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November 2007
added by Susie
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Matthew running through the bubbles

Matthew playing with Bubbles

Matthew pointing at a hole in the carpet

Matthew playing with Teacher Elsa

Matthew getting a ride from Teacher Elsa

Matthew with some bread

Matthew checking out the kitchen

Matthew at the Thomas the Train table

Matthew playing with a train

Matther pushing a train across the tracks

Matthew holding onto the train

Daddy crawling through a tunnel

Matthew in the same tunnel

Matthew posing with a ball

Matthew lifting a ball

Matthew and Daddy waving

Matthew negotiating with Brayden for a ball

Matthew pointing

Matthew holding onto his ball

Matthew resting

Matthew rubbing his tummy

Matthew smiling

Matthew stretching

Matthew pointing at a bubble

Matthew excited

Matthew's angry face

Matthew waiting around

Matthew with Mommy

Matthew smiling big

Matthew smiling really really big

Matthew exhausted

Matthew pretending to be Elvis

Matthew pointing at a ball

Matthew climbing

Matthew on top of the blocks

Matthew having fun with Daddy

Matthew and Daddy drumming

Matthew slipping between two objects

Matthew looking at a bottle

Matthew and Mason on a teeter totter

Matthew, Mason and a new friend having fun

Having fun

Matthew with sand

Matthew looking at the camera

Matthew and Daddy having fun with sand

Matthew with a new shovel

Matthew balancing sand

Matthew sitting in a sand pit

Matthew throwing sand

Matthew resting

Matthew and Daddy looking at Grandpa Shin

Matthew with Daddy, Grandma Shin and Grandpa Shin

Matthew with Mommy, Grandma Shin and Grandpa Shin

Having fun on the teeter totter

Matthew with Mommy

Grandma and Grandpa Shin having fun

Matthew with Grandma Shin and Grandpa Shin

Matthew with Auntie Grace, Grandpa Shin and Grandma Shin

Matthew pointing at Mommy

Matthew trying to get out

Hello, anybody there?

Matthew running with a ball

Matthew on a horse

Matthew running through bubbles

Matthew holding Gaby's hand

Matthew throwing a ball into the bucket

Matthew running with the same ball

Matthew pulling along the bucket

"No Hands!"

Matthew looking up from the tube

Matthew saluting

Matthew looking at the beads

Matthew and Gaby playing together

Matthew grabbing for Gaby's hand

Matthew playing with the beads

Matthew looking under the table

Matthew running with a ball

Matthew saying "Big Ball"

Matthew pointing at a hole

Matthew getting ready to slam dunk

Eric giving Matthew a ball

Matthew comes from behind the curtain

Matthew and Eric having a good time

Matthew and Eric still having a good time

Matthew walking with Air Bags

Matthew climbing out of the slide

Matthew looking at the slide

Matthew waiting his turn

Matthew getting ready to bake

Matthew cleaning up

Matthew playing with the trains

Matthew diving into the ballpit

Matthew in the ballpit

Matthew laughing in the ballpit

Matthew cracking up with Daddy

Matthew and Daddy have a good time

Matthew in the ballpit with Daddy

Matthew and Daddy examining a ball

Matthew resting in the ballpit

Matthew and Daddy posing for a picture

Matthew checking on the ride-on

Matthew hugging his bear

Hey! He's in my chair!

Holding his bear

Matthew and his bear

Matthew trying to slam dunk

Matthew in a full boat

Matthew trying to get on the toy

Matthew coming from behind the curtain

Matthew climbing the stairs

Matthew pointing at the hole

Matthew on the boat

Matthew drinking his milk

Matthew having fun with his bottle

Matthew eating lunch

Matthew is really hungry

Matthew laughing

Matthew smiling

Matthew laughing uncontrollably

Matthew digging into his food

Matthew still drinking

Matthew eating his yogurt

Matthew and Daddy in front of the dog at Peterson

Matthew responding to a fire

Matthew and Daddy building

Matthew in a policeman cap

Matthew cleaning up

Matthew with Legos

Matthew trying to stop traffic

Matthew on a police motorcycle

Matthew playing at this desk

Matthew looking for a crayon

Matthew and Daddy imagining

Matthew in a plane

Matthew looking down

Matthew waiting for a seat on the plane

Matthew spelling

Matthew playing with a hedgehog

Matthew just standing around

Matthew reading a book

Matthew showing off his book

Matthew stacking

Matthew pointing

Matthew banging two corns together

Matthew trying to hold onto his corns

Matthew with an apple

Matthew closing the oven

Matthew preparing a feast

Matthew opening the oven

Matthew and Daddy playing with water

Matthew and Daddy contemplating what to do

Matthew at a construction site

Matthew flying a plane with his friend Matthew

Sitting at Gymbo

Matthew having fun

There's that hole again

Matthew and Eric rolling around on the floor

Matthew reading a catalog

Matthew running with a ball

Matthew about to slam dunk

Matthew stopping a puck with his teeth

Matthew having fun with bubbles

Matthew laughing with bubbles

Matthew, Daddy and his Bear

Matthew sitting in his chair

Matthew rubbing his belly

Matthew drawing

Matthew choosing a crayon

Matthew sitting in his chair

Matthew holding onto his pianophone

Matthew pointing at his favorite hole

"Is this a timeout?"

I wonder if I can take this home...

Woo, feel the texture

"How does this work?"

Hmmmm... chicken...

Doesn't this look good..

Matthew pointing at Mommy

Matthew reading a book

Matthew flying solo

Matthew and Dada on the Teeter Totter

Matthew looking at his handprints

Grandpa Shin, Matthew and Elliott

Matthew playing soccer

Happy Dance

Happy Dance move

Look! There's a UFO!

Matthew and Santa

Matthew tracking Santa on the Santa Tracker

Matthew looking at the Santa radar

Fog reflection on Nakatomi Plaza

Matthew near his favorite holes in the carpet

Matthew and Gabby

Hey Gabby

Matthew balancing

Grandpa Shin, Matthew and Mommy

Daddy, Matthew and Grandma Shin

Matthew and Daddy staring at a coot

Matthew walking up from the lake

Matthew standing on a snake egg

Matthew trying to pick up the snake egg

Matthew resting on a snake egg

Matthew standing in his stroller

Matthew trying to get a good look at the flamingos

A Chimp at Oakland Zoo with his teddy bear

Matthew on a tiger

Matthew and Daddy on a carousel

Matthew pointing at an amoeba

Daddy helping Matthew with a Slam Dunk

Matthew asking to go high

Matthew with Grandma Shin

Matthew pointing at his nose

Matthew at the Apple Store

Matthew and Daddy with a snowman

Matthew, Daddy walking next to a snowman

Matthew looking at the lights

Matthew sharing the experience with Mommy

Matthew holding onto two Tiggers

Matthew throwing two balls

Matthew resting

Matthew sitting on Daddy

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