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Christmas 2007
added by Susie
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Matthew decorating the tree

Matthew placing an ornament on the tree

Examining a Harry Potter ornament

Blowing up a balloon

Blowing up a big balloon

Shaking maracas at Gymbo

Playing Peek-a-boo

Having fun at the Gymboree Christmas event

Sitting on Mom's lap

Jumping for the ceiling

Playing with new Thomas toys from Santa

Ripping open Jenny's gift

Matthew having a meeting with Tigger and Elmo

Elliott, Matthew and Jason at the Low Christmas party

An IV in Matthew's foot for Kawasaki treatment

Matthew sleeping at Cedar's Sinai

Happy to be going home

About to go home from the hospital

Matthew looking for a good Christmas Tree

Matthew looking under the Christmas Tree

Matthew playing with the log with Alicia

Matthew during bubble time

Matthew playing with a balloon

Matthew looking through the box top

Matthew riding on a taxi

Matthew playing with his sand toys

Matthew looking into the camera

Matthew running around

Matthew and Daddy

Matthew ripping open a Christmas gift


About to do the "Look!" pose

Opening a Christmas gift

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