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June 2009
added by Susie
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Matthew carrying stuff

Bouncing at Under the Sea

Matthew and Daddy

Playing air hockey

Beep beep

Making food

Matthew resting

Mixing up some food

Playing cars with Will

Matthew, Will and River

Andrew and Matthew sharing a bean bag

Matthew and Mom at Pre-school

All the sharks are snapping in the water...

Riding a scooter

Playing the violin


Climbing the ladder

Riding down the slide

Matthew and River and Moms playing in the sand

Matthew eating a cupcake with River

Matthew eating the icing off the cupcake

Claire blowing out the candle on her cupcake

Jacob enjoying his cupcake


Teacher Nancy reading the Big Green Monster book

Story time

Matthew at fun care with his bag

Jenny and Charlie

Matthew and Mom and his Po Panda hands

Riding at Child's Play

Climbing the jungle gym

Taking a nap at Child's Play

Watching Kung Fu Panda with Po Panda hands

Matthew and Mom at Music class

Matthew and Teacher Matthew

Playing the electric guitar

Rocking out

Catching bubbles

Having fun at Music class

Team Lee with Wags, Fernando and Dorothy

Matthew with Wags, Fernando and Dorothy from The Wiggles

Matthew and Jason at the Zoo

Matthew climbing at the Zoo

Cranking out a penny

Climbing on the spiderweb

Jason and Evan riding a hippo

Matthew and Jason

Climbing on a one-humped camel

Matthew riding a camel

Matthew, Jason and Evan on a camel

Looking at a mouse

Having fun on the camel

Matthew and Jason

Wags, Dorothy and Fernando performing at the Zoo

Matthew, Jason and Evan riding in a stroller

Matthew, Evan and Jason and a giraffe

Jason making faces

Dad pushing Jason, Evan and Matthew

Having fun at the Zoo

Matthew hugging Jason

Evan hugging Matthew

Matthew napping

Jumping at Child's Play with Lola and Claire

Matthew getting some air

Lucy jumping into the ball pit

Claire's 3rd birthday party at Child's Play

Talking on two phones

Matthew enjoying a cupcake


Sitting in front of the mirror

Will making faces

Matthew riding a bike

Riding down a huge slide at Lindberg Park

Matthew and his Spongebob underwear

Having fun in underwear

Matthew dancing

Jumping at Karate

Looking at the ceiling through the telescope

Matthew watching Kung Fu Panda with his Panda hands and blanket

Matthew hugging Riley

Karaoke time

Daddy and Matthew

Staring at the camera

Shin family

Matthew and Auntie Amy

Grandma Shin and Matthew

Matthew and Auntie Amy

Matthew's Yellow Belt Ceremony

Matthew getting his yellow belt

"I got my yellow belt!"

This is one long belt

Sensei Jason putting on Matthew's new belt

Celebrating getting his yellow belt at Pacific Park

Riding at Pacific Park


Riding with Mom


This is fun!

Matthew riding with Dad

Playing Skee-ball

Riding on an airplane

Bumper cars!


Going after a kid

Matthew had to ride this one twice

Bumping a kid

Riding a truck with Dear Ol' Dad

Matthew and Dad on the airplane

Matthew wearing a baseball helmet

Squeezing into this little area at Target

Riding on a dinosaur

"This is my Snake Tree House"

Monkey crawling at Karate with new yellow belt

Playing belt tag

Matthew driving

Riding on a horse

Playing air hockey

Matthew had to climb up here to get the puck

Rocking out

Matthew with food on his face

Matthew riding on a boat with Lola

Sunny and Charlotte on her 2nd birthday

Story time


Matthew's getting more adept at this


Matthew in the bouncer

Enjoying a slice of pizza


Playing with the parachute

Character night at Child's Play

Having fun with the parachute

Playing with the parachute

Getting a spider painted on his hand

Riding on the roller coaster

Ready to race

Here I go!

Waiting for a balloon sword


Trying to hit a kid through the netting

Swordfighting Scooby Doo

En garde!

Teaming up on Scooby

Relaxing with Dad

Teacher Jason and Teacher Shane

Playing the Glockenspiel

Squeezing some ketchup out at Junior's

Anne and Lola enjoying the birthday party

Kids having fun with the Thomas trains

Choo choo!

Will enjoying his drink

Susie, Anne, Lola, Will and Maia

Matthew having fun with Will

Everybody loves their copters

Eric and Matthew testing it out

Devin and Family on the train

Riding the train at Matthew's birthday party

Tandy and Matthew

Playing drums with Toddle Tunes

Kids having fun making music

Everybody's rocking out

Lots of Beatles music

Matthew blows out his candle

The cake

Jason, Matthew and Evan

Ripping open Jason, Evan and Grandpa's gift

Woohoo a picnic/play table

Looks like it could be cars...


Wiggles puzzle

Tractor set

Tractors and trucks

Matthew tries on some glasses at Sports Authority

Running at Karate with the new yellow belt

Wearing Mom's glasses

It's sunny out

Riding with Zee

Birthday cupcake at Jenny's

Mason, Matthew and Tandy

Fun care kids enjoying cupcake

Look at me!

Mason and Matthew showing off ice lolly's

Matthew talking through the snoodle to Sensei Kirk

DM 6, Grrrrrr!

Jumping at Under the Sea


Matthew and Dad riding motorcycles

Lola hugging Matthew

More hugs


Matthew's attempt at hugging Lola

Blowing out his candles at pre-preschool

All the kids at pre-preschool enjoying Matthew's birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes

Matthew's new Spiderman scooter

Relaxing in his bed at Child's Play

On top of his house

Eating a strawberry

In the jungle gym at Child's Play

Climbing through the tube

Sleeping in his bed

Playing at big Pre-school with Declan and Charlie

Playing in the Red Room at Pre-school

Matthew at music class with a crown

Rocking out

Playing flute with Teacher Matthew

Playing cello

Chasing some birds

Squirting water at the aquarium

Hiding in a shell

Really hiding in a shell

Mom on top of Matthew

Mom and Matthew looking at fish

Touching a fish


Riding his scooter in Long Beach


The many faces of Matthew

Playing with a hula hoop at Toys r us

Victoria chasing Matthew

Monkey crawling

Matthew trying to grab Victoria's belt

Carrying a bag

DM #6


Jumping from bag to bag

Frog jump

Carrying a bag

Cleaning up

Matthew hiding

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