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Oregon Trip 2009
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On the airplane flight to Portland

Children's Museum, Portland

Matthew measuring himself

Building something on the wall

Checking out groceries

At the cash register

Matthew talking on the phone

On the phone

Sending some rocks up the conveyor belt

Dumping some rocks

In the quarry

Digging some rocks

Mom and Matthew making something with clay

Playing the drum

Brushing an alligator's teeth

Sending something down the water

Watching the water

Building a dam

Playing with a water machine

Getting all wet

Matthew after playing with water (look at the wet pants)

Building something out of pipes

Eating some free chips at PGE Park

Matthew and Dad at the Portland Children's Museum

Putting something in his tool belt

Knocking over Mom's tower

Making stuff with clay

Having food by the campfire

Camping in a tent with an unknown kid

Matthew's huge Lincoln Log house

Matthew and friends in the Lincoln Log house

Swordfighting with Lincoln Logs

Building up a dam in the water

Playing with water

Eating some noodles in Portland

A locked up tricycle outside of Powell's in Portland

Our huge Lego tower on the earthquake table

Putting some blocks on the crane

Building stuff at OMSI


Water fun at OMSI (check out the boots)

Playing with water

Looking at some shells

Eating ice cream at Ben & Jerry's in Portland

Going crazy with sugar

First time ice skating at the Lloyd Center



Watching a show

Building something with Legos

Building a big tower

Cheese! Wearing water gear

Testing some water equipment

Getting wet

Looking for something

Playing at OMSI

Boston Market is a little different in Portland

Watching Backyardigans on the way to Salem

Fun stuff at AC Gilbert Discovery Center

Matthew playing treasure chess

Playing the huge xylophone

Swinging on his belly

Looking at the train set from the middle

Playing with Thomas trains

Looking at the trains going by

Matthew inside a big dinosaur

Making big bubbles

Bubble science

Making bubbles

Bubble wall

Having fun at the Fred Meyer kids area in Eugene

Riding a horse at Freddy's

Eating chips and guacamole at Nacho's

Matthew at Autzen Stadium

At the Purdue game

Before the Purdue game


Taking little steps down the hill at Riverplay in Eugene

Climbing the jungle gym


Riding across the aerial tramway

Going across

Playing with his "bow and arrow"

Going down the big slide

Mom getting all wet

Dad and Matthew at Autzen

Mom and Matthew at Autzen

Matthew in front of the football door

Brushing his new horsey, Floopy

Having fun with kids at Valley River Center


Riding on a train

Digging at the beach


Making sand castles

Matthew on the beach in Newport

Matthew and his sand shoes

Seal Rock State Recreation Site

Some plants in the tidepools at Seal Rock

Matthew and Dad having fun with the incoming waves

Dad and Matthew at Seal Rock

Mom and Matthew at Seal Rock

Mom and Matthew having fun

At the entrance to the Newport Aquarium

Touching a wooden walrus

Going into a cave at the Aquarium

Team Lee inside a shark's mouth

Wearing his hat Darth Vader style

Wearing a crab hat

Watching a sea lion swim by

Matthew at the Aquarium

Playing checkers

Playing at the Yaquina Head visitor's center

Hello is anybody there?

Dad and Matthew and the view north of Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Dad and Matthew and the lighthouse

Mom and Matthew at the tidepools

An anemone in the tidepools at Yaquina Head

The beach below the lighthouse

Playing a video game at McDonald's

Inside the play area

Up the jungle gym

Going through the tunnel

Playing in the sand

Our big sand fort

Dancing and trying to wear ourselves out for the afternoon nap

Running at the beach

Sea lions in Newport

Mom and Matthew at Newport

The view from our condo

In front of a submarine at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

Look at this octopus!

Making the water come down

Sitting in the theater

Making a speech at the Marine Science Center

Playing on stage

Sitting in a cave

The big octopus at the Marine Science Center

Kicking a football at the Moshofsky Center

Dad, Matthew and Walter Thurmond III

Dad, Matthew and LaMichael James

Dad, Matthew and Ed Dickson

At the Utah game


Waiting for the LTD bus to come

Having fun at the bus stop

Matthew's new binoculars

Huge 7-up waiting for Dad when we got home from our trip

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