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March 2008
added by Susie
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Grandma and Grandpa Shin, Great Aunt and Matthew

Matthew manning the cannon in front of the Texas state capitol

Matthew being frisked at the state capitol

Elliott and Matthew inside the state capitol

Matthew giving a speech in the state capitol

View from the 4th floor of the state capitol

Elliott and Matthew relaxing inside the state capitol

Matthew in the middle of a D inside the state capitol

Matthew with some high school cheerleaders from Galveston

In front of the state capitol

Texas state capitol

Matthew making a wish

Matthew with some sweetener on his forehead

Matthew and his rehearsal dinner outfit

Aunt Grace

Amy and Grace

Cousin Liza

Great Aunt, Liza and Grandma Shin

Mike, Guy, Grandpa Shin, Elliott and Matthew

Great Aunt and Matthew

Elliott and Matthew with Texas state capitol in the background

Susie and Matthew watching the parade go by

Matthew watching the Texas birthday parade

Matthew and Susie at the wedding

Matthew having fun at the wedding

At the wedding

Wearing each others' shoes

Matthew and Elliott on the train at Zilker Park

Elliott and Matthew and the train at Zilker Park

Matthew driving the Zilker Fire Engine

Matthew playing the Xylophone at Zilker Park

Elliott and Matthew in front of Barton Springs Pool

Eating at a BBQ restaurant

Matthew and Susie jumping around

Matthew in his new suit

Matthew having fun at Santa Monica Beach

Matthew buried himself with sand

Matthew on the plane to Austin

Mike playing with Art

Mike and Grace at University of Texas

Guy and Amy at University of Texas

Matthew at the Wedding Rehearsal

Susie's Aunt Ruthia

Matthew posing for a picture

Matthew forking himself

Guy and Amy at the rehearsal dinner

Mike and Grace at the rehearsal dinner

Amy, Liza (the bride), Grace and Susie

Susie and Elliott showing their love

Susie's Aunt Ruthia on the wedding day

Susie's Mom and Aunt Ruthia

Matthew in his small fort

Matthew and Roya on a bridge at Gymbo

Matthew caught a bubble

Roya hugging Matthew

Matthew and Gabi


Matthew having fun at bubble time

Roya caught a bubble on her tongue

Matthew and Susie

Gabi in action

Matthew and Eric riding

Matthew and Eric

Matthew and Eric mowing the lawn

Matthew mowing

Matthew looking through his Thomas tunnel

Matthew and Eric


Eric and Matthew

Matthew and Eric posing

Matthew picking an orange

Matthew putting his orange in the wheelbarrow

Matthew and Evan playing with trains

Team Lee on the shuttle to LAX for Austin Trip

Matthew with Grandma in Austin Hotel

Matthew driving a car at HEB

Matthew riding around at HEB

Matthew sliding

Matthew wearing a Wiggles Shirt

Matthew happy to be the Yellow Wiggle

Matthew with Teacher Elsa

Matthew eating cereal

Matthew smiling at breakfast

Matthew mowing the lawn

Matthew and Daddy

Matthew climbing through the hole

Matthew walking down the ramp

Matthew almost through the hole

Matthew climbing a ladder

Matthew eating yogurt by himself

Matthew and Daddy giving a thumbs up

Matthew showing his fonzie move

Matthew pointing at his thumb

Matthew eating yogurt and holding the yogurt cup

Matthew sharing yogurt

There's no more yogurt left!

Matthew cleaning his hands after a good meal

Liza and her mother at the rehearsal

Matthew giving his happy face

Matthew pointing at Mommy

Matthew doing the "Hot Potato"

Hungry Matthew

Amy and Auntie Ruthia at the rehearsal dinner


Matthew's Grandma and Grandpa

Matthew with his Grandpa

Liza and her Mom walking down the aisle

Liza and Joe getting married

Matthew watching the wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Abeel

Amy, Stephanie, Tony and Grace

Matthew and Mommy

Matthew and Elliott hanging out at Gymbo

Matthew and Gabi at Gymbo

Matthew and his new favorite activity -- climbing

Matthew climbing stairs

Gabi helping Matthew get started on the stairs

Matthew at the top of the ladder

Matthew sliding

Matthew hiding in the corner

Sitting and hiding


Matthew and Gabi

Gabi laughing with Matthew

Gabi having fun

Matthew and Gabi

Matthew hiding in his fort

Matthew on his toes

Matthew and Gabi making rain

Matthew trying to find where the rain comes from

Matthew and Gabi's mom Ana

Matthew and Gabi holding hands

Matthew and Susie

Matthew following along with the dance

Gabi crawling to the dance

Matthew and Gabi dancing

Matthew and Gabi stacking

Matthew and Gabi watching

Playing a musical instrument

Playing the drum

Gabi and mom making art


Matthew cleaning up the poop

Matthew and his favorite thing to play with at Noah's Ark, the tea pot

Susie and Matthew relaxing in the ark

Matthew looking up at the elephant

Matthew pushing his car down the slide


Waving to the camera

Elliott and Matthew relaxing

Matthew at the Flight Path Museum

Inside a DC-3

"This is your pilot..."

Watch out for that plane!

Susie and Matthew under the DC-3

Matthew and a wheel on the DC-3

Matthew and the back wheel of the DC-3

Matthew piloting a smaller plane

Matthew being pulled around at Gymbo

Inside a bucket

Doing the polka

Matthew and Grandma Shin

Matthew petting an Easter rabbit at the LA Zoo

Matthew and Elliott at the zoo

Looking for Wally

Susie and Matthew at the zoo

Matthew in front of the fountains at the zoo

Looking at the pond at the New Otani

Playing with his shadow

Having fun in Little Tokyo

Having fun

Matthew taking a ride with Elmo and Zoe

Matthew with Duckie

Matthew on the bridge

Matthew finds Duckie

Matthew eating Jello

Matthew forking Jello

Matthew squatting


Easter Egg Hunt

Matthew finds an egg

Matthew reaching for an egg

Matthew showing off his eggs

Matthew with Monkey

Matthew on a slide

Matthew reading with Dad

Matthew talking to Teddy

Matthew on the train with Teddy

Swinging with Teddy

Climbing up the stairs at Lindberg Park

Going across the bridge

On the ride at Westside Pavilion

Matthew's friend Eva from Gymboree

Climbing up the bumpy ramp

On the Gymbo slide

Gabi and Matthew

On top of the half sphere at Gymbo


Gabi and Matthew on the boat

Grandma Shin and Matthew

Riding at the Westminster Mall

Having fun at the Wiggly Concert

Elliott and Matthew and the Wiggles stage

Matthew entranced by the Wiggles

The Wiggles and their Big Red Car

Sam and Dorothy

Matthew and his new Wiggles backpack

Nice form

Emulating Bert from the Quiz Show book

Having fun

Having fun reading the Quiz Show

This is a great book!

Copying what Elmo is doing

Emulating Prairie Dawn

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