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October 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew making stuff at Pre-preschool

Matthew at Pre-preschool

Matthew having fun

Dancing at Pre-preschool

All the fish are swimming in the water...

Little red caboose... smokestack on his back back back back

Lola cleaning up

Matthew having tea with Lola

Matthew sweeping with Andrew

Matthew making a phone call

Filling up the container with water

Matthew looking at his cupcake

Matthew eating a cupcake without using hands

Mmmm cupcake

Having fun with the cat


Running around at Gymboree


Getting ready to slide

Sliding down the bumpy slide

Matthew caught a bubble

Going around in the circle

Circle at Gymboree

Up and up and up

On the air log

Having fun

Matthew loves parachute time


After getting hit by the parachute

Under the parachute

Matthew and Caesar

Having fun at the Westside Pavilion

Sliding down the watermelon

Sliding down head-first

Making food at Child's Play

Trying something new




Going crazy in the bouncy

Looking through his telescope

I see you

Making art

Making a tall tower

Building a tall tower

Matthew pressing a button

Matthew racing a car

Matthew looking

Matthew and Eric waving

Matthew and Eric frolicking

Matthew and Eric having fun

Matthew watching Eric Jump

Matthew and Eric looking at the meter

Eric pressing a button

Matthew and Eric building

Eric sitting on the table

Eric knocking down his Dad's tower

Matthew, Eric and the Dad in front of a blue screen

Trying to stop a virtual soccer ball

Dad giving Matthew a lift

Matthew and Eric trying to play the game

Matthew and Eric trying to play virtual soccer

Eric staring at Matthew



Stop Please

Matthew, Mom and Grandma

Susie and Jennie (family friends since 1974)

Matthew and Grandma

Matthew and Grandpa

Matthew working on a puzzle

Matthew, Evan and Jason playing

Matthew drinking his juice

Matthew and Dad

Matthew and Daddy waving at the train

Matthew running with food

Matthew singing

Matthew playing foosball

Matthew jumping

Matthew about to throw a ball

Matthew masters 3

Showing 3 at a different angle

Matthew and Lola

Matthew having fun

Matthew crawling through a tunnel

Matthew smiling

Matthew's favorite part

about to pop the bubble


Showing a bubble

Matthew caught a bubble

Hula Hoop

Matthew jumping

Matthew jumping high

Matthew and Camilla napping

Matthew showing is napping style

Matthew eating a cookie

Matthew drawing

Matthew building

Matthew standing next to his towers

Matthew eating

Matthew eating a watermelon

Matthew at the zoo

Matthew and Eric

Matthew and Eric on the train

Matthew and Eric on the train

Matthew trying to pull Eric back in

Matthew and Eric running around the zoo

Matthew and Eric snacking

Matthew kicking a ball

Matthew caught a ball

Matthew marching

Matthew and Lola

Matthew's hula hoop style

Matthew in the jumpy

Matthew having fun in the jumpy

Matthew waiting for his balloon sword

Matthew eating

Matthew enjoying his pizza

Matthew trying to eat a different way

Matthew and Spiderman

Matthew and his sword

Matthew having an ice cream

Matthew getting his hair cut

Matthew enjoying his haircut lollipop

Matthew pretend play

Matthew jumping

Matthew jumping high

Matthew playing air hockey

Matthew and Gabi

Matthew lifting a pumpkin

Matthew picking the pumpkin to buy

Matthew and Gabi iPhoning

Matthew enjoying a cookie

Matthew eating Chap Jae

Matthew showing off his play-doh art

Matthew and Mommy's Play-Doh Art

Matthew and his hula hoop

Matthew's tower

Matthew and Daddy on a boat

Matthew jumping

Matthew riding a motorcycle

"Check it out!!!"

Matthew playing a game at a carnival

Darth Matthew waiting for cake

Matthew picking out a pumpkin

Matthew trying to carry it

Matthew and Daddy rowing


Matthew climbing

Gabi jumping

Matthew and Gabi resting

Matthew and Gabi hanging out


Matthew riding around at a pumpkin patch

Matthew trying to get over a hill

Matthew still riding

Matthew and Daddy on a train


Matthew jumping high

Matthew loves bouncies

Matthew on horse

Matthew a natural horse rider

Matthew eating a corn

Matthew's corn

Matthew's favorite part

Matthew waiting

Matthew really having fun

Matthew sliding

Matthew's bubble

Matthew about to slide

Matthew jumping

Matthew loves his pizza

Darth Matthew

Matthew and Daddy fighting

Darth Matthew

Two Darth Vadars

Matthew on his way to a halloween party

Family of Star Wars

Matthew playing golf for some candy

Matthew eating his winnings

Matthew in a pie eating contest

"Geez.. is that what I'm suppose to do?"

Matthew won, just kidding

Matthew and Daddy playing Twister

Matthew trick or treating...

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