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February 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew riding a horsey with his Baby Bear

Susie and Matthew playing

Elliott and Matthew playing

Reading a book

Soccer ball!

Matthew in his green sweatsuit

Eeee Yaaaa!

Eeeeeeee Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Teeter Tottering

Matthew showing Gabi some money

Sitting in the Elmo chair

Kissing Gabi

Pointing at a starfish at the Aquarium

In the parade at the Aquarium

Sitting in front of the fish

Matthew climbed on top of his Thomas table

Elliott and Matthew in front of our Big Bear cabin

Sliding down on the board


Sliding down

Elliott, Matthew and the Snowman

Practicing for our next snow slide run


4 man bobsled

Matthew fixing Wally's hairdo

Mommy and Matthew

Elliott, Matthew, Jason, Joanne and Evan playing in the snow

The snowman

Team Lee at Big Bear

Matthew laying down with Susie

Reading a book

Matthew holding a big red ball

Matthew carrying a big red ball

Matthew already shopping on Ebay

Matthew and Caesar playing with new toys

Matthew with a valentines balloon

Matthew founds some pencils

Matthew dropping some pencils

Matthew playing with some pencils

Matthew picking up some pencils

Matthew holding his guitar

Matthew jamming

Matthew counting his fingers

Matthew and Daddy

"Get me that!"

Matthew with Teddy (aka Baby Bear)

Matthew reaching for Daddy

Matthew brushing his teeth

Matthew riding a horse with a hoop

Matthew and Camilla

Matthew and Daddy saying "Cheese"

Matthew smiling at the camera

Matthew and Daddy leaning on their hands

Matthew playing

Matthew and his friend Gabi

Matthew and Gabi drawing circles

Matthew at Aidan's Place

Matthew coming down a slide

Matthew relaxing

Matthew and Daddy reading a book

Matthew singing

Matthew saying cheese

Matthew laughing

Reading a book by myself

Playing with cousin Evan

Evan, Jason and Matthew

Relaxing in the back yard

In Jason and Evan's playhouse

Sitting on a bench

Petting Cali

Elliott and Matthew sitting on a hippo

Elliott and Matthew and a real hippo

Matthew at the LA Zoo


Rollin' down the sandhills

Matthew in his ball fort




Matthew and friend Brandon at Gymbo

Matthew snacking in the car

Matthew snacking with Teddy

Happy Matthew

Matthew looking at fishes

Matthew running with fishes

Matthew watching a seal

Matthew playing with older kids

Matthew petting a baby shark

Matthew reaching for a stingray

"What is that?"

Matthew walking up the stairs

Matthew and Mommy listening to a great story

Matthew cleaning up

Matthew showing off his creation

Matthew created the tower all by himself

Matthew at Noah's Ark

Matthew and Daddy pulling a rope

Matthew and Daddy helping animals get on the Ark

Matthew cleanup up animal poo on the Ark

Matthew still cleaning up poo on the Ark

Matthew and Mommy going up to the Ark Maze

Matthew and Mommy crossing the bridge

Matthew looking out the Noah's Ark

Matthew finding a place to hide

Matthew pumping the leaf machine

Matthew among the crowds

Matthew and Daddy patiently waiting

"OH, NO!!!"

Matthew and Mommy waiting

"Oh, no... what's up there?

Matthew commanding SS Tigger

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