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February 2009
added by Susie
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Matthew climbing a ladder

Riding on a swing

At Aidan's Place

Kicking a beachball


Burying the beach ball

Singing on the teeter-totter

We saw Aidan at Aidan's Place

Running around with Aidan from music class

Climbing the ladder

Swinging with Aidan

At karate with Sensei Mario



Dodge ball

Thrust punch



Sliding at Under the Sea

Performing on stage

Doo doo

On stage

Sitting on a stool

In the fire truck

Fun in the jumper

Hula hoop

Feeding fish with Lola

Playing with Play-doh

Lola hugging Matthew

Matthew playing while Lola hugs him

Putting together the beads

Big bead circle

Riding a tricycle

Riding in outside at pre-preschool

Talking on the phone

Climbing the ladder

Really fast down the slide

Going to the top

Snack time

Making food

Fun at Under the Sea

Lola and Matthew at music class

Watching Teacher Matthew play the drums

Go sit down to get a drum

At music class

Playing drums

Matthew and Teacher Matthew


Playing guitar with Teacher Jason

Rocking out

Jumping high

Digging for dinosaur bones at Natural History Museum

Looking at bugs

Matthew and Eric

Staring at bugs

Listening to the ocean

Matthew putting his art on the wall

Matthew and the polar bear

Hiding behind the bear

Matthew and Eric

Running at La Brea Tar Pits

Running like fools

Matthew looking at turtles

Sitting on the bridge

Matthew and a mastodon

Touching a fossil

Matthew and a bear height chart

Rolling a penny

Stretching at karate


Matthew performing on stage

Jumping at Under the Sea


Shopping for food

Matthew's sandwich

Getting air

Bouncing game

Look at me!

Climbing out


Going down the slide

It's not a karate pose

Matthew's creation at Pre-preschool

Eating a snack

This is good!

Matthew's flower drum at music class

Playing the bells

Doe ray mi...

At Junior's with Aidan, Connor and Nathan

Walking with Dad at the LA Zoo

Matthew and his hooded jacket

In front of the zebra area

Eating some popcorn

Playing iPhone on Mom's shoulders

Making faces

Trying on some baseball equipment

Matthew and Penguin wearing hats

Matthew and his favorite pal

Playing a game show at Sesame Street

Kicking a ball

Testing out some stuff at Sesame Street

Running in a race

Lola and Matthew playing the game show

Matthew getting hugged by Elmo

Lola and Matthew with Elmo

With Elmo

Matthew at group Karate class

Eating a snack with Underbear

Matthew rowing a boat in a race

Rowing with Lola and Elphie

Racing on a wheelchair

Lola with her friend Elphie


Eating lunch with Lola

Matthew and Gabi playing with a Slinky

Kicking some bumpy balls

Having a snack

Making a tower with Gabi

Dancing at music class

Using a drumstick as a bubble stick

Playing bass with teacher Matthew

Listening to the bass

Playing drums with Teacher Jason


Watching the Grandpa Shin picking lettuce

Matthew and Grandparents Shin

Shoveling some snow

Matthew and Dad at a cabin in Big Bear

Making snowballs

Riding down on a tube

Matthew riding on a tube

Dad sending Matthew down a hill

Riding down a hill

Matthew playing with snowballs

Throwing a snowball

Having fun in snow

Snow is fun!

Dad said something funny

Making a snow angel

Dad catching Matthew for a ride

Matthew having fun with Pengy Pengy (Penguin Penguin) and Underbear

Going down on the snowboard

Playing in snow

Climbing to the top of the hill

Near the top of the hill

Riding down on the snowboard

Matthew with two heads!

Matthew jumping

Climbing over the barrier

Doing a show

Pointing at something

Doo doo

Playing with some new friends at Under the Sea

Playing with the big ball

Eating at Mitsuwa

Playing soccer

Rolling the ball down the roller coaster/slide

Racing with Gabi


Having dinner at Child's Play


Playing on the Thomas table with his engineer outfit

Building a tower

Jumping for joy

Playing in the ball pit

Riding the teeter tooter

Going upside-down

Having fun on the ground

Counting the number of blocks

This is tall!

Hello? Hello

This is my new phone

Playing recorder with Teacher Shane

Rocking out with Teacher Jason

Sitting at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Driving the boat

Having a snack

Gabi, Matthew, Mom and some kid touching fish

Telling the birds to keep quiet

Look at that seal!

He's over there

Climbing at the Aquarium


Is everyone looking at Matthew?

Jumping at the water fountain outside the Aquarium



Matthew racing

Matthew playing golf at Rancho Park

Putting it in

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