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September 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew and Gabi with an iPhone

Matthew with bread

Matthew about to eat a sandwich

Matthew at the table

Matthew on the slide

Matthew running

Matthew at Gymbo

Count to 10

Matthew with maracas

Matthew and Caesar playing

Matthew under the parachute

Matthew having a great time

Matthew twisting

Matthew, Caesar and Marley getting Gymbo Stamps

Matthew and Gabi

Froggy Boogie

Matthew eating

Ball Pit

Matthew building a tower

Matthew building a big tower

Matthew jumping

Super Matthew

Sit and Spin

Policeman Matthew

Matthew pretending to nap

Matthew squeezing

Matthew having fun

Super Matthew

Matthew at LACMA

Matthew in glasses

Matthew loves glue

Matthew painting

Matthew watching fishes

Matthew in a parade at the Aquarium

Matthew watching a turtle

Matthew at the Aquarium

Matthew looking at Clownfish

Matthew hanging out

Matthew with Mommy

Matthew pretending to play the violin

Matthew on a motorcycle

Matthew with Grandpa, Grandma and Auntie

Matthew flying a kite

Matthew playing with sand

Matthew relaxing with Dad

Matthew climbing

Matthew swinging

Matthew climbing

Matthew balancing with a ball

Matthew resting



Matthew running

Having fun in the jumpy

Carrying around food

Matthew having a picnic

Matthew and his food



Matthew climbing up to the big slide

Hanging out in a fort

Matthew jumping

Riding in a boat with Claire

Matthew waiting for the cat at Pre-pre-school

Matthew climbing at Gymboree

Matthew found a cone

Let's all make a circle...

Up and up and up

Matthew covering his eyes for hide-and-seek

Look at my bear

Matthew caught a bubble

Come on everybody it's parachute time


Matthew twisting and falling

Losing balance while twisting

Waiting for Gymbo stamps

Matthew's tower at Child's Play

Matthew made some food

Riding in the fish

Ball Pit!!!

Roller coaster

Getting read to eat at Child's Play

Drinking some juice

My pizza


That's my pizza


Is there a kid behind me?

Matthew doing the limbo

Matthew and Po Panda

Waiting for a balloon

Let's swordfight!

Going crazy swordfighting

Matthew didn't expect to actually get hit by a balloon during swordfighting

En garde


Matthew prepping for painting

Matthew painting

Mom painting with Matthew

Dad painting what Matthew painted

Matthew building a big house

My watermelon

Sitting in the fort that's being constructed

Look at my tower

Hello? Can you see my tower?

Gabi's art

Matthew digging in the sand

Tapping on the castle mold

Making sand castles

Matthew riding at Pacific Park

Riding on an airplane

Riding on a ship

Having a blast on the bumper cars


This is fun!


Bumper cars

Oh boy!

This is fun!

Siting in the Ferris Wheel

Looking at animals at the zoo

The monkeys are loud


Looking at the zoo map

Running down the hill

Riding on the LA Zoo train

Waiting for the bird show to start

Matthew is going to be Darth Vader for Halloween


Matthew and Gabi sharing a cookie

Sliding down the bumpy slide

Matthew and Gabi running around

On the bridge

Carrying the tube around

Matthew balancing


Running with Gabi

Having fun

Gabi and Matthew on the Westside Pavilion carousel

Riding in the ice cream truck

On the train

Having fun in the jumpy

Running to crash into the wall

Having a tea

Running around at Under the Sea

Jumping down the ramp

Down the bumpy slide


Matthew at Gymboree

Having fun in the circle

and down and down and down

Matthew's one of only two kids left in class

Matthew and Caesar

Matthew playing hide and seek

Gymbo the Clown goes up and down

Matthew having fun

Having fun at Child's Play

Riding the Matthew-sized teeter totter

Trying to get out the unorthodox way

Roller Coaster!

Matthew's tower

Climbing up the jungle gym at Child's Play

Matthew and Gabi jumping like fools

Having fun at Child's Play

Matthew painting

Making art at LACMA

Matthew's favorite -- glue

At Pierce College's Halloween festival



Matthew running down a big hill

Daddy and Matthew watching the boats go by

Looking sharp!

Matthew at a party

My balloon

There's a balloon up there

Matthew going through the tunnel

Matthew throwing the ball over the gate


Look at that

Relaxing at Gymboree

Running around


Matthew hugging Gabi

Matthew hugging


Riding the motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle and reading

Driving the big red car

Have some tea

Making a sandwich

Munch munch munch

That's my sandwich

Sliding down the bumpy slide


Riding the duck

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