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Oregon trip 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew and Elliott waiting at LAX

On the plane to Portland

Relaxing on the plane

Matthew and his luggage

Rocking out

Carrying balls at OMSI (science museum in Portland)

Matthew and Susie watching the ball machine at OMSI

Making a path for the balls

Matthew experimenting

Making a boat

Matthew and Elliott as dinosaurs


Susie and Matthew as dinosaurs

Having fun in the sand area at OMSI

Building a wood tower or airport

Building at OMSI

Matthew and friend look at Elliott's Wall E

Matthew having fun in the eagle's nest

Blowing bubbles

Looking at the wacky mirror

Putting together a puzzle

Eating lunch at OMSI

Eating breakfast at our hotel in Portland

Mmmm cereal

Eating a muffin

Elliott and Matthew at the Portland Zoo

Testing out one of his favorite genre toys

I'm thirsty!

Almost as big as some bears

Matthew putting mice to sleep at Finnegan's toy store

Having lots of fun at Pioneer Square in Portland

Running like a fool

Running to Mama

Where are we going next?

Matthew riding on a train with his Star Wars toys

Matthew at the Portland Children's Museum

Matthew singing his favorite song, "Other Wiggle La"

Shopping at the Children's Museum

Checking out at the supermarket

Scanning some veggies

Matthew trying to wash some veggies

Matthew watching some kids bury someone

Matthew digging

A shovel full of stuff

Filling up the truck

Matthew brushing a crocodile's teeth

Looking through a telescope

I see you!

Matthew and friend testing out the gears

Walking down stairs at the Children's Museum

Matthew helping another kid who's shopping

I want to buy this!

Matthew in front of the Children's Museum

Matthew drinking with two straws

Having fun with the turntable at OMSI

Playing around at OMSI

I see

Building a Lego tower

Matthew building

Matthew's finished tower

Matthew building

Putting something on top of his bowl

Playing some music

Matthew drumming

Building a long chain

Matthew's creation

Matthew checking out at OMSI

Eating a pineapple

Matthew at the Spaghetti Factory in Portland

Watching the OHSU aerial tram

Matthew at the playground at Washington Park

Riding on a dolphin

This playground at Washington Park is pretty impressive

Matthew drawing

Playing with fun stuff

Matthew eating a lollipop

Wearing an old-fashioned football helmet

Matthew kicking a Gymboree ball

Matthew kicking a ball at U of O

Stretching out to make a soccer goal

Matthew snacking with Susie

Eating a carrot and ranch dressing

Having fun outside

Matthew jumping with the beach ball between his legs

Matthew in his U of O basketball outfit

Matthew riding a sea lion at Valley River Center

Matthew at the Washington football game

Matthew and Elliott eating caramel corn at the Washington game

Matthew and Susie at the football game

Matthew wearing his whale shirt

Matthew making tracks at the Science Factory in Eugene

Matthew and this so-called ball pit

Resting after a bout of fun

Eating a chip at the Mission restaurant

Matthew on top of the forest play area at RiverPlay in Eugene

Matthew digging in the sand

Matthew kicking a ball at Skinner's Butte park

Matthew pointing to himself

Running and kicking

Matthew and his 'bob 'pants pajamas


Elliott and Matthew at the beach in Florence

Elliott and Matthew way out there

Matthew finding a clam shell

Here's some sand

Look over there

Matthew making a mound of sand

Matthew and Elliott chasing after the wind-blown beach ball

Matthew loves kicking the ball

Matthew running around

Having fun at the beach

Matthew and Susie building in the sand

Matthew riding a roller coaster ride at Chuck E. Cheese in Springfield

Matthew having Parachute time with his pals

Matthew trying out Daddy's shoes

Matthew at Autzen Stadium

Matthew and Susie taking our traditional picture at Autzen

Matthew and Elliott at Autzen

Matthew and Elliott in front of the Oregon Football door

We're number 1

Matthew making duck sounds

Feeding geese at Alton Baker Park

Matthew on a ride at 5th Street Market

Matthew at a park in Eugene

Riding the tram at RiverPlay

Hot Potato

Matthew at RiverPlay in Eugene

Matthew squeezing through a small hole

Matthew on a ride at Valley River Center

Matthew on the choo choo

Matthew found this big bear

Cleaning off his Underbear

Matthew riding with Underbear

Matthew brushing his teeth while taking a bath

Inside the sea lion caves in Florence

Matthew and Elliott at Sea Lion Caves

It's windy at the beach today

Too windy today

Kicking a ball in Florence

Matthew using the iPhone at lunch in Florence

Matthew and Elliott at the EMU at U of O

Matthew relaxing on a couch

Matthew carrying beach balls

Matthew trying to extend his snake

Matthew jumping

Matthew running a lap at Hayward Field

I need a drink of water after that lap

Running a lap

Matthew and Elliott and track coach Bill Bowerman

Matthew and Susie bundled up

Matthew and Elliott in front of the huge duck

Matthew, Elliott and a cheerleader

It's loud in the Moshofsky center

Matthew, Elliott and tight end Ed Dickson

Oregon cheerleaders

Matthew, Elliott and running back Jeremiah Johnson

Sweating it out at the Utah State game

Oregon wore their yellow helmets today


Matthew having fun at the game

Watching football

Matthew running into the wind

Matthew, Elliott and defensive end Nick Reed

We're number 1

Elliott and Matthew in front of Autzen after the Utah State game

Reading on the plane

Rocking out to the Beatles

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