different classes

Yellow Room pumpkin

Kaleidoscope pumpkin

Blue room pumpkin

Pre-K pumpkin

Matthew trying to win more stuff

Nika playing games too

Big Matthew won an airplane

Dillon won some rubber duckies

Playing even more games

Matthew and Seventoes

Matthew and Alexandru working on a puzzle

Red Room kids working on puzzles

Blue Room kids

Claire and Ashley playing

Keira getting a bottle ready

The jungle gym at pre-school through the church arch

Kids riding in the new cars

Pre-school decorated pumpkins

Teacher Rory catching Sadie

Riding a scooter at Aidan's

Decorating his scooter

Racing with Alexandru

Keira racing

Alexandru riding a bike

Matthew, Keira and Ian racing

Ian and Keira

Matthew scooting


Alexandru riding

Keira, Alexandru and Ian racing

Sammy riding a scooter

Susie, Anne and Sammy's nanny

Decorating the scooter

Lola making a funny face

Hugging Lola's Mom

Giving Lola a kiss

Lola and Anne

Digging a big hole

Jenna riding down the big hill

Building in the Red Room

Blue Room kids

Lola and Elphie

Building a marble tower

Ashley and Claire

Making some cookies

Throwing a ring down in swimming


Matthew at swimming class

Practicing kicking

About to dive in

Working on a puzzle

Claire thinking


Blue Room kids making a snack

Making a snack

Teacher Rory and Matthew



Everyone working on something


Koji sliding weird


Karate class with Sensei Diego

Having fun in Karate

Freddy at Karate

Meditating and breathing

Nika playing with Legos

Maren sitting in a bucket

Jenna in the bucket

All these kids went down the slide at the same time with sand

Big Matthew

Matthew's favorite way of swinging

Matthew on the swing with Jenna and her sister

Teacher Jason and Matthew


Reading in the tent before the big campout

Eric and Matthew eating popcorn at the zoo

Trick or treating at the zoo

Getting some candy at the zoo

Checking out his bag of goodies

Making a face while eating

Having fun with Eric's dad

Having fun in the stroller

Lots of fun

Getting ready for the slot car race at the Halloween Hoot

Winning a prize bag

Happy at the Halloween Hoot

Kicking a ball

Ring toss

Sliding down a huge slide

In the fun obstacle course

Climbing a rope

Elliott rolling down

On the balance beam


Throwing a hoop

Celebrating a win

The cake walk

Making a bag

High jump

Smelling his toes

Trying to grab William's belt

Matthew and Teacher Rachel

Older kids playing with the castle

Matthew upside down

Alexandru and Matthew


Ellie and Kameline

Riding the big wheel

Keira riding the bike

Teacher Rory and Freddy

Blue Room kids

Vincent and Matthew

Heather making some food

Juliette making a snack

Matthew at swim class with his new teacher Brett

Having fun at swimming

At swimming


Concentrating on the gears

Thomas and Teacher Rachel making cookies

Alexandru and Dad, Lucien, playing with gears

Matthew and Teacher Rachel making cookies

Zachary having fun

Thomas and Zachary's Grandma Jean

Heather on the slide

Matthew and Alexandru sliding at the same time

Making Halloween cookies

Heather's cookie

Checking for a fever and H1N1

Dr. Keira

Heather doing a puzzle with Teacher Rachel

Dr.'s inspecting their noses

Kids doing puzzles

Mom and Matthew swinging

Red Room kids Halloween snack

Vincent and Claire eating a cookie

Lauren as a cat

Ashley and her cookie





Red Room getting ready to trick or treat

Kids with their trick or treat bags

Andrew showing Tej his bounty

Teacher Rory leading kids to trick or treating

Trick or Treating at the senior housing

Trick or Treating with Wendy, Dillon's mom

Getting candy from Sidney at the office

Walking the hallways on Halloween

Walking outside toward the senior housing

Trick or treating

Getting goodies at the church office

More goodies

Getting some goodies

Red Room Spider Web Art

Reading a story

Matthew having fun

Kids participating in a story

Teacher Rory and Kaitlyn

Teacher Rory and Matthew with his new cat ears

Making Matthew's cat ears

Playing with the wood blocks

Teacher Rory and Claire

Fitting Claire for the cat ears

Claire the cat

Pulling the bowling ball

Making smoke signals

Nika on Halloween

Doing the Thriller dance

Dad and Matthew relaxing

Matthew in his Spider-man costume

Playing a game at Discovery Science Center

Matthew's new glasses

Reaching for the twister

Climbing a wall

Playing hockey

Walking on stage at the costume contest at Santa Monica Airport

Matthew's superhero pose

Dad and Matthew on Halloween

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