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November 2008
added by Susie
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Doing a jigsaw puzzle

Singing Yellow Submarine

Running like a fool


Running in circles

Shin grandparents

Crawling through a hole

Matthew at Gymboree

Dumping a bucket of balls

Trying to climb on top

I caught this bubble

Look at this!

At Pre-pre-school playing with Play Doh

Monkey time

Climbing a big ladder at Pre-pre-school

Eating a snack with Andrew

Having fun at kitty time

Kitty time

This is my favorite part

Doing a circle

Listening to Teacher Kate

I caught another bubble

A bubble got stuck to Matthew's eyelid

Climbing the banana at Westside Paviliion

Climbing the banana

Matthew at his new music class

Getting a stamp

Engineer Matthew at Child's Play

Riding the fish

Driving a car through the parking lot

Base hit!

Relaxing at Almansor Park in Alhambra

Having fun with bubbles

Grandpa and Matthew looking at ducks

Horse Stance -- Matthew's new Karate class

Keeeee Yi!

Matthew learning how to kick

Learning from Sensei Kirk

Matthew sliding

Balancing on the balance beam

I caught a bubble

Riding the horsey

I climbed up here all by myself

Matthew in his karate uniform

Matthew learning the half moon

Keeeeee Yi!

Matthew with Sensei Kirk

Block one

Look at that technique!


Matthew learning the half moon

Matthew having a good ol' time at Karate

Matthew having fun at Gymboree

Lola reading Matthew a book at pre-school

Matthew at pre-school story time

Matthew pretending to taking a nap at pre-school

Climbing through a hole

Matthew carrying a big pad

Matthew reaching under the jungle gym

Trying to flip over

Pretending to eat an ice cream at Child's Play

Bouncing on a ball

Leaning on a ball



Pushing a shopping cart


Sitting in a shopping cart

Having a drink

Eating some noodles

Using chopsticks

Eating at Shin Peking

Mmmmm noodles!

Drinking Tang

Carrying stuff from Gymboree

Climbing a slide

Matthew in tubes

More tubes

Horse Stance

Block one


Working on the yellow belt

Swimming in the water

Matthew and Teacher Nancy

I'm taking off my sock

Riding the air log

Climbing through the hole

This is my favorite part!

Look up there!

Holding on

Standing on a lily pad

Jumping from lily pad to lily pad



Gymbo the Clown song



Eating pizza at Child's Play

Riding the seesaw by himself

Going down the roller-coaster

Playing the drums

Matthew in his music class

Climbing on a pad

Matthew having fun at a rest stop

Climbing a tree

Riding on the carousel

Matthew riding at the Oakland Zoo


Riding with a new friend

On the airplane ride

Hanging out with Dad

Matthew feeding a goose

There's the Cheerio

Matthew at Fairyland in Oakland

A dragon

Matthew looking inside a house

Getting a drink from the Lion fountain

Running through the card maze

Having fun at Fairyland

Reading some books

Matthew and his new pal

Matthew as a witch


Matthew as a princess

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Tin Man

Matthew as a lion

Matthew the scarecrow

Inside a fun play house

This is the third pig's house

Sitting on a chair

Relaxing at Fairyland

Feeding a goat

Playing piano

Hot Potato Hot Potato

Toot toot chugga chugga

Looking at the sea lions

Riding on a cable car in San Francisco

Eating breakfast

Having fun in San Francisco


Matthew after he had a green lollipop

Matthew at OnLok

At the kitchen table

Doing a really big puzzle

The ABC puzzle

Matthew snacking

Matthew with Auntie Amy

Matthew drinking some juice

Having a snack

Matthew eating more


Matthew playing the Wii

At the LA Auto Show

Matthew behind the wheel of a new car

Taking a break at the car show

Matthew driving a Mini

In front of some big Hot Wheels

Playing with the car display

Matthew climbing

Matthew making antlers at the LA Zoo

Look at my antlers

Shopping at the LA Zoo

Snow scene

Eating some kettle corn

Matthew and his pajama jacket

Eating some more kettle corn

Climbing up to use the telescope

Climbing the ladder

Riding on the train

Mom and Matthew at the zoo

Riding on the motorcycle at Koreatown Plaza

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