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January 2008
added by Susie
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Matthew on a horsey

Matthew walking with Daddy

Matthew looking at this fingers

Matthew looking at his sticker

Matthew trying to get change out of his pocket

Matthew resting on his pullout sofa

Matthew showing off his tummy

Matthew making a row of cars

Matthew picking more car books

Matthew playing with his trains

Matthew looking at the camera

Matthew and Daddy at the Fire Station Open house

Matthew and Daddy with a hazmat truck

Matthew checking out a wheel

Matthew looking at a dog

Matthew and Daddy in front of a mural

Matthew in a fire truck

Matthew and Daddy in a fire truck

Matthew with a computer

Playing with a car

Holding a flower

Grandma Shin kissing Matthew

Mom and Matthew at the California Science Center

Pressing a button at the museum

Reading a book

Matthew sitting a a table

About to test gravity

Matthew hammering in a nail

Laying down and playing with toys

These are fun toys

Playing with construction toys

Putting together a road puzzle

Matthew at the train exhibit at the Nixon Library

Elliott and Matthew sitting on a train bench

Susie and Matthew sitting on a train bench

Evan, Jason, and Matthew playing on the Presidential Seal

Matthew kicking the Presidential ball



Matthew and Jason looking at the fountain

Matthew and Jason

Matthew and Elliott at the slot car track at Peterson's

Matthew performing physics experiment

Matthew sitting on the slot car track

Matthew playing with cars

Officer Matthew

Matthew at the Hot Wheels Hall of Fame

Matthew and Hot Wheels

Matthew laying down at the car museum

Elliott and Matthew in front of Tow Mater

Elliott and Matthew in front of Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater

Susie and Matthew in front of Lightning McQueen

Matthew playing with balls

Matthew moving the green ball

Matthew moving the blue ball

Matthew holding a ball and trying to get another

Matthew playing

Matthew playing with kids

Matthew reading a book

Matthew checking out the Thomas Books

Matthew looking through the Thomas Books

Matthew on a Zebra

Matthew playing with the yellow ball

Matthew about to throw a ball

Matthew posing

Matthew hanging out

Matthew balancing

Matthew climbing

Matthew sitting on top of the slide

Matthew wearing his hat

Matthew climbing steps

Matthew still climbing steps

Matthew climbing the slide

Matthew at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Looking up at fish

Wow, look at those fish!

Elliott and Matthew in front of shark jaws

Matthew eating raspberries


In front of a fish tank

Mesmerized by the puffins

Matthew and Susie at Griffith Observatory

Elliott and Matthew looking at the planets

Matthew sitting on a stool

Matthew playing at Aidan's Place


Susie shooting off balloon rockets

More balloon rockets

Kids crowd around Susie

Matthew about to slide

Matthew having fun

Matthew on a boat with Gaby and Roya

Matthew with his friends Gaby and Roya

Matthew holding Gaby's hand

Matthew leaning on Beary

Matthew opening up his puzzle

Matthew looking at his puzzle with Beary

Matthew hanging out with Beary

Matthew still trying to open the puzzle

Matthew caught a bubble

Matthew on a choo choo train

Matthew pondering

Matthew looking around

Matthew building

Matthew on a firetruck

Matthew ringing the bell

Matthew flying

Matthew looking at the recycled car

Matthew getting into a race car

Matthew doing a puzzle

Matthew loves puzzles

Matthew trying to take the ball home

Matthew climbing the stairs

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