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August 2009
added by Susie
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Climbing at Kidspace

Getting to the top of the tower

Playing with the earthquake display

Having fun with Eric

I made it to the top

Matthew and Dad climbing a tower

Matthew from below

Looking out the top of the tower

Climbing back down

Looking down

Playing with water

Matthew got a little wet

Pouring some water


Making a wet mess

Riding with Dad

This is fun

Playing hula hoop

Ordering some food

Matthew, Eric and Dad riding on a jeep

Having fun with Eric at Kidspace

Driving the jeep

About to knock the tower over

Riding the Batmobile at the Century City Mall

Flying a plane

Riding in the cable car with Mom

At Karate


Tiger crawl

Monkey crawl

Clearing the bag


Stretching out his triceps

Matthew's favorite stretch

Block 5

Building something at pre-school

Playing Wii at the Dentist

Bundled up after a bath

Drying off

Matthew playing in the sand at pre-school

Building a road

Showing off a broom

Playing with a broom at pre-school

On an ATV

Riding a big SUV

Driving a jeep

Making some art with Sammi at pre-school

Sammi's art

Matthew's art

Playing with marbles

Playing in the house in the sand area

Having fun at pre-school

Flipping out of the window

Building something

Matthew and his sand shoes

Matthew, Lola and Anne at Aidan's Place

Digging some sand

Doing some hard work

This is hard!

Making faces on the swing


Mom and Matthew watching swimming

Matthew playing with Andrew

Having fun at music class

Playing the drum set with Teacher Shane

Playing electric guitar with Teacher Jason

Rocking out

Getting the high bubbles

Playing with cousins Evan and Jason

Driving the school bus with Jason

Playing Rock Band

Building a marble ramp

Playing on the bus

Having fun at the Hulett's

Playing a board game

Matthew and Jason

Matthew and Dad at Pacific Park (the Pier)

On the spinning ride

Having fun at Matthew's favorite place

This is fun!

Mom and Matthew on a ride

Playing Skee-Ball

Mom and Matthew trying to win a prize

Hammer strike!

Big hit!

About to win a prize

Mom and Matthew on a boat ride

Riding at the Pier

Relaxing at Karate

Matthew, Dylan and Sensei Mario

What did you eat for breakfast?

Having fun with Dylan

Playing at Karate

More fun with Dylan

Chasing after Dylan

Matthew and Chloe


Sensei Mario putting Matthew's belt on

Doing the washing machine stretch

More washing machine stretch

Trying to smell his feet

Making something with Play-Doh

Matthew playing in the sand yard

Matthew at Fun Care with Tandy and Kayla

Hugging Jenny

Hugging Rylee

More hugging Rylee

Rylee and Matthew

More hugging

Building with Sammi

Playing with a puzzle

Matthew and Dillon

Sliding down a pole

Matthew and his swim gear for water day at pre-school

Watering the plants with Teacher Rachel

On the train at the sand yard

Playing with the puzzle

Swinging at Holmby Park with Zack

Having fun at pre-school on sports day

Climbing with big Matthew

Matthew and Matthew

Matthew and Jenna

Bubbles with Teacher Rory

Getting bubbles with Teacher Rory

All of the kids following Teacher Rory

Something's on my head!

Matthew and Dillon playing

Matthew and Dillon

Pouring sand

More sand play

Playing in the sand

Singing with Teacher Rory

Matthew and Matthew playing with knights

Eating at Junior's

Having fun at the Discovery Science Center

Trying really hard

Matthew and Mom's impression

Inside the Tornado tube

The vortex

Playing hockey with Mom

At the campground

Sliding down the dinosaur tail

Playing bean bag toss at Nisei Week

Playing with his new plane

Having fun in Little Tokyo

Mom and Matthew at Nisei Week

Matthew took this picture of Dad taking a picture of a Moth on his foot

Playing Ring Toss

The moth on Dad's foot

Looking at the water fountain

Matthew's Origami hat

With the Nisei Week Court

Matthew at Karate

Standing on his tap


Having fun at Karate

Matthew and Chloe

Monkey crawling

Smelling his feet


Block 1

Block 4

Chasing Chloe for her belt

Matthew inside the Red Room

Playing with Zack

Pouring some sand at pre-school

Reaching for his ping pong ball in the sand area

Having fun at pre-school

Matthew and Dillon

Matthew and Dillon

Playing in the sand

Making some foam sculptures

Playing in the house in the sand area

Matthew at swim class

Floating on the mat

Trying to do something with the tire

Trying to put the broom in the tire

Matthew at Karate

Practicing blocks

Flamingo kick

Elbow hammer strike

Head butt

Knee kick

Having fun with Sensei Diego

Avoiding the snoodle


Running for dear life

Sensei Diego showing how to duck

Matthew and his rainforest art in the Red Room

Playing at Clover Park

Matthew and Lola

Having fun at the park

Relaxing on the grass


Lola hugging Matthew

Talking over a snack

Hanging out at the park

Hanging out near the baseball field

Matthew and his favorite toy in the sand area


Pouring some sand in a bucket

Having fun with sand

The sand gang

Sifting for debris

Willaby Wallaby song

Reacting to Teacher Rory's song

Kids loving the song

Having fun in the Yellow Room

Making something out of foam, hammer and tees

Matthew and Hayden waiting for the Piano

Playing piano with Teacher Shane

Playing an instrument with Teacher Matthew

Getting music stamps

Watching a presentation at Discovery Science Center



Dad and Matthew in a boat

Rolling a golf ball down a river

Matthew staring at an exhibit

Making a smoke ring

Riding a dinosaur

Putting together a dinosaur puzzle

Putting together the puzzle with Grandpa Shin



Going crazy

Having fun at Discovery Science Center


Looking down from the dinosaur

Walking around the museum

Mom and Matthew

Trying something out


Hugging Grandma Shin

Matthew and Shin Grandparents

Pulling hard!

Playing Treasure Chess

Sipping some water

Chloe, Victoria and Matthew

Doing jumping jacks

Touching the cone in the race


Racing, but having time enough to smile for the camera

Hula hooping

Riding the ATV

Showing off the car

Building a tower of wood blocks

Matthew and Heather

Having fun at afternoon circle time

Willaby Wallaby song

Doing the limbo

Flamenco dancing at pre-school

Building a Mr. Potato Head

Playing with cars with Teacher Rory and Sammi

Building a tower

Reading books with Dillon

At pre-school with Heather

At the Green Eggs and Ham event at pre-school

Climbing a tree with Heather

Sensei Diego helping put Matthew's belt on

Elbow strike

Dragon Breathes Fire

Unorthodox Karate exercise

Making something at pre-school

Lola at the Westside Pavilion

Matthew and Lola on a hot dog

Climbing the hot dog

Coloring at Nordstrom's Cafe

Matthew and Lola eating

Playing clarinet with Teacher Shane

At music class

Playing with cousins

Jason playing in bed

Reading a book in Jason's room

Resting in Jason's room

Having fun with Jason

Sleeping in a Wiggle's pull-out couch


Playing drums

Playing with cousins

Making a Tinker Toy tower

Evan's birthday

Eating some cake

Matthew and Jason

Dogpile on Dad

Looking at a shoe mirror

Surf's up!

Hanging out at pre-school

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