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April 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew on the train at Lindberg Park

Walking down a ramp

Climbing the stairs

Daddy and Matthew on the teeter-totter

Going down the big slide

Teddy looking at Matthew

"Cover your eyes and don't look"

Matthew with his spider friends

Climbing the ladder

Matthew climbing through the hole

Driving a fire engine

Mowing the lawn

Hot potato, hot potato

Playing air hockey

Reaching for a ball

Building a tower

Crawling up the ramp

Riding on a car

Having fun with Mom

Having fun in the ball pit


At the top of the jungle gym

Walking across the bridge

Climbing the bumpy ramp

Having fun at Gymbo

Matthew caught a bubble with his finger

Enjoying the horsey


We're number 1!

Eating from his two containers of snacks

The Noble Duke of York

March Madness

Elliott and Matthew at the Cherry Blossom Festival

Entranced by the Brazilian martial arts performers

Taking a test drive

Making arts and crafts at the Cherry Blossom Festival

Look at my butterfly!

Sliding down the huge steep slide

Crawling through

Having fun

As far as Susie and Matthew got on the slide

On the Long Beach Grand Prix track

Watching the jellyfish swim

Making water come out of the squid

Relaxing at the aquarium

Reaching for water

Splashing in a puddle of water

Driving the boat

Hiding in the hole of a shell

Examining the rays swimming by

Touching the sea creatures

Watching a sea turtle

Playing golf

Hitting a ball off of a tee

Matthew carrying his golf clubs around

Swinging on the big swing

Sliding down

Trying to get Mommy's attention


Gabi at Gymbo

Matthew delivering ice cream

Matthew squatting

Who is that behind the curtain?


On the boat

Eating two cookies

On the Balance Beam

Holding four balls

Delivering Ice Cream with Teddy

Matthew knocking his tower over

Sliding at Child's Play


Daddy and Matthew at Travel Town

Matthew looking at trains

Matthew and his Thomas whistle

Matching clothes

Matthew sitting on a passenger car

Looking at movies at Carney's

In front of the aquarium at Union Station

Sliding down the big slide at Lindberg Park

Having fun on the jungle gym

Matthew and Mommy

Sir Knight Matthew

"Can I get more balloons, please?"

"Hot Potato, Hot Potato"

Matthew and a new friend in the kitchen

Matthew driving a boat

Matthew flying down the slide

Firefighter Matthew

Matthew on a motorcycle

Air Hockey

Matthew going to a fire with a friend

Matthew and a Daddy in an RV

Matthew sliding again

Pirate Matthew

Matthew with a drink from Starbucks

Matthew at Gymboree

Walking up the ramp

Cover your eyes

Getting a bone out of the bucket

Matthew and his favorite Gymbo teacher Elsa

Playing air hockey

Elliott and Matthew at Child's Play

Sliding down the big slide

Kicking a ball

At the zoo with a raccoon

Feeding a pelican some fish

Petting a goat

Hiding in a tent

Laying on a big hedgehog

The zebra is climbing

Brayden and Matthew

Suzanne and Brayden

Brayden and Matthew as spiders

Matthew squeezing through

Matthew climbing a ladder

Matthew, Evan and Jason playing

Matthew swinging on his own


Matthew in a BIG RED CAR

Matthew with a Kangaroo

Matthew on stage

"Toot, Toot, Chugga, Chugga, Big Red Car"


Matthew climbing a netted tunnel

Matthew driving

Matthew on the Air Hockey Table

Matthew racing

Matthew getting ready to shop

Matthew carrying a chair

Fire Fighter Matthew

Matthew showing off the tower he built

Matthew and Cali

Matthew playing with big balls

Sitting and spinning

Trying to do the wheelbarrow

Matthew saw Johnny and the Sprites at UCLA

Making a book at the LA Times book festival

Matthew's friend from fun care Dona

Matthew and Elliott having fun at the LA Times book festival

Running around in the lights at LACMA

"Little Brown Ant..."

Making leaves fly at La Brea Tar Pits

Petting an animal at La Brea Tar Pits

Climbing a ladder

Riding in a fish

Parents taking pictures

Shaking the parachute at Gabi and Kayla's birthday

Watching magic tricks

Watching more magic

Eating with Roya

Birthday girls Kayla and Gabi

Matthew getting his face painted


Gabi and Matthew with face paint

Matthew and Roya

Gabi and her mom blowing out the candle

Gabi and Kayla eating cake

Matthew eating cake

Matthew relaxing and eating a pretzel

Matthew rolling dough

Matthew playing with Marly

Matthew carrying food

Matthew resting and eating food

Matthew carrying a chair

Matthew washing broccoli

Matthew showing off his fireman hat

Matthew carrying something heavy

Matthew looking at towers

Matthew making a wish

Matthew playing

Matthew running

Matthew eating pizza with Roya

Matthew smiling

Matthew picking up ball #4

Matthew using a microwave

Matthew sliding

Matthew carrying a heavy chair

Matthew smiling

Matthew driving

Firefighter Matthew

Matthew playing air hockey

Matthew playing foosball

Matthew taking a picture

Matthew pretending to smile

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