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August 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew writing out the word "Power Rangers"

Matthew drawing with a pencil

Painting at LACMA

Matthew made this airplane

Fava fa fa

La la la

Matthew listening to Pan's flute

Really huge duckie

Matthew with an orange he peeled

Matthew petting his pet snake at California Science Center


Solving a puzzle

Matthew playing with a tractor

Using a computer

Making art with Mom

Matthew on the space shuttle in zero gravity

Eating a McD's fry

Criss-Cross Apple Sauce


Look at this pepper I picked!

Running around having fun

Look at my pepper!

Scratching his back

An impression of a walrus

Grandma and Grandpa Shin with Matthew

Matthew in the famous squat position wearing a baseball helmet

Matthew riding with Zoe and Elmo

Balancing on a bridge

Commando Matthew

Balancing on a beam

Hiding in a tube


"Mommy is heavy"

Matthew carrying golf clubs

Matthew in the bouncy

Matthew leaning

Matthew resting

Matthew turning right

Matthew having fun

Matthew in a baby toy

Matthew fishing

Matthew running

Matthew and Gabi fishing

Matthew showing off his fishes

Matthew looking through daddy's hands

Matthew trying to grab Gymbo

Matthew catches a bubble

Matthew holding maracas

Matthew smiling

Matthew really high

Matthew climbing

Matthew grocery shopping

Matthew playing air hockey

Matthew drawing Super Heroes


Happy Matthew

Matthew sleeping in the Ball Pit

Matthew in a tunnel

Matthew building

Matthew lifting

Matthew pushing

Matthew cutting

Matthew having soup

"Bacon Anyone...."

Matthew walking past a Peacock

Matthew sitting on a tree

Matthew in the Catawampus

Matthew still in the Catawampus

Matthew putting a stick in the Catawampus

Matthew having fun

Matthew in front of the Catawampus


Matthew trying on some headsets

Matthew rocking on

Matthew resting at Grandpa Lee's House

Matthew ready for 3D

Matthew, Jason and Evan eating

Matthew, Jason and Evan's feet

Matthew, Jason and Evan having fun in the pool

Matthew watching Evan

Blowing bubbles

Matthew eating Watermelon at the Watermelon Festival

Matthew riding his first roller coaster

Matthew on a ride at the Watermelon festival

Matthew eating corn

Matthew drinking Tang

Matthew eating Cha Chiang Mein

Matthew making a sandwich

Matthew riding a motorcycle

Matthew looking in the scope

Matthew on a horsey

Matthew getting Mom water

Matthew surprising Daddy



Matthew and Gabi

Matthew popping a bubble

Matthew getting maracas

Matthew coming to Mommy

Matthew having fun

Matthew with balls on his fingers

Matthew flying a kite

Matthew playing with sand

Matthew playing with the solar system

Matthew having fun on the swing

Matthew building

Matthew with a gourd

Matthew helping a cow get on the Ark

Matthew and Eric making rain

Matthew and Eric having fun

Matthew with a turtle

Matthew making wind

Eric helping a lot of animals get on the Ark

Matthew preparing dinner

Matthew and Daddy having dinner

Matthew and Daddy blowing on an egg

Matthew and Eric playing

Matthew having fun on the ark

Matthew and Eric on a turtle

Matthew and Eric cleaning up

Matthew and Eric watching a show

Matthew getting ready to get his hair cut

Matthew getting his hair cut

Matthew on a John Deere

Matthew in a Fire Truck

Matthew relaxing in a Cadillac

Matthew riding a motorbike

Matthew and Eric sharing a turtle

Matthew rolling in the barrel

Matthew on a Horse

Matthew hands free slide

Matthew having fun

Matthew riding a tricycle at preschool

Matthew and Lola at preschool

Matthew and Claire at preschool

Matthew snacking at preschool

Matthew and Avery reading a book

Matthew seems to like Avery's book more

Matthew waiting for Claire

Matthew getting a belly rub

Matthew having a fun time with Teacher Nancy

Matthew playing with Dad's iPhone

Matthew making a balloon animal

Matthew almost done with his balloon animal

Matthew playing with Small Duckie

Matthew flying a kite

Matthew playing with his sand toys

One Hand sliding

Matthew sifting sand

Matthew pouring sand back in the hole

Matthew trying to figure out what is in that whole

Matthew climbing

Matthew relaxing

Matthew reading the menu

Matthew singing

Roman Matthew in his toga

Matthew playing around

Matthew pretending to be a turtle

Matthew pretending to eat a sandwich

Matthew resting

Matthew hosing mom down

Matthew lifting a band

Matthew and Daddy covering their eyes

Matthew having a lot of fun

Matthew smiling

Matthew high in the air

Matthew eating yogurt

Matthew plugging his ears

Matthew climbing the jungle gym

Matthew in a tunnel

Matthew in the Jumper

Matthew running in the jumper

Matthew jumping high

Matthew with a cap on

Matthew laughing

Matthew stuck

Matthew paintin


Matthew and Gabi

Matthew holding Gabi's hand

Parachute time

Matthew pointing

Matthew looking at fish

Matthew putting money in his pocket

Matthew with a giant squid

Matthew eating a cookie

Matthew enjoying his oatmeal raisin cookie

Matthew in a play

Matthew playing his part

Matthew walking around

Matthew and Daddy

Matthew the otter

Matthew playing with his Dad

Matthew running around

Elliott chasing Matthew

Matthew and Daddy having a chat

Matthew playing doctor

Matthew playing with this Wiggles Slippers

Matthew with his tower

Matthew on a Roller Coaster

Matthew playing Leap Frog

Matthew climbing on a turtle

Matthew on a lady bug

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