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May 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew in class

Matthew jumping off the ramp

Matthew carrying fruit

Matthew looking in his basket

Matthew playing air hockey

Matthew getting good at air hockey

Matthew in a tunnel

Matthew making art

Matthew about to draw

Matthew getting ready to paint

Matthew on his toes to paint

Matthew painting

Matthew at LACMA

Matthew eating at the Venice Fire Station's Pancake Breakfast

Sitting on a big chair

Playing with fire equipment

Running away from fire equipment


Driving the fire truck

In front of engine 63

Susie wearing helmet

Matthew doing the twist

Matthew buried in Legos

Matthew trying to throw the ball in the basket

Posing in front of a statue at Olvera Street on Cinco de Mayo

Riding in the pumpkin ride

Matthew and Brayden at Brayden's 2nd birthday party


What's around here?

Wearing Mom's shirt because it's too cold

Having fun

Enjoying the dog's company

Looking at the Build-a-Bear at Westside Pavilion

Pretend playing with a cantaloupe

Having fun with a Lego hat

Floating the air hockey equipment

Playing with Joseph from Child's Play

Police helmet

Cleaning up the helmets


Matthew painting at LACMA

Inside a fort

Hiding in the fort

Sitting inside the fort

Pretending to eat a melon

King Matthew painting

Matthew and Susie in Fire Engine #92

Matthew carrying a nozzle

Matthew and his favorite fire station apparatus

Suited up and ready to go

Getting ready for a fire

Playing with some buttons and handles

Matthew and his new paramedic friend

The fire station crew posing for a picture

Matthew looking at a wheel

Matthew and Elliott walking home from the fire station

Matthew at the Natural History Museum

Matthew enjoying a cookie

Matthew looking at a butterfly on Elliott's shoulder

Making a cute face

Look at that butterfly!

Putting together a puzzle

Excavating some dinosaur bones

Playing in the sand

Having fun at Holmby Park

Matthew throwing the bag down the slide

Popping bubbles

Rocking out

Matthew and Gabi holding hands



Gabi jumping

Elliott and Matthew at LACMA

Matthew building a fort around Elliott

Matthew building the fort

Relaxing at LACMA

Look at that tower!

Matthew and Beary wiggling out

Matthew walking along the water

Matthew pointing at a stingray

Matthew touching a stingray

Matthew running away from a shark

Matthew on Daddy's feet

Matthew grabbing a baby shark

Matthew with cookie crumbs

Matthew watching a seal

Matthew with an otter

Matthew observing


Looking up


Matthew with Grandma and Grandpa Shin

Matthew singing

Matthew with Grandma Shin

Matthew's smile

Matthew with Grandpa Shin

Matthew playing with a remote control car

Matthew and Daddy resting

Matthew smiling

Matthew in class

Matthew with his friend Caesar

Matthew shaking the rope

Matthew taking a break

Matthew pretending to be a butterfly

Matthew pretending to be a ca-coon

Matthew still pretending to be a butterfly

Gabi jumping

Matthew riding the parachute with Gabi

Matthew with Ava

Matthew smiling


Matthew going twist twist twist


Quiet Please

Matthew at the Natural History Museum

Matthew having a snack

Matthew with Water

Matthew giving us the eye

Matthew hanging out

Policeman Matthew

Pirate Matthew

Daddy and Matthew in a tunnel

Matthew and Austin

Matthew holding a taco, broccoli and three breads

Matthew stacking on Mommy

Matthew carrying

Matthew is too sexy for his jacket

Matthew in a fort

Matthew painting

Blocks stacked on Matthew

Matthew and his friends, Uri and Jack

Matthew building a tower

Matthew playing with mom

Matthew at the Dromo 1 dressing room

Elliott having a hard time getting dressed

Matthew trying on the race helmet

Having fun at the Block of Orange

Grandma Shin, Matthew and Auntie Grace

Enjoying a Jamba Juice

Trying to entice a bird with a leaf

Mommy and Matthew dancing

At Exposition Park

Relaxing on art

Mommy and Matthew relaxing on art

Pulling the lever

Matthew and Mommy eating kettle corn at the zoo

Matthew holding on for dear life

Watching the gorillas

Daddy and Matthew and a giraffe

Riding on the zoo train all by myself

Wearing Mommy's glasses

Doo doo doo doo

Watching the turtles at La Brea Tar Pits

The turtles at La Brea Tar Pits

Daddy and Matthew having fun

Matthew touching a wooly mammoth bone

The famous squatting pose


Running at La Brea Tar Pits

Trying on Mom's glasses

Showing a kid his Wiggles shirt

Playing with a kid

Sharing a leaf

Reading at Barnes & Noble

Relaxing at Barnes and Noble

Matthew pumping cotton into "Poppy"

Matthew putting a heart into "Poppy"

Matthew and friends hiding from Teacher Liza

Matthew waiting to be found

Matthew having fun

Matthew watching the parachute

Matthew putting away shoes

Matthew posing

Matthew waiting to jump on the cupcake

Matthew playing with Caesar

Matthew on a hot dog

Matthew scooting on a hot dog

Matthew having fun on a hot dog

Matthew playing air hockey

Matthew wanting to join

Matthew in a sword fight

Matthew sleeping with mom

Matthew using Mom's head to hold up the tower

Matthew building a tower

Matthew playing with mom's glasses

Matthew playing with sand at Lindberg Park


Having fun at Lindberg Park


Elliott and Matthew on the big teeter-totter

Swinging and laughing

Swinging and having fun

At Gymboree class (Level 5)

Teacher Liza and Matthew

Matthew looking up at the parachute

Having fun under the parachute

Gymbo the clown goes twist twist twist

Gymbo the clown goes Peek-a-boo

Riding the car down the ramp

Carrying some food at Child's Play

Resting at LACMA

Making sushi-like art

Matthew inside of a big fort

Matthew and his friend Yanni at LACMA

Matthew trying to put his jacket on

Loading up Noah's Ark

Matthew carrying around a strawberry

Matthew and his buddy Eric at Noah's Ark

Matthew stacking a tower

Matthew and Roya at Noah's Ark

Matthew, Roya and Eric

Enjoying the show

Enjoying the sand

Elliott and Matthew at Aidan's Place

Kicking the ball


Daddy and Matthew playing the drums

Mommy and Matthew drumming

Matthew eating soup at Koreatown Plaza

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