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June 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew looking at the fish

Mommy and Matthew looking at sharks below

Climbing up to the bench

Going to see the sharks

Touching a ray

Doing the Sasa dance

Sasa dance

Give me an 'A'

Give me an 'A'


Jumping when the water comes out

Throwing some balls down the ramp

Laying on the floor

Hiding on the floor

Climbing up

Rocking in the bucket

Going for the ball

Having fun with lots of stuff



Mommy and Matthew relaxing at Gymboree


Surf's up

Sliding down the watermelon

Climbing down the watermelon


On a banana with a kid

Sliding head first

Looking over the watermelon

Walking down the watermelon

Jumping from the hot dog to the cupcake

Matthew doing the horsey

Playing foosball

Pulling the pad into the fort

Rolling around on the ground

Matthew making a train

Matthew as part of a train

Matthew and other kids riding in the train

Doing the eye thing

Matthew with more stuff


At the beginning of Gymboree class

Hiding in the tube

Going crazy on the parachute

Getting bubbles

Everyone find a lap to ride

Going crazy under the parachute

Twist twist twist


Doing peek-a-boo

Bye bye bye

Matthew with the dumpy hat and his favorite basket

Cooking some bread

Matthew climbed to the top all by himself

Wearing his new goggles

This little piggy...

Rolling balls down the bumpy slide

Matthew as a turtle

Teddy, Matthew and Daddy reading a book

Matthew with 'Bob 'Pants

Matthew and Daddy and the Wild Animal Park balloon

That shoe on the wall shouldn't be there at all!

Matthew covering up his mouth because a fly was bothering him

Mommy and Matthew riding on the Wild Animal Park tram

Matthew driving the jeep

Matthew in a mud hut

Crawling through a tunnel

Daddy and Matthew

Looking at the birds

Making a call


Jumping on the trampoline

Having fun on the trampoline

Matthew and the big balloon

Running at the Wild Animal Park

Matthew trying to find his way around

Strapping himself into the stroller

Matthew and alligator

Playing in the water


Matthew looking at water

Matthew lifting himself up to see the tortoise

Matthew in the shell

Coming out of his shell

Driving a boat

Matthew in a big bird's nest

Reaching for a butterfly

Walking like daddy

Elliott with a butterfly

Matthew looking at the butterfly

Another butterfly

Having fun at the Natural History Museum

Touching a turtle

In a ride

Rolling the big ball


More stuff

Sliding head-first down the slide

Matthew and Matteo

Bubbles at Gymboree

Matthew playing foosball

In the pirate ship

Playing the driving game

Matthew on the spinning octopus

Riding on a duck

Matthew at Under the Sea

Matthew behind the screen

Going into a slide

Matthew having fun in the bouncy


Bounce bounce


Having fun in the bouncy

Mommy and Matthew reading a book

Matthew sitting at a table


Climbing up the Child's Play jungle gym

Matthew at the top of the jungle gym


Another pair of goggles!

Matthew and a new hat


Grabbing at his cheeks

Matthew and friend at LACMA

Inside a fort

Matthew in art

Matthew building a tower

Matthwe stacking cones

Matthew with a new friend at LACMA

Matthew rubbing his back on some stuffies

Eating his yogurt


Using his small cup

Matthew eating

Elliott and Matthew and Ronny and Cindy's wedding

Matthew and his cousin Joshua or Jonah

Drinking apple cider

That tastes weird

Matthew at the wedding

Slam dunk


Matthew going across the balance beam

Matthew hiding in the corner with Teddy


Holding balls

Holding a lot of balls

Jumping onto the mattress

Playing a video game


Washing his hands

Eating at a table

Driving the big red car

Matthew at the top of the slide

Matthew at the top of the slide

Climbing up the slide

In the bouncy



Matthew on the bridge

Looking through the telescope

Getting ready to slide


Playing air hockey

Matthew in his fort

Eating a cookie

Matthew at Gymboree

Matthew's Gymbo class

Running around with scarves


Getting air

Gabi jumping

Matthew having fun with teacher Liza

Gabi posing

Matthew caught a bubble

Gymbo the clown goes up and down

Gymbo the clown goes side to side

Sh sh sh

Matthew playing with his car

Matthew and Grandpa Shin

Matthew and the Todai guy

Getting ready to eat

Matthew getting a haircut

Walking to Todai

Matthew and Grandma Shin

Matthew with a sword

Matthew getting ready to go out

Matthew and Daddy on the pier

Matthew in a sub

Matthew showing off his winning at Whac a Mole

Matthew squating

Matthew and Mommy at the beach

Matthew enjoying sand

Matthew playing with sand

Matthew and Mommy in art

Matthew at the beach

Matthew running in art

Matthew playing with blocks

Matthew transformers transforms

Matthew in the middle of blocks

Matthew in art

Matthew kneeling on blocks

Matthew painting

Matthew riding in a transformer

Matthew mixing colors

Matthew getting ready to paint

Matthew picking an apron

Matthew drawing

Matthew really relaxing

Matthew, Gabi and Mommy at the Mall

Matthew jumping up hill

Matthew eating

Matthew and Mommy surfing

Matthew lounging

Matthew in his Thomas fort

Matthew smiling

Matthew and Daddy surfing

Matthew and Daddy with clownfish

Matthew with Daddy

Matthew happy

Matthew petting a fish

Matthew playing with the squid

Matthew trying to put a penny in his pocket

Matthew enjoying the aquarium

Walking around the mall



Inside a toy house

Playing with Legos

Holding toys

Walking through the park to find birds

At the hot park

Looking for birds

Pushing around a wagon


Relaxing at Target

Matthew laying down on his couch


Sitting on the teeter totter at Lindberg Park

Playing in the sand

Sliding down the slide

Holding lots of tennis balls

Carrying lots of tennis balls

About to go on the big slide

Lights Camera ACTION!

Having fun at Under the Sea


Going down the slide

Gymbo class

Jumping onto the mattress

Riding in the train

Matthew and friend

Having fun in the ball pit

Playing air hockey

Cleaning up


Matthew with the dumpy hat

Making a Fava fa

Reading the newspaper

Doing the Wheelbarrow

Caricature of Matthew from around April 2008

Caricature of Matthew from Olvera Street from April 2008

Caricature of Matthew from the Santa Monica Pier from June 2008

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