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May 2009
added by Susie
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Matthew and a huge baseball globe

In front of the fountain in Exposition Park

Another big globe

Matthew took this picture

Looking at a globe

Matthew in front of a people globe

At music class playing a ukelele

Playing drums

Playing guitar

At pre-school open house

Sitting and watching the magic show

Watching kids play with the parachute

Looking at Bert and Ernie at the zoo

Matthew, Bert and Ernie

Bert,Ernie and Lola's Dad Charlie

Posing for a picture

Team Lee and Bert and Ernie

Matthew showing off his belly button


Matthew and Lola at the zoo

Are you there?

Pretending to be a gorilla

Am I tall enough to ride on the train?

Matthew and Lola on the train

Looking through a telescope

Walking around the zoo

Matthew and Lola high up

Matthew with a better view

Eating some popcorn on Dad's head

Running at karate




Riding on a motorcycle at Koreatown Plaza

Making goofy faces with Dad

These are our goofy faces

Riding a tractor at Under the Sea

Playing catch

Carrying a huge ball

Another goofy face

Painting at pre-school

Playing with Play-Doh with Charlie Breitbart

Riding a scooter

Putting a flag on his sand castle

Setting up tea at pre-school

Climbing the ladder

Matthew and Jack


Austin posing

Matthew and his engineer outfit

Matthew and Austin watching Wonder Pets

Matthew and Austin

Enjoying Wonder Pets

Matthew and Austin with headgear

Clapping at music class

Playing bongos

Playing congas

Sweeping up some poop

Climbing up at Noah's Ark

Crawling through the tight space

At Station 92's open house

Crawling at Noah's Ark

Driving a fire truck

Matthew and Eric setting up food

Making food


Brian and Eric at Noah's Ark

Matthew and Eric enjoy a story

Having fun at Noah's Ark

Matthew and Eric


Eric and Matthew and Noah's Ark

Matthew showing off his goggles

Swimming at the Hotel Bel Air

With Lola and Anne at the swimming pool

Matthew drying off

It's cold

Matthew and Lola hanging out

Lola taking a picture of Matthew, except the camera's backwards

Making a funny face

Walking around Hotel Bel Air

Waiting for the show at the Aquarium

Pressing the water button

Matthew and Grandma Shin

At the Aquarium for Mother's Day


Grandma Shin hugging Matthew

Big kiss

Matthew meditating at karate


Frog hopping


In karate group class

Look out!


Matthew hiding his mouth

Jumping to the next bag

Taking his shirt off



Trying to hold three balls


Riding his new board


Dad and Matthew

Having fun at music class

Getting some music equipment

At the bug fair

Look at this butterfly

Playing hopscotch

With his new hat

Sliding at Roxbury Park

Eating frozen yogurt



Playing with Justin and his friends

Kicking a ball

Justin kicking the ball

Playing at Aidan's Place

Catching a bubble

Having fun at the park

On the balance beam

Climbing up

Relaxing on the grass

Riding the dinosaur

Catching a bubble

Hopping at karate

Frog hop




Eating some noodles at Shin Peking

Using chopsticks

Matthew trying to wake Susie up

Playing air hockey

Jumping at Under the Sea

Blue dog race

Getting the winning goal

Playing with Play Doh at Pre-school


Riding a scooter

Speeding away

Pre-school kids eating snacks

Hugging Riley

Hugging Tandi

Hugging Dona

Hugging Kayla

Having fun with Gabi

Zelio jumping into the ball pit

Matthew jumping in

Gabi jumping in

Matthew and Gabi jumping

At the Ventura Maritime Museum

Making a funny face

Oxnard Mandalay Beach

Matthew and his underwear

View from our room in Oxnard

Matthew in Oxnard

Having fun on the beach

Doing karate at the beach

Digging in the sand

Using his shovel

Look over there

Playing in the sand

Playing in the sand

Having fun in Oxnard

Laying on the sand


Laying on the beach

Having fun in sand

Relaxing by the pool

Riding on the surrey

Riding along the beach

Matthew and Susie in the surrey


Shooting a canon from the pirate ship

Sliding with Dad

Playing checkers at the Gull Wings Children's Museum

Camping in a tent

Preparing food

Riding in a submarine


Moving the bench to get to the steering wheel

Looking out the submarine

Looking out the top of the submarine

Playing at the children's museum

Eating pasta

Matthew with food on his mouth

Shooting a canon

Swordfighting with another kid

Playing soccer

Running around

Having fun at the park

Rolling around at the park

Sunset at the beach

Running around at karate with Dylan

Monkey crawl


Trying to keep his eyes closed

Another goofy face

Kicking the ball

Digging in the sand

This is hard!

Using heavy machinery



Climbing at Aidan's Place

Having fun at Aidan's Place

Singing on stage

Dad and Matthew playing guitars

Matthew eating a sandwich

Playing foosball

Playing air hockey

Playing with Will at Pre-school

Making a funny face

Closing his eyes at pre-school

Matthew, Lola and Teacher Nancy singing about what's in the water

Matthew riding with Lucy

High-Fives for Mom

Climbing on a watermelon

Matthew and Austin playing

Sitting at a table

Throwing something at Child's Play

Having fun in the ball pit

Matthew and Adriana

Having fun at Child's Play

Building a tower

Carrying some toys

Solving a puzzle

Matthew, Riley and Kayla

Matthew hugging Justin

Playing guitar with Teacher Shane

Inside the tower at Kidspace

Climbing the tower with Dad

Climbing a big tower


Looking up the tower

Riding in a jeep

Mommy and Matthew riding a scooter

Riding a scooter at Kidspace

Playing with water

Spraying drums with water

Spraying with a kid

Making it light up with his nose

Making faces with Dad

We ate something weird

This big!

Funny poses

Kilroy was here

Riding the teeter-totter

Matthew swinging


Running in karate

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