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July 2009
added by Susie
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Matthew and his new friend Sammi from Pre-school

Teacher Rachel with Matthew and Claire

Matthew looking through two kaleidoscopes

Wearing a pirate hat, arrrrrr!

Jumping at Holmby Park

Digging the sand

Enjoying a fudge popsicle

Messy ice cream

I need to be hosed off

I'm saving this for later

Drinking water on a hot day

Making a octopus in the sand


Look at that form!

Going for par

It's in the hole!

Relaxing in Carlsbad

Having fun after a bath

It's cold

Daddy reading Matthew a book

Enjoying milk

TV couch pose

Matthew at Legoland

Inside a playhouse at Legoland

Getting sunscreen applied

Playing at Legoland

Matthew with a Lego guy

Exploring the doors

Playing with water

Shooting water at frogs

Matthew and Jason admiring their newly acquired driver's licenses

Matthew in a shark

Jason in a shark

Matthew concentrating on his creation


Mesmerized by the Lego factory

Jason, Matthew and Mom having fun at the musical fountain

Evan, Matthew and Jason jumping

Jason driving

Matthew driving his yellow car


Fender bender

Susie and Joanne pumping the fire truck

In the Fire Engine race

Matthew and Dad enjoying TV

Sliding at Sea Life


Looking at a lot of fish

Building at Sea Life

Under the sea

Looking at Lego divers

Matthew at Sea Life

Under the aquarium

Inside the aquarium

Bew bew bew bew

Matthew loves water

Matthew and Dad on a ride

Pedaling around Legoland

On the favorite helicopter ride

Mom and Matthew on the copter

Stop! Only go up and down!

Driving again

Trying to get through traffic

Look out!

Matthew enjoying pure sugar

Wearing 4D glasses at the Bob the Builder show

Matthew and Jason under a Bionicle

Matthew, Evan and Jason playing with an iPhone


Matthew with Bob

Matthew and Wendy

Matthew and some Lego dudes

Swordfighting against Darth Vader

May the force be with you

Matthew and Thomas

Setting up the dragon walk line


Dragon walk


Jumping through the cones

Jumping on the bags

Catching a ball

Playing air hockey


Playing at the mall

Running like a fool


Washing a tricycle

Matthew and Matthew

Playing with Lego trains


Riding with Austin

The last day at Child's Play

Emptying out the sand

Walking with a broom

Playing in the sand

Singing with Teacher Rory

Matthew participating in singing

Playing at music class


Looking through the "kaleidoscope"

Talking to Mom

Playing guitar with Teacher Jason

Playing keyboard with Teacher Shane

iPodding with Ryan

Sitting at the Zoo

Lola taking a picture of Matthew

Lola taking a picture

Matthew at the Zoo

Matthew's bad habit

Riding in the train

At group karate class

Running around in a circle


Matthew and butterflies at the Koreatown Galleria

Grabbing a butterfly

Matthew playing in sand at pre-school

Playing the bottle game with Declan

Building with Declan

Running at Karate

Jumping at Karate

Having fun with Sensei Kirk

Doing the dragon walk with his hands

Placing a cone at Karate


About to catch a ball

Catching a ball

Fun at Karate

Matthew's first swimming lesson with Teacher Tricia


Swimming lesson

Making stuff at pre-school

Matthew and friend at pre-school

Digging in the sand

Riding on the fire engine with Lola

Having fun at Aidan's Place

Playing in the sand

On the teeter-totter

Matthew and his Spongebob relaxing clothes

Playing Treasure Chess with Dad

At the cash register

About to slide

Climbing at pre-school

Playing guitar with Teacher Matthew

Getting bubbles with Mom

Enjoying Music Class

Matthew and his cape

Superhero Matthew

Riding at Chuck E. Cheese

On a horse ride

Driving the monster truck

Matthew and Grandparents Shin

Matthew and Grandma Shin

Matthew and Grandpa Shin

Riding at Koreatown Plaza

Drinking on a hot day

Riding the scooter

Going under something with the scooter

Just hanging out

Going across

Matthew as a statue


It's too bright!

Meditating with Victoria



At Karate with Victoria


Horse stance


Washing machine stretch

Smelling toes

Block 1

Block 2

Block 5

Block 6

Dodging a ball

Meditating with Victoria

Folding his belt

Doing a puzzle at pre-school

At his second swimming lesson with Teacher Alex



Having fun in the pool

Learning how to float on his back

Having fun swimming

Swimming lesson

Matthew and Teacher Alex

Punching at Sensei Diego

Block 5

Having fun at Karate

Matthew and his new Karate tiger patch

Side kick!

Laughing at Karate

Having fun at Karate

Side kick

Matthew and Mom at Hawaiian shirt day

Matthew and Teacher Rachel

Playing in the sand yard

Matthew and his Hawaiian shirt

Matthew and Teacher Matthew

Playing the snare drum with Teacher Jason

Playing saxophone with Teacher Shane

Bubble time at music class

Waiting for a music stamp

Throwing a penny into some water

Matthew at the Natural History Museum

Climbing around

Digging for bones


On stage

Hula dancing

Dad and Matthew

Having fun at the museum

Hopping on stage

Building a dinosaur

What's that smell?

Matthew and a dinosaur bone

Learning about bugs

Eating a snack

The Wiggles concert

Sam and Jeff

At the Wiggles show

Matthew getting a high five from Sam

Hot Potato Hot Potato

Eating an ice cream sandwich

Climbing down the hot dog

Having fun at the mall

Climbing the hot dog

Running around like a crazy fool

Getting his belt tied on

Talking about his day

Front position


Trying to breathe

Hurdling a bag

Helping to set up

Jumping on the bag

Jumping jacks

Getting some air

Good job Matthew

Washing machine stretch

Making washing machine sounds

Smells like Mac and Cheese

Having fun at Karate

Kee Yi!!!!!!

Lining up with Dylan and Victoria

Block 2

Matthew and his new tiger patch

Chasing Dylan

Matthew and Dylan from pre-school

Making some food

At Under the Sea

Inside a fort

Making stuff at pre-school


Matthew and his new swimming cap

Showing us some swimming technique

Kicking Sensei Diego


Riding the trolley at the Grove

Playing music with Sammi

Playing in the sand

On the small jungle gym

Playing with cars in the Red Room

Playing violin with Teacher Jason

Playing the Irish drum


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