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September 2009
added by Susie
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Concentrating on the tall tower

Teacher Rory watches Matthew build a tall tower

Having fun in the sand area


Matthew and Matthew

Swimming with Teacher Alex


Floating with no assistance (look at the toes)



Teacher Rachel and Matthew

Building at school

Zachary in the sandyard

Matthew and his panda hands

Lola sharing raisins with Matthew

Teacher Rachel and Matthew

Doing a puzzle

Matthew and Zack doing puzzles

Getting dismissed from a story

Sifting sand with Mom

Getting all the debris out

Zack on the slide

Getting ready for a story

Reading a story

Reading a story

Playing with the knights and castle

Lots of kids playing

Playing with the castle

Matthew and Teacher Matthew playing flute


Check this out!

Room parent meeting

Matthew found some debris

Kaitlin jumping

Matthew and Keira in a playhouse

Playing in the house

Matthew, Anirudh and Keira

Teacher Rory and Willaby Wallaby

Kids enjoying the song

Teacher Rory singing a song

Kids participating

Playing a game

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Playing with stacking people

Matthew, Kaitlin and Elliott playing at pre-school

Matthew, Kaitlin and Keira playing with the castle

Playing a board game

Building a train track

Playing with trains

Kee Yi!

Playing with the castle

Climbing through the window

Dillon swinging

Matthew and Dillon on the jungle gym

Ticket please

Zachary and Dillon making faces

Dillon makinga face

Zachary and Dillon making faces

Matthew and Elliott at pre-school

Eating some chocolate ice cream at Junior's

That was good

Matthew and Grandpa and Grandma Shin

Watching the water at The Grove

Surf's Up

Relaxing at Karate

Block #1

Kicking a ball

Reaching up to the ceiling


Matthew's really flexible

Building at pre-school

Making a steep ramp

Building a train track

Playing with a house

Two guys!

Heather and Matthew playing

Teacher Rory pulling kids

Zachary going for a ride

Teacher Rory making kids happy


Kids enjoying the ride

Teacher Rory

Matthew talking through a mini-megaphone


Side kick

Look at that form

Matthew swordfighting with Sensei Diego

Having fun at Karate

Meditating with some purple belts

Matthew folding his belt

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