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April 2009
added by Susie
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Matthew making food at pre-school

Matthew and Justin building a snake

Matthew connecting beads

Matthew on a scooter

Low Rider

Matthew building

Obstacle Race

Climbing at Preschool

Sliding quickly

Playing in the Preschool sands

Eating in the car

"Are there anymore left?"



Matthew and Gabi

Yummy Coldstones


Picking Books

Opening the door at Fun Care

Looking through the filter

Playing with the sun

Shaking their tail feather

"Woohoo, TOYS!!!"

Having Fun

Playing with Dad in music class

Teacher Shane playing the saxophone

Guitar playing with Teacher Jason

At Juniors

Matthew loves bread with butter

Dooo dooo dooo

Taking a big bite

Giving the eye


Last bite

Block #1

Matthew Feeding Gabi

Matthew feed Gabi more fruit

Matthew showing off his bicep

Staring Contest


Shuttle Ride to the Airport

First Meal in Boston - Durgin Park

On School Street in Boston

Riding a Donkey

In front of the old city hall

Matthew at the frog pond

Matthew and Froggy pondering

Matthew talking Lack Mallard

Quacking with the Mrs. Mallard

Leading the Mallard Family

Smiling at the Boston Public Gardens

Walking down Charles Street

"Where everyone knows your name"

Driving the amphibious tour bus

Eating at Quincy Market

Looking at Daddy

With Bob Marley

At the MIT Museum

Drawing at MIT Museum

Hugging a Penguin

Looking at real penguins

With a little duck


Running at the Boston Aquarium

Hugging a big Penguin

At the first Christian Science

hanging out in boston

Looking at a model of Zakim Bridge

A big bug at the Museum of Science

Brushing teeth

In the Apollo Pod

Jumping from the Apollo Pod

Racing at the Museum of Science

Sleeping at the Omni Parker House


At the USS Constitution

Leaving the USS Constitution

Hanging out with pirates

In front of the Paul Revere statue

Hanging out in the North End

In a pew at the North Church

In front of the altar at the North Church

Playing with Kids at the Revere Mall

At Paul Revere's House

In front of the Big Milk

At the Boston Children Museum's bubble room

Racing a golf ball


Watching golf balls

Matthew with Arthur and friends

In a Tent with new friends at Boston Children's Museum

Checking out an invention at the Children's Museum

Climbing the Tower at the Children's Museum

On the third level of the tower

Riding the Knight

Carrying the Queen

With Arthur

Matthew hanging out with Buster

Future Red Sox Baseball player

In the Tower at the Children's Museum

Snowboarding at the Chidren

In a tractor at the Children's museum

Playing with pipes


Really Cold

At the Minute Man National Park

Having Fun

Playing at the National Park

Walking in the wooded path

At the Minute Man national park

In front of the Minute Man statue

At Fanueil Hall

Enjoying Boston

In the Boston State Capitol

Bowling at the State Capitol


In the State Capitol

State Capitol

Last Day in Boston

Dunkin' Donuts

Playing with his new friend Gavin at the Airport

It's this big!

No, it's this big!

Shopping for food

Mowing the lawn

Bouncing at Child's Play

Racing Zelio

Sitting at the table

Getting a push from Joseph



Matthew at Toddle Tunes


Playing the guitar

Matthew and Teacher Jason

Matthew and Teacher Shane

Matthew and Teacher Matthew

Having fun in bed

Matthew and Eric at the zoo

Matthew and Eric

Matthew having fun with Eric

Eating snacks

We're here


Matthew with his hair combed

Matthew hugging Grandma Shin

Big kiss

Matthew at the Star Eco Station

Eating a snack

Matthew hugging Riley

Ducking under the snoodle

Jumping over the snoodle

Playing catch

Practicing a flamingo kick

Big jump!

Flying through the air

Pushing a toy around and Three Cheeky Monkeys

Running at the mall

Playing Wii

Matthew packed in with a bunch of kids

Music class

Playing with the pooper scooper

Riding a horse at Jacob and Sophie's 3rd birthday party

Hugging the big fluffy dog

Playing soccer

Matthew and Dad eating

Playing hockey with the hoe

This is fun

Playing with the hoe

In the petting zoo

Retrieving an errant ball

Playing with Justin

Riding a horse


Matthew playing with a ball

Matthew and his soccer hat

Playing with wind chimes

La la la la

Kicking a ball

Setting up a goal for soccer


Having fun at Roxybury Park

Kicking the ball

Having fun with Dad

Huge kick!

Running with the ball

I'm fast!

Swinging on the big kid swing

Climbing the ladder

Riding on the frog


I'm this tall now

Riding on a tricycle

Riding on a motorcycle

Dad and Matthew at UCLA

Matthew and his bounty

Matthew and the Target dog

Everybody following Sensei Mario

Everybody following Matthew

Fun at Karate


Flying Squirrel Hammer Strike

Kee Yiiiiiii!

Snoodle fight!

Trying to get Sensei Kirk

I see you

Matthew making a sandwich

Drinking some soup

Looking for things

Eating his sandwich

Big jump!

Playing guitar with the broom at pre-school

Singing Rockaway Beach on the broom

Climbing at Aidan's Place


Lots of sand toys

Racing Austin

Having fun with Austin


Sharing candy with Austin

Matthew and Austin dressing up

In the engineer's outfit and straw hat

Riding on Dino

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