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March 2009
added by Susie
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Riding in the Batmobile

Inside Superman's phone booth

Hanging out at the Skirball Museum

Karate racing

Hugging Riley from Fun Care

Matthew enjoying an apple

RIding a horsey

Hula hoop

Doing yoga with Teacher Nancy from Pre-school

Participating in the Monster Book reading

Carrying play food

Playing with the bead toy

Sit and spin

Playing the drum

Watching a performance

Matthew mowing

Riding the fish

Mom pushing Matthew around

Matthew pushing Dad around

Doing the tree pose


Drumming with Teacher Shane

Playing guitar

At Sesame Street

Looking for Oscar the Grouch

Playing with the Sesame Street game

Eric and family

Matthew going on the obstacle course

Sliding down the slide

Matthew on the balance beam

Jumping from pad to pad

Going in the tunnel

Washing his hands

Sitting at Sesame Street waiting for Elmo

Matthew and Eric

Matthew and Eric racing


Testing out the sense of smell

Working some machines

Playing the game show with Guy Smiley

Matthew and Eric on the obstacle course

Going over the barrier

Eric sitting on the pad

Eric hugging the pad

Eric relaxing

I can reach this far!

Hop hop hop

Big kick!

Kicking the Backyardigans ball

I'm kicking it to you

Climbing at Aidan's Place

On the balance beam

Another big kick

Matthew at Karate

Goldfish... live in a bowl

Playing golf


Riding in the fire truck

Going around

Performing on stage

Doo doo


Matthew and friends at pre-school doing the fish

Playing with his new ball

Matthew feeding Gabi a strawberry

Playing at music class

This song goes out to you!

Playing the drum set

Making funny faces

Funny faces at Toddle Tunes

More funny faces

Matthew's trademark

That's goofy


More funny faces

Having fun at music class

Riding the Snoopy-housemobile

Playing at the Topanga Mall

Climbing at the Topanga Mall

Flying a kite

Matthew running like crazy


Mom and Matthew swinging

Matthew climbing

Relaxing at the park

Matthew and his Circus crown

Matthew playing at Lola's house

Lola's play house

Reading a book with Lola

Matthew and Lola

Hugging Lola

At karate with Sensei Mario


Doing the snake crawl

Doing the tiger crawl

Jumping over bags


Doing the obstacle course at Karate

Lola putting some poop away

Matthew kicking his Backyardigans ball

Swinging at Aidan's Place


Walking across the obstacle course

Playing at Under the Sea

Matthew kicking



On stage

Giving a show

Driving the big red car

Inside the fort

Pushing shopping carts with a friend

Matthew's food


Inside the little fort

Dad with a pickle telescope

Matthew playing with other kids

Having fun with kids

Everybody bouncing

Matthew with lots of stuff


On a blue dog

Drinking juice

Putting a pad inside the bouncy

Matthew with his sword

Matthew and his friend Austin

Jumping at Child's Play

Bouncing on a ball

Swordfighting Austin

Matthew playing the xylophone

Playing guitar with Teacher Matthew

Bubbles at Toddle Tunes


Eating more

Doing yoga on the Wii Fit

Matthew and his freshly picked orange

Matthew's world record sized orange

Picking an orange

Picking oranges at Grandma's

Getting into picking oranges

Matthew picking oranges

Pulling hard on an orange

Driving a Matthew-sized tractor

Eating a big meal

Evan, Matthew and Jason

Rocking out playing Rockband

Grandparents and Matthew

Matthew's Sunday Karate group

Frog hopping

Folding his belt after class

Playing some hoops

Riding the blue dogs


Almost flipping over

Matthew and Dad driving the boat

Rabbit ears

Matthew and the big ball

Giving a show

Driving the little red car

Matthew with lots of stuff inside his house

Tall tower

Matthew and Gabi

Riding the roller coaster

Jumping like crazy

Playing the xylophone

Playing a new instrument with Teacher Jason

Making some music

Having some fun in music class

Having breakfast at McD's

Eating a hash brown

Making some funny faces

More goofy faces

Making art at the Getty Center

Team Lee at the Getty Center

Making a Japanese box

Matthew's postcard creation

Matthew and his artwork

Outside at the Getty

Matthew and Dad looking into the water

Matthew having fun near a water fountain

Looking at the maze

Matthew at the Getty Center

Chowing down at the Getty Cafe


Matthew trying to pat his head and rub his belly at the same time

Eating a piece of bacon at John O'Groat's

Making a flood at Noah's Ark

Making wind

Matthew and Lola at Noah's Ark

Climbing to the top of the Ark

Runing around upstairs

Reaching for some food in the bag

Lola and Anne climbing down

Matthew sweeping poop


Turning the big giraffe

Matthew and Lola

Matthew and Lola having fun at Noah's Ark

Matthew turning the wheel

Mom and Matthew sending up some food

Sending some animals up to the Ark

Team Lee and Team Grant at Noah's Ark

Matthew wearing a hat

Lola looking through a kaleidoscope

Matthew as Batman


Matthew getting ready to frog hop

Monkey crawling

Matthew at Karate


Trying to climb a block


Grocery Shopping

Pushing Shopping Cart

Checking out the sandwich

Looking through the telescope

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