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December 2007
added by Susie
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Matthew checking out a cool car

Matthew and Daddy at Petersen Museum

Matthew watching another kid

Matthew building with Daddy

Matthew drawing on the wall

Matthew Running

Matthew getting his car

Matthew playing with older kids

Matthew with a gear shift

Matthew checking out the Fire Engine

Matthew with Bear Bear, his new best friend

Matthew with his friend Eric

Daddy playing with Eric and Matthew

Matthew looking at the Build a Bear bathtub

Matthew reading

Matthew pondering what to do next

Matthew is still a Duck fan

Matthew wearing his favorite cap

Matthew still wearing his favorite cap

Matthew playing with the ramp

Matthew reading Auntie Lisa's book

Matthew and Daddy reading a book

Matthew and Daddy

Matthew and Daddy at the Planes of Fame

Matthew and Daddy in front of a plane

Matthew and Cousin Jason

Matthew and Cousin Jason playing

Matthew with a plastic apple

Matthew and his toy

Matthew scooping

Matthew with Bear Bear

Matthew having a great time

Matthew sliding

Matthew sliding with Milo

Matthew walking on a balance beam

Matthew pointing out a screw

Matthew stacking balls

Matthew dumping balls

Matthew dumping more balls

Matthew at Gymboree

Matthew thumping his hands

Matthew pointing at Mama

Matthew pointing at the floor

Matthew running

Matthew with bubbles

Matthew and Gaby

Matthew with Santa

Matthew with his sword and the Snowman

Matthew playing with the curtain

Matthew trying to get to the other side

Matthew trying to pick up two balls

Matthew taking a ride

Matthew playing with a ball

Matthew laughing with Daddy

Matthew hiding from Daddy

Matthew running

Matthew playing with Sand

Matthew and Daddy at La Brea Tar Pits

Matthew with a stuffie

Matthew and Daddy looking for fish

Matthew and Daddy pointing at fish

Daddy helping Matthew roll down the hill

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