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January 2009
added by Susie
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Matthew and Auntie Grace

Kicking a ball

Playing soccer with Grandpa Shin

We win!

Running around like a crazy fool

Playing with Uncle Mike

Shin family on New Years Day

Grandparents and Matthew

Singing a song at music class

Playing drums

Guitar with teacher Jason

Rocking out

Playing ukelele

Bubbles at music class

Running around at Toddle Tunes

Fun with kids

Riding on a train at the train show in Anaheim

Slot car racing at the train show

Controlling the Thomas model train

Daddy and Matthew at the train show

In front of the model trains

Looking at the circus trains

Playing with a Thomas set at the train show

Spraying water at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Touching sharks

A game of looking for some fish

I'll find this one

Reading a book at pre-preschool

Hanging out with Andrew

Painting a circle

Swimming in the water next to Justin

In the playhouse at preschool

Playground equipment

Sliding down the corkscrew slide

Spinning with Lola

Riding a tricycle with Dad

Stuffing his mouth with cheese

Mmmm mmm mmmm mmmm

Cheese and crackers for preschool snacks

This is good

Jumping off of a high platform

Going under the bridge

Up and down

Pointing up in the ball-pit

Playing with Camilla

We all have our toys

Playing at Child's Play

Playing the drum at Toddle Tunesj

Playing violin with teacher Jason

Playing Hot Potato on the piano with teacher Shane

Gabi and Matthew at the Zoo

Enjoying the gorillas

Riding at the zoo

Fun at the zoo

Mommy and Matthew at the zoo

Gabi and Mom at the zoo

Picture in front of the winter scene

Riding on the Getty Center tram

Climbing stairs at the Getty Center

Running around like fools at the Getty

Inside the Getty family room

Relaxing and reading a book

A mask we made at the Getty

Rolling down the sandhills...

Surf's up!

I have a new game for you

Matthew and Cali on the couch

Opening up a Potty training present

Matthew and Lola in the preschool "orphanage"

Lola smashing her face

Matthew in Dr. Shaheedy's chair

Matthew's new slinky

There are many ways to play with slinkys

Eating candy at Child's Play

Matthew in the ball pit

Sliding down the bouncy

Dancing with Camilla and her Grandma

Doing ballet

Dancing on the Child's Play stage

Matthew at music class with teacher Jason

Bubbles at music class

Riding the carousel at the Topanga Mall

Fun at the Topanga Mall


Sliding down a big slide

On top of a bridge

Riding on a roller coaster ride

Playing soccer at the park

Playing with sand

Matthew and Dad at Aidan's Place

Riding on a swing

Fun on the swing

Sitting on top of his favorite spot

Riding on the fire truck

Trying to stand on his head

Climbing up the ladder

Riding down a slide

Matthew doing the Horse Stance


In Sensei Mario's group class


Doing the frog jump

Tiger crawling across the floor

All lined up and ready to go

Sitting in a tube at Gymboree

Sweeping at Pre-preschool

Riding down the corkscrew slide

Matthew and Will at Pre-preschool

Fun at Gymbo

Pretending to be a butterfly

Matthew at Wednesday Gymboree class

Hanging from the tubes

Trying to bring Maracas for everyone

Here Mom

Relaxing at Gymboree

Eating a snack

Riding on a Bob the Builder ride

Matthew in the Batmobile

Playing drums at Music class

Playing the real banjo

Matthew playing ukelele

Matthew playing a huge instrument

Making faces with Teacher Shane

Playing guitar

Eating a snack at the Queen Mary

It was wet at the Queen Mary

Fun on board the Queen Mary

Playing a new game

Matthew inside a telephone booth

Dad and Matthew and Long Beach

Taking a picture of Mom

Taking a picture of Dad in the phone booth

Playing games

Ring around the rosy

Going around in circles

Doo doo

Matthew's picture of Mom and Dad

Matthew and Lola at Aidan's Place

Matthew and Lola spinning

This seems too small

Swinging with Lola

Swinging really really fast

Going down the slide at the other Aidan's Place


Eating snacks with Lola

Playing with the football equipment someone carefully laid out

Lola's new hat

Let's see where we can put this

These are great toys

Playing with football markers

Talking to mom on the phone

Walking across the bumpy bridge



Running down the ramp

Climbing up a slide

Putting the steps near the bouncy

Matthew's tower

Riding the roller coaster with Gabi


Fun in the ball pit

Jumping with Gabi and Gabi's Mom

Playing another instrument at music

Playing music with Teacher Shane

Licking some ice cream from Junior's

What a mess!

At the Sesame Street exhibit at Hollywood and Highland

Making a meal at Sesame Street

Dad ordering food from Matthew

Grocery shopping at Hooper's store

Checking out

Matthew putting clothes on a magnetic Elmo

Matthew and his finished Elmo

Waiting at Sesame Street for Elmo

Matthew and Elmo

Playing with the digestion toy

Weighing some produce

Ringing up some food


Sliding down the obstacle course

Hop hop hop!

Going over the obstacle course


Hop hop

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