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December 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew at the Dr. Seuss section of Barnes and Noble

Riding the escalator at Westside Pavilion

Matthew's new bed

Pretend snacking at pre-school

Riding the low-seat bike

Riding on the half-circle

Matthew going down head-first

Climbing the slide

Laying on the slide

Balancing on the balance-beam

Relaxing at Gymboree

Gymbo the Clown goes up and down


Pushing a lawnmower at Child's Play

Reading the Jungle Book

Playing the keyboard

Washing hands

On top of the small jungle gym

Riding on the seesaw

Balancing on his head and feet

This is fun

Flamingo kick

Playing drums at music class

Bong bong bong

Matthew wearing his drum

New glasses

Playing the pepperoni pizza instrument

Running with drum

Riding on the roller coaster


On your mark... Go!

Racing down the roller coaster

Racing his new buddy


A lot of people on the ride

Matthew and Eric at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Watching the Christmas trains

Riding in the boat

Matthew and Eric in a boat

Climbing on a hermit crab

Having fun at the aquarium

Shooting water out of the fish

Matthew and Eric pressing buttons

Making water come out

Matthew watching the rain

Matthew drying off

In front of the Shark blower

A porcupine at the aquarium

Playing with the iPhone

Matthew and Dad singing

Playing soccer

Here's a new game

Running around

Playing in the yard

Big kick

Kicking the ball

Let's play a new game

Matthew and Grandparents

Cleaning off Karate Dude

Playing at Three Cheeky Monkeys

Riding a zebra

Playing with a ball at Gymboree

Relaxing at Gymboree

Sliding down head first


Riding on an elephant

Riding an elephant

Trying to catch a ball



Matthew and Lola's mom at pre-school


Matthew making a Lego tower

Relaxing at pre-school

Matthew giving mommy some coffee

Riding on the double bike

Riding a tricycle and playing with a toy

Playing in the sand

This is your tractor

Matthew and Lola

Eating a snack

Milk, crackers and dino nuggets

Claire and Matthew

This is my favorite part!

Matthew at Gymboree class

I hear something

It's in there

Gymbo the Clown song

Matthew hanging out

Matthew carrying a toy

Matthew getting ready to ride

Matthew starting a race

"on your mark... get set ... go "

Matthew winning a race



Matthew at Music Class

Matthew watching Teacher Shane

Matthew got his stamp

Matthew and Daddy on Snow at 3rd Street

comparing scores

Matthew at the Huletts

Christmas photo

Lee Family Picture

Grandparents with the Grand Kids

Hanging Out

Mom and Matthew at Koreatown Plaza

Dad and Matthew at Koreatown Plaza

Catching a Spiderman ball at Karate


Matthew and Pre-school teacher Nancy

Playing the piano at Westwood Unified Methodist Church

Sliding down head-first


Rolling at Gymboree

On a sleeping bag at Gymboree

Catching a balloon at Child's Play

Matthew at Child's Play

Trying to catch a ball

I got it!

Matthew got his horse at music class

Fun at music class

Playing the drum


Playing cello with Mommy


Getting a stamp

I got it!

Dressing up at Child's Play

Playing baseball

Sliding down a big slide


Climbing a big ladder

Mommy and Matthew at the LA Zoo

Climbing Sammy the Seal

Decorating the Christmas tree

Mommy and Matthew decorating the tree

Opening his first Christmas present

More presents!

What is this?

Matthew and Ryan and Nolan with their games

Fun at Auntie Harriett's

Running around with Jason at Christmas

Kids playing

Matthew playing with his iPhone

All the kids singing Christmas carols

Jingle Bells!

Opening up a present

A radio controlled Garbage truck from Joshua and Jonah

Another fun toy

Fun at Under the Sea

Relaxing in the bouncy

Sliding down the big slide at Under the Sea

Small slide

Pushing the pad to the arcade game

Looking through the telescope

Who's that?

Matthew and Mommy trying on some hats at Ikea in Burbank

Riding his tricycle at Palms Park

Brrrrrr! Cold at Palms Park

Participating at story time at the Palms Park Rancho Park Library

Story time

Jason, Matthew, Evan and Grandma at the Reagan Library

Matthew and Jason at a Berlin Wall display

In front of Air Force One

Hanging out at the Reagan Library

Matthew in front of the Presidential Seal

Funny face

Lee's at the Reagan Library

Matthew and cousins

Running around like a fool

Running around outside the Reagan Library

On the Reagan Library lawn

Fun on the grass

Finding leaves and grass

Dogpile on Jason

Sliding at Palms Park

Climbing a ladder

Running around at Palms Park

On the carousel at South Coast Plaza

Horse stance

Thrust punch

Matthew and Sensei Kirk

Kicking his favorite beach ball

At Aidan's Place

Climbing his favorite steps

Using a big shovel


Sliding at Aidan's Place

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