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October 2007
added by Susie
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Matthew pushing a big ball

Matthew on a horsey

Having fun with Grandma

Having fun at Grandparent Shin's house

Playing in the sand

Elliott and Matthew riding the horsey


Matthew on his own personal teeter totter

I'm dancing

What's under this table?

Sitting at Gymboree

Wow! Look over there!

Having fun at the Notre Dame Halloween festival

Inside the Jumpy Jumpy toy

Eating some egg drop soup

I'm eating by myself!

Drinking out of the bowl

Eatin some yogurt

Look at me eat!

Look! No hands!

Balancing on a Bridge

Balancing on a Log

Matthew feeding himself

Matthew reaching for his milk

Matthew enjoying his green beans

Matthew offering his green beans

King Matthew

Matthew carrying a ball

Matthew deciding on which ball to pick up

Matthew pretending to be an airplane

Matthew picking up a ball

Matthew his friend Sung

Matthew squatting

Matthew finds a stick

Matthew sharing his stick

Matthew is picking a crayon

Matthew examining his crayon

Matthew pointing at a picture

Matthew drawing

Matthew driving his car

Matthew checking out his car

Matthew pointing at his car

Matthew swing like a monkey

Matthew playing with the curtains

Matthew checking out the curtains

Matthew pushing his train through the tunnel

Matthew still pushing his train

Matthew and Annie the Train

Matthew running with his train

Matthew playing with daddy in the ballpit

Matthew in the Ballpit

Drinking Milk like a big boy

Matthew and Brayden in the Gymbo boat

Matthew digging into his yogurt

Matthew at Aiden's Place

Matthew resting with Dada

Matthew checking out his hands

Matthew riding a Rhino

Matthew looking through a dome

Matthew walking around

Matthew checking out the board

Matthew playing with the blocks

Matthew deciding which direction to go

Matthew playing with the wheel

Matthew scooping his yogurt

Matthew on the teeter totter with Mama

Matthew on the teeter totter with Dada

Matthew with Dada

Matthew and Dada reading a book

Matthew pointing at his favorite page

Matthew waving at Mama

Jason and Matthew looking through their books

Look over here!

Evan, Jason and Matthew playing with the car ramp


Elliott and Matthew making sand castles in Santa Monica

Matthew's first time in the ocean, sorta

Matthew at Santa Monica beach

Evan, Matthew and Jason in their halloween costumes

Up, up, and away!

Jason and Matthew coloring


Why the angry face?

Matthew playing with Thomas the Train

Matthew running with Bread

Matthew playing with the wooden bridge

Matthew playing with a train

Matthew hand stuck in the tunnel

Matthew with a Cantalope

Matthew having fun with trains

Matthew holding onto his Thomas Train

Matthew pressing a button

Matthew in the ballpit

Matthew trying to get up from the ballpit

Matthew picking up a car

Matthew playing with the rollercoaster

Matthew's happy face

Daddy checking out Matthew's skills

Matthew playing with the ball toy

Matthew still playing with the ball toy

Matthew and Daddy digging for toys

Matthew playing with a fire engine

Matthew, Brayden and Gavin playing with Gourds

Matthew and Brayden checking out the gourds

Matthew and Brayden looking at Gavin

Matthew, Brayden and Gavin picking their favorite Gourd

Matthew, Brayden and Gavin posing for a picture

Matthew trying to figure out how to take this gourd home

Matthew picking out a pumpkin

Matthew pointing at odd looking pumpkins

Matthew running around

Matthew on a wagon

Matthew looking at goats

Matthew looking at chickens

Matthew answering Mommy's emails

Matthew digging into his broccoli

Matthew and Cameron talking

Matthew and Cameron showing off their costumes

Matthew drawing on his pumpkin bag

Matthew pointing at his pumpkin bag

Matthew resting

Matthew squating

Matthew walking like an Astronaut

Matthew pointing to terra firma

Matthew on a space walk

Matthew resting

Matthew eating at Anna's

Matthew in the tot jumper

Matthew in the ball pit

Matthew and a fellow tot

Four kids in the ball pit

Team Lee at the Westwood Charter Halloween Hoot

Gavin as Chicken Little

Zoe and fellow elephant

Matthew and Elliott parading around Gymboree

Matthew staring at Chicken Little's feet

Halloween at Gymboree

Zoe and Matthew

Matthew eating noodles

Matthew at Palms Park touching a spider

Having fun with the ducks

Matthew and friend at Palms Park

Playing with ducks

Touching the skeleton at Westwood Recreation Center

Matthew looking into the fun zone

Matthew sliding down without his cape

Elliott and Matthew inside the jumper

Matthew picking up pinata candy

Matthew and his new pumpkin tattoo

Matthew playing golf for candy

The new pumpkin tattoo up close

Matthew checking out his trick-or-treat bounty

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