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July 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew crawling into the bouncer

Under the Sea in Culver City

Climbing up the tube to get to the big slide

Daddy and Matthew at the top of the slide

Coming down the slide

Matthew at the Westside Pavilion's Kid's Club

Confetti falling down

Matthew and teacher Liza

Doing the horse

Gabi, Matthew, Marley and Marley's dad

Gabi and Matthew holding hands

Matthew playing the cello/violin

Matthew having fun at Child's Play

Going through the obstacle course


Having fun at Child's Play

Matthew and his new friend Ryan comparing Happy Meal Monkeys

Ryan and Matthew riding

Matthew and Daddy at the Natural History Museum on 4th of July (they were closed)

Matthew and the fountain at Exposition Park

Matthew and Eva

Matthew driving Roya's Big Red Car

Matthew wearing a racer's helmet

Elliott and Matthew at the Natural History Museum

Matthew cleaning up the dinosaur pit

Looking at bugs

Susie and Matthew at the museum

Matthew and Elliott inside the Pavilion of Wings

Matthew eating some fruit

Mmmmm fruit

Matthew and Mommy

Mommy reading a book to Matthew

Daddy and Matthew at The Grove

Reading a book

Matthew and his new favorite cup

Matthew on the train at the LA Zoo

Daddy and Matthew and the giraffes at the zoo

Matthew and Daddy and an elephant

Matthew trying to get a look at the alligators


At Boston Market

Riding on a tractor at Kids Land

We don't know this kid. He just sat on my chair because Matthew was playing with a Thomas train

Matthew at Shin Peking restaurant

Matthew getting aerodynamic

Matthew and Gabi and bubbles

Matthew enjoying some fruit

This is cold!

Running at the wall like a fool

Piloting the pirate ship at Under the Sea

Pretend eating a sandwich

Pretending to eat a sandwich

Going down the slide

Matthew's favorite Under the Sea slide

Matthew with Andrew and Lola from Pre-pre-school

Matthew and friends from Pre-pre-school (Claire, Sophie and Jacob)

Matthew having snack time at Pre-pre-school (Claire, Sophie, and Jacob)

Matthew and Mommy

Matthew hiding at Gymboree

Relaxing in a tube

Having too much fun

Matthew with a horse tail at Gymboree

Matthew and bandana

Gabi wearing a bandana

Old McDonald had a farm...

Matthew being the crazy kid that he is

Matthew, Gabi and their famous teacher Liza

Matthew, Teacher Liza and Gabi

Matthew and Gabi on a ride

Matthew going crazy under the parachute on Spongebob Squarepants day at Child's Play

Matthew and Jay from Child's Play

Matthew saying bye to 'Bob 'Pants

Matthew climbing around the jungle gym at Child's Play

Squeezing through

On the roller coaster at Child's Play

Eating with SpongeBob

Playing air hockey

Where's Waldo? Is he sleeping outside?

Arm painting Matthew got at Child's Play

Watching street performers on 3rd Street

Ahoy there me hearties!

Matthew at Downtown Drum

Water fountains

Doing the famous Matthew Squat

Watching the water at California Plaza

Touching modern art at MOCA

We love water fountains

Look at the bubble I caught

Having fun with balls

Matthew learned how to hold four wiffle balls

Matthew climbed this by himself and was reading a book

Holding five balls!

Relaxing in a tube

Doing the Power Rangers pose

Matthew and his new hat

Having fun at Under the Sea

Matthew with a surprised look

Watching Pokemon at Mitsuwa in the red square

Matthew hammering at Pre-pre-school

Matthew painting at Pre-pre-school

Matthew and his apron

Matthew found two books to read

Matthew eating a snack at Pre-pre-school (Zack, Matthew, Kaya, Lola, and Claire)

Matthew climbing his favorite apparatus at Gymboree

Matthew relaxing

Laying on the pizza dough to make a pizza

Adding some ingredients to the pizza

Rolling the pizza dough flat

Gymbo the Clown goes Peek-a-boo

Eating the pizza

Gabi on the Parachute

Matthew building a tower at LACMA

Matthew inside a tower at LACMA

Matthew drawing

Matthew getting some art supplies

Matthew coloring a bear

Matthew and the airplane we made at LACMA

Look at this fish!

Pushing the water button

Matthew and the friendly stingray

Mommy and Matthew surfing

Sitting on a comfortable chair

Daddy and Matthew at the circus

Mommy and Matthew at the circus

Matthew's mesmerized by the performers at the circus

Gabi fell asleep during the circus

Tigers at the circus

Elephants at the circus

Gabi and Matthew at the circus

Matthew enjoying corn at El Pollo Loco

Matthew digging into that corn

Elliott and Matthew at Bill's party (taken by Leslie Lee)

Matthew at Bill's party

Matthew inside a helicopter at the California Science Center

Matthew inside a bouncy at Roya's

Erica pushing Matthew around

Matthew at the circus

Mommy and Matthew at the circus

Matthew and Gabi at the circus

Matthew holding five balls

Sitting at Gymboree

Matthew and Roya watching window cleaning

Matthew singing into the strainer


Matthew cleaning up

Matthew at Child's Play

Matthew in the ball pit

Diving in

Matthew's tower

Matthew bouncing at Child's Play

Matthew sitting at a table

Mommy and Matthew at Child's Play

Matthew in the Jungle Gym

Dr. Matthew giving Monkey a shot

Matthew's first photograph

Matthew getting ready to go after a long day at work

Jenny and Matthew (and Dona and Tandy)

Matthew and Daddy making an airplane at LACMA

Matthew painting at LACMA

Matthew watching Gabi paint

Matthew building a tower

Stacking it tall

Matthew and a new friend inside the fort

Matthew in front of a gorilla

Matthew and Daddy at Knotts Berry Farm

Matthew on a plane ride

Daddy, Matthew and Schroeder

Matthew on the balloon ride

Daddy and Matthew on the train

Matthew and Daddy on a bridge

Mommy and Matthew on the bus ride

Matthew jumping for joy

Matthew on the big truck ride

Matthew on the Huff and Puff

Daddy and Matthew riding in a race car

Daddy and Matthew in front of a water fountain at Knotts

Daddy, Matthew and Snoopy

Matthew enjoying a lemon ice treat

Matthew gnawing away at some corn

Matthew and a new friend go down a slide

Matthew riding a horse

Matthew and his smashed penny collection

Matthew giving himself a shot

Matthew playing the Spiderman video game

Matthew falling

Matthew running

Matthew having fun

Matthew eating a tomato

Matthew trying to climb a wall

Matthew riding a motorcycle

Matthew preparing to eat

Matthew eating a cookie

Matthew eating another cookie

Matthew pretending to fish

Matthew pretending to be a fish

Matthew playing with Gabi and Teacher Jillian


Matthew pretending to eat a broccoli

Matthew playing air hockey

Matthew spinning a top

Matthew pushing a banana

Matthew getting ready to sing

Matthew at Pre-Preschool

Matthew with the Pre-Preschool Cat

Matthew looking in the net

Matthew and Gabi in the Ice Cream Truck

Matthew trying to do a summersault

Matthew proud of his Tower (he built it all by himself)

Doctor Matthew

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